Ian Shapira WaPo immigration booster complains of dying press

August 2, 2009


“The Death of Journalism (Gawker Edition)”

By Ian Shapira
Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ian Shapira is a supporter of illegal immigration, amnesty and presumably legal immigration.  Men’s median wages are the same as in 1973, see p60-235.pdf graph page 19.  An article on Ian Shapira and his pro-amnesty “journalism”:



by Andy Selepak
“Media Sob Story About Illegal Aliens”
“Jan 4, 2007”

Immigration legal and illegal is what is bringing down the middle class.  The data show it.  States are going bankrupt from it.

Immigrants are a major factor in the mortgage fraud behind the housing bubble.  So in 2007, Shapira instead of exposing mortgage fraud by immigrants is instead pushing immigration to keep our wages down.

Ian Shapira immigration site:washingtonpost.com

Shapira has been pushing our destruction for years in the Post.  If there had been zero immigration since 1965, the Post would not be in trouble.  Wages would be higher and the people who read the Post would be able to afford it.  The journalists of the Post work to keep wages of readers at 1973 levels.  Then when unemployment goes to 10 percent, the Post journalists complain that journalism doesn’t pay.

Even with 10 percent unemployment, the Post still supports amnesty and more legal immigration.  That includes H-1b.  The Post is trying to keep down the wages of its own readers.  Now they can’t afford the Post.

When WaPo first allowed comments, it would disable the link to the comments from its own paper, even though you could get to them still if you knew the link.


Some good comments at WaPo pointing out its against its readers on immigration and amnesty.   WaPo is against its readers.  So are journalists.  They are for replacement immigration.  They are for cheap labor.  The work they do can be done by others for less.  So they are losing their jobs.

If there had been no immigration, Americans would be busy with high paying jobs and so ordinary journalists would still have high paying jobs.  Now only media celebreties like Chris Matthews or David Broder who are for mass legal immigration, H-1b, Skil Bill, student visas for India and China, etc. have high paying secure jobs.

The Post has become a press release website for special interests in particular immigration interests as some comments said.  There is no reason for that to pay well with legal immigration. The Post’s management knows that.  The Post chose low paid workers with dwindling health care by keeping the wages and health care of its readers down.  It looks like that is a strategy that is wiping out most papers. That may be good for the Post but it isn’t for journalists and students in college thinking of journalism.  The answer for them is forget it.

The real story of our time is that whites are being ethnically cleansed.  Whites have lost their job and life security already.  Whites are fearful at work, in their neighborhoods and to express their opinions.  The Washington Post is hunting whites with its immigration proxies.  The WaPo enjoys the fear of whites of WaPo’s proxies.  Many of WaPo’s journalists are immigrants or their children.  They are openly our enemy and want to cleanse us out of our own land.

Harvard is now less than 25 percent non Jewish white undergrad of which probably under 10 to 15 percent is Founding Stock Americans.  WaPo cheers that on.  So do its journalists. They are openly our enemy and openly gloat over our misfortunes in work and as crime victims of their immigrant proxies.  WaPo and the rest of MSM openly show hate towards whites.  They are now trying to take away health care from whites and give power over whites to non-whites.

WaPo denigrates the life story of whites.  WaPo doesn’t tell our story, but denies it.  WaPo denies the legitimacy and meaning of our emotions and stories. To WaPo we are ants being crushed under their heel.  The same as to the rest of the MSM. The same as to the rest of the corporate establishment.  The same as to Wall Street elites enriched by bailouts after being enriched by leveraged bets with low interest rates from a Fed working for Wall Street 24/7.

WaPo doesn’t tell our story, it ridicules it.  WaPo ridicules us. That is what has changed.  WaPo is openly against us.


4 Responses to “Ian Shapira WaPo immigration booster complains of dying press”

  1. Hal K Says:

    Here is another example of what passes for journalism in the mainstream media:


    It is about the BNP and other far-right parties in Europe, and it is full of half-truths and spin. To this person, when Europeans try to ensure their own ethnic survival it is something to be made light of and dismissed.

  2. Old Atlantic Says:

    Thanks for the link and I agree with your assessment.

  3. topcat Says:

    If every white American would only cancel his or her mainstream newspaper subscription and subscriptions to Time, Newsweek, et al, these traitorous publications would go under immediately. Let their precious minorities buy their liberal rags and keep them afloat.

  4. Old Atlantic Says:

    Topcat good point.

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