I am a birther

August 3, 2009

I believe that Obama was not born in the United States.  My fall back is he is not a natural born citizen.  I used to believe he was not nbc but was probably born in the US.  But now I think he was probably not born in the US, i.e. lower than 50 percent probability Barack Hussein Obama II was born in the United States.  This probability falls as time goes on and no long form birth certificate is produced.


If evidence is shown that is convincing such as full disclosure of all the records, then I am willing to change my view.  Let Obama show me as a fool.  I stand with the fools.  They are a proud line.


==Aug 4

If we think of the life of Stanley Ann Dunham, the mother of Barack Obama, we see a lot of volatility.  They could not keep her down on the farm.  She was that type.

She married a black man from Kenya.  She had a child with him at age 18. She divorced him and married a man from Indonesia a few years later. She went to Indonesia with her first child and had another child there.    Then she came back to Hawaii and divorced him.

Her father had the same type of volatile life.  Her mother learned to cover for both of them.  Her mother worked her way up to be a VP at a bank in Hawaii.

If Stanley Ann Dunham was manic depressive and her father as well, then the mother had learned to cover for both of them.   If  Ann went to Africa and had the baby there, then mom could easily just cover by putting an announcement in the paper and picking a local hospital as the one where the birth occurred.  Now they don’t even try to prove which hospital of the two mentioned it was.

Think in terms of volatility terms.  Let x be the displacement and s the standard deviation.   We look at x/s.   Stanley Ann married a black man at age 18 in 1961.  She had a child with him. She divorced him.  She married a man from Indonesia.  She went with him to Indonesia taking her son.  She had a child there.  Then came back.  For her, s is big.  The x’s are big but the s is big too.

For a manic depressive, going to Africa at age 18 to have a baby with the father’s family is not that big a move.  They have total confidence beyond reason.  For some women, having a baby is not a big deal.   If Ann was manic depressive, then her mother had learned to cover for her by age 18 many times already.  So putting the announcement in the paper of a local birth would be just normal. Same if she had learned to do that for her husband.  The name Stanley Ann itself suggests the father was like that.

Putting aside the manic depressive diagnosis, Stanley Ann had high volatility.  She was a girl who couldn’t be kept down on the farm.   Also young women often go to the house of the father or the father’s family.  That is an ancient human urge.  So she may have followed that.

Stanley Ann obviously felt the romance of Africa and Indonesia.  Even Hawaii had a certain romance.   Does it make sense she would not go to Africa to see the father’s family given her pattern?

What is the probability that a white girl in 1961 will marry a black man from Africa?  Its less than 1 in 10,0000?   Or any black man?   Less than one in 1,000.

The probability she would marry a man from Indonesia?  Same low odds.  Do both?  Its one person perhaps.  Its less than one in a million.

What is the chance a manic depressive girl at age 18 will go to meet the family of the man she marries and has a baby with?   Pretty high.  What about a girl who is in love with the romance of Kenya?  She has been sleeping with him and talking about Kenya. She wants to see it.  The official story is she never went there.  Isn’t that the unlikely scenario?

Confidence in Obama is falling like a rock.  The Irish Beer Summit seems false and unpresidential.  Obama is seeming like a flake.   He is acting more like his father and his mother.  He has covered up the birth certificate.  Why?  We have seen him give the finger to Hillary and lie about it to us.  We have seen him do the same with McCain.  We have seen him call Sarah Palin a pig and lie to us.  We have seen him lie about Rev Wright’s church and not knowing what was said there.  Obama has been caught lying about his first job after college.  We are waking up to the fact that Obama is a habitual liar.  He is like his father.

This family lies and covers up. They were doing that before 1961.  This is in their genes, on both sides.  They do things and then lie about them.  Then rinse and repeat.  That is their pattern on both sides.  We should pay more attention to families.

The Kenya birth certificate may be a fraud.  But it comes after we have lost confidence in Obama.  We are seeming him lie and act like a flake.   He dissed the president of France and wouldn’t have dinner with him.  He has treated the British with disdain.  In his Cairo speech, he talked as if he was a Muslim.  We are beginning to have the scales fall of as to who he is.    The more that was true of you in the past, the easier it is to see that he might have been born in Kenya and the family is lying about it to cover it up.  Birther is a growth industry.  Birthing in Kenya, its time has come.  You can’t keep us down on the farm any longer.  We want to see the hospital birth certificate from Hawaii and all the divorce records from the law firm, the court, the Hawaii file and anywhere else they are.

Even the antics of the press fit in.  They are forbidden to talk about the birth certificate.  But they can’t help but doubt Obama.  They too are losing faith in Obama.  They too are seeing him as he is.

The press can’t push the birth certificate, so they instead attack us.  They are engaged in transference, one of their favorite pet theories.   Well its true of them, more than of us.  They too want to push Obama to reveal his birth certificate.  So they talk about it the only way they can, by attacking us.  But that should give us more confidence not less.

Its like truthers and 9/11.  Few people really believe Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and UAE were not involved.  Fewer still believe Islam is a religion of peace.   Truthing is a way for those who don’t believe in Islam but can’t say it to act out.  The press doesn’t believe that Saudi Arabia or Islam or innocent.  But they became trapped in calling them allies.  So they and the truthers are in a sort of copathic degenerate relationship of lying. The press never brings out those who say Saudia Arabia was in on 9/11 because of Islam.  Instead they bring out truthers and bash them.

The same with birthers.  They don’t believe in Obama’s story and holding back his certificate.  So they bash the birthers because they aren’t allowed to say their own doubts.


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