Obama natural born citizen v natural born subject

August 7, 2009

Leo Donofrio at Natural Born Citizen shows that US legal decisions hold that Obama is a natural born subject of the British crown from birth.  This seeming tie is resolved by looking at original intent and by fact according to the argument below.  We can look to Obama’s actual behavior in fact to see if he exhibits loyalties and entanglements in Kenya and resentments of Britain hostile to the US alliance to Britain from the colonial history of Kenya and Britain.  We in fact find that.  Obama resents Britain’s colonial past and applies that to whites and then acts to harm our link to Britain.


Natural Born Citizen v Natural Born Subject.

Tiebreaker:  Original intent is avoid entanglement.

Entanglement in Fact: Obama went to Kenya and was part of Kenya politics in the 2000’s with Odinga, cousin or not.  Obama also dissed the British after becoming president and excluded them at Normandy from some celebration, sent back the Churchill bust, and gave them cheesy insulting gifts.  He also wouldn’t have dinner with Sarkozy on that trip.  France and Britain are our oldest allies and its British law itself we are citing.  We are using our colonial relation to Britain to interpret our laws.  But Obama resents Britain’s colonial relation to Kenya and applies that resentment to disrupt the very tie of Britain to America we are using to interpret our laws.  Obama is not just entangled in Kenya but in a way to want to disrupt our relation with Britain out of his resentments over Kenya being a colony of Britain.  This shows he puts Kenya first.

Where the feared entanglement is shown by the actual conduct of the candidate in question, the tie is resolved that Obama exhibits in fact the divided loyalty feared.  The NBC clause in the Constitution is intended to achieve the result of avoiding entanglement.  Substance over form means the tie is broken that Obama is not NBC because he exhibits the entanglement and divided loyalty and even hostile loyalty that is the original intent to avoid.  Resolution is that Obama is not NBC in fact and is thus not eligible to be US president in fact.


Americans exhibit behavior: Because we were Britain’s colony, we apply her laws and concepts.  Those are us.

Obama’s behavior:  Because Kenya was Britain’s colony, he hates and resents Britain.  Obama is showing he does not identify with Britain but hates it. Thus Obama shows he is not us.

By showing his behavior that he is not us, Obama shows he is not a natural born citizen.


Americans identify with Britain and British because we are the same stock as them and the same people.

Obama resents Kenya being a colony of Britain because Obama considers Kenyans and British as separate and different people.  Obama considers British colonialism was racism because whites and blacks are different peoples and Obama identifies himself as black.  We consider British colonialism was not racism, because we consider we are the Colonists.  The Constitution was written by the Colonists upon becoming independent.

NBC is about people who are us transmitting us-ness.  This is particularly so in Article II which is about having a Commander in Chief CINC who is us. The original intent was to avoid a CINC who didn’t identify as us but identified with some other country or some other people.

Obama identifies with Kenyans as who he is us.  For Obama, “us” means Kenyan.  Obama is black because of his Kenyan father alone.  Obama identifies with black nationalism becuase of his Kenyan father.  That is the identification the Founders wanted to avoid in a CINC.

Obama even resents us because of what “we” did to “him” and “his” by “our” colonizing Kenya.  For Obama, Kenyans are blacks and are “us”, and we are whites and are “them”.   We are the same as the British because we are white and from British stock.  So he resents us and doesn’t identify with us.  This is what the Founders wanted to avoid in a CINC.


When Obama thinks of the relation of Kenya to Britain, Obama thinks of himself as Kenyan
and British as them.  When Obama thinks of Britain by itself, he reverts to this point of view, his resentment as a Kenyan of the British for colonizing his people, the Kenyans.

For us, Britain is the mother country. We show that by interpreting our laws and our Constitution based on British Common Law for centuries past.  We are them.  They are us.

Obama does not think of Britain as the mother country.  Obama thinks of Britain as a hostile colonizing power trying to rule his people, the Kenyans.   This despite being educated at Harvard Law School and teaching Constitutional Law at University of Chicago.

Despite all that, Obama identifies with Kenya as us and Britain as them.  This is not what the president of the US, or CINC, is supposed to feel.  Our courts are applying British law on natural born because they identify us with Britain as our mother country.  We are them.   To Obama, they are the enemy.  That makes us the enemy.  Obama shows that by his black nationalism.

To Obama, his black nationalism in Chicago for 20 years and Kenya’s struggle to throw off British colonialism, are the same thing.  That makes Obama not us and so he can’t be CINC.  The Constitution intends only someone who identifies as us can be CINC.  That rules out someone who identifies Kenyans as us and identifies white Americans as the same as the British and as Obama’s enemies who were tossed out of Kenya.


The Left sometimes admits this is part of why they resent this whole discussion or fear it.  They also sometimes celebrate Obama as not being us, white America especially British Americans who are the Founding Stock Americans who they equate with racism for black slavery.  The Left admits at times and celebrates at times that Obama is not us and does not have an identify of being an American in the sense of the Founding Stock who wrote the Constitution and created the country.  That is an identity the Left hates and denies. They deny the Founding Stock created America and that ultimately denies the identity of America as created out of being a British colony and as ultimately British in origin and identity.  They deny America has a British identity or white identity.





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