Obama death panels will not listen to you

August 8, 2009

We are not going to go before Obama death panels for ourselves or our family, because we will not be given even that much due process.  Foreign doctors and nurses will simply decide on rules that mean we don’t get care.  Unless you have 3 babies, you don’t get care type rules.  In any case, the rules won’t matter.  Whites won’t get care.  Its the Sotomayor tribunal that doesn’t even issue an opinion, just an order that you don’t get care.  That is what happened to Frank Ricci, she didn’t even write an opinion, just took away his merit based promotion.


Sarah Palin is right about Obama Death Panels.  Ezekiel Emanuel is bringing us the Obamacaust on white people.

Obama Death Panels

  1. Don’t have any due process.
  2. You don’t get to make your case.
  3. You don’t get to challenge the rules of who gets care.
  4. You don’t even know the rules.
  5. Those who make the rules don’t have to publish them or account for them.
  6. Foreign doctors will make the decisions and don’t have to even write down why they decided to deny care.
  7. You will never get to see the paper work.
  8. You never even know who decided you don’t get care.
  9. You don’t know who got the care instead of you.
  10. Your family and lawyer can be excluded even when you are sick and weak.

It will be the same lies and stonewalls as with the birth certificate.  They will cite privacy so that your family and lawyer can’t see the paper work on your being denied or delayed care.


On August 10, the idea in the above post appears at Andrew Sullivan in an article by Robert Wright but twisting it to mean the current system.


I had also expressed that idea in comment threads.  In effect, others had too, that Obama’s system would act behind the scenes to terminate white life.

They present the idea as

  1. this proves Palin is stupid
  2. which to them means whites are stupid
  3. which to them means whites have the right to die
  4. which to them means whites have the duty to die
  5. which to them means non white doctors and nurses and bureaucrats have the duty to terminate whites
  6. which to them means that doctors and nurses and judges should be non-white.

They see this as a virtuous circle of the non-white replacing the white as doctors, nurses and judges and then terminating whites so that more non-whites can take their place from internal growth as well as migration.

This illustrates that gays often see themselves as leaders in eliminating the entire traditional society that produced them.   This is particularly true for open gay leaders.  Do they always turn or become militant gay leaders?  Is that the one constancy to Andrew Sullivan?


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