Tom Toles birth certificate death panel cartoon hate and ignorance his

August 12, 2009

Tom Toles Birth Certificate and Death Panels Cartoon.  “Cradle to Grave Crazy.”

Political Cartoon below from WaPo shows what they think of us on birth certificate and the death panels.

The reality is we don’t even get a death panel. Foreign and non-white doctors and nurses simply decide we don’t get care.   That just increases under Obama.

The reality is that under Obamacare we have as much chance to find out what is being decided “for” us and make our case on the merits as we do to get the birth certificate.

Those pushing health care by calling us crazy know as little of the details of the health plan as they of the birth certificate.


The hate they have of us in this cartoon is the hate that denies us care and lies about it.  Its the hate that doesn’t let us see the 1961 doctor signed birth certificate from Kapiolani Medical Center because it doesn’t exist.       Nor let us see if Stanley Ann Dunham was admitted to Kapiolani as a patient.  She is dead now.  So whether she visited should be public.

Its only useful to conceal Dunham’s records to those who are engaged in fraud.  That fraud comes from the hate of whites shown in the cartoon. That’s the same hate in All in the Family. That’s the hate that let in the terrorists.

That’s the hate that keeps immigration going after immigration is destroying our country.  That’s the hate of ethnic cleansing of whites in Westchester NY that targets the most white areas.

The Washington Post was for release of the tapes when Nixon was president.  Now they ridicule release of the 1961 doctor signed hospital birth certificate from Kapiolani made at the time of Obama’s birth.  This document likely does not exist and never existed.  It might exist.  But more likely it does not.  Obama’s actions show that.

The WaPo showing hate to those who want documents released is the opposite of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).  FOIA was about transparency and government openness.  Now WaPo is against that.  WaPo is for race replacement of whites by non-whites.  That is what the health care bill is about as well.

Obama has hate in his heart for whites.  He has shown that his entire adult life.  That is the meaning of his adult life.  Not releasing the birth certificate from Kapiolani if it exists just shows that.  The WaPo enables it.  The health care bill is that.  There are no death panels, just death from Obamacare.   That is the takeaway to remember.


5 Responses to “Tom Toles birth certificate death panel cartoon hate and ignorance his”

  1. Cris Ericson Says:

    Hi! I have digital photos of actual laws proving REASONABLE DOUBT that
    President Barack Hussein Obama
    is NOT
    a Natural Born Citizen.


    • Are you on Drugs or something? That hodge podge of statutes thrown together don’t make any sense to me as you try to make some point, but I can’t tell what. I will say this as a licensed attorney, if you check the “Certification of live Birth” and the applicable Statute HRS 338-13(b)it says that Copies can be used instead of originals on file, and that is exactly what has been done. For Christ’s Sake, the Republican Governor of Hawaii has seen the Original Birth Certificate. You guys are just racist crybaby’s who can’t stand that we have a democrat in the White House who is a black man.

      • Old Atlantic Says:

        The original statute from the state of Hawaii says that copies can be used to prove natural born citizen under Article II for presidential eligibility? And that is binding on the federal courts? And this is true because you are a licensed attorney?

  2. Old Atlantic Says:

    Very good information on your site of photos of laws of Hawaii on this.

  3. Marie Devine Says:

    I am not pleased to post this information; but I will post it as to why we must be careful about his policies ESPECIALLY HEALTH CARE.

    There is a better way for health care than a system that takes a lot of time and money for administration costs on all levels. We can provide all the care people need without that control. We must not ignore dangers people are pointing out.

    Sending: Psychopolitics-Communist Address of Health Care and Control. “Soviet Art of Brain Washing”

    See what the Communist teacher said was the great danger that could stop the Communist plan to rule through the health care plan and how it must be overcome. Mr. Beria was addressing American students at Lenin University before the course on PSYCHO-POLITICS.

    PSYCHOPOLITICS – the art and
    science of asserting and maintain-
    ing dominion over the thoughts and
    loyalties of individuals, officers,
    bureaus, and masses, and the ef-
    fecting of the conquest of enemy
    nations through “mental healing.”
    Link: Video: Obama’s Communist Influences: Youtube

    Communist Connection That Got Barack Obama Elected- David Simon Canter(1923/2004) and David Axelrod

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