Brit establishment: American Pan 103 victims just typical bigots

August 13, 2009

Philippe Naughton London Times.

Abdul Baset Ali al-Megrahi Pan Am 103 Lockerbie bomber may be freed because of cancer.


Minister for Political Correctness:  Ian Sneed

BBC host of “You are a white bigot”, David Overlordovitch, short form David Ovitch

David Ovitch:  You are having trouble from Americans in releasing Abdul Baset Ali al-Megrahi.

Sneed:  You know how they are.

David Ovitch: Southern white bigots who think these are still the days of slavery.

Sneed: Exactly.

David Ovitch: I understand that al-Megrahi has cancer and just wants to be with his family.

Sneed:  Everything he did was for his family.

David Ovitch: He might even be innocent.

Sneed: Yes, the trial was under difficult circumstances.

David Ovitch: The Southern white bigots were overbearing and forced a conviction on a reluctant court.

Sneed: Basically.

David Ovitch: A typical Klan type lynching.

Sneed: I am not sure I would go quite that far.

David Ovitch: That’s why the BBC hires me.

Sneed: I suppose.

David Ovitch: So the little Klansters won’t agree to let al-Megrahi out now?

Sneed: They are making it difficult.

David Ovitch: How can they know what its like to be an authentic voice of the resentment of indigenous people?

Sneed: Unless we have walked in their shoes ..

David Ovitch: We can’t judge the shoe bombs they use.  (both laugh)

Sneed: I wouldn’t quite put it that way.

David Ovitch: But the BBC pays me to.

Sneed: I have to be more diplomatic.

David Ovitch: With the American Southern swine.  By the way, do you capitalize the swine in American Southern swine?

Sneed: I wouldn’t.

David Ovitch: It was the Americans who attacked the Libyans in the first place wasn’t it?

Sneed: The Libyans may see it that way.

David Ovitch: They stole their oil.

Sneed: That’s going farther back in history than I want to go.

David Ovitch: Its really the Americans who create the Qaddafis in the first place.  Its their fault.  What do they expect?  Don’t they think indigenous people saw what was happening in Vietnam?

Sneed: It would seem they would put that together, yes.

David: Yes they would.  Yes they can do something about it.  This is the age of Obama now.  These relics from the Ku Klux Klan, you know they have a senator who was in the Klan, did you know that?

Sneed: I believe from one of the Southern states.

David: The swine.  These Americans. They are the worst bigots.  Stupid too.  The man was innocent.  Morally so, if not literally.

Sneed: Americans see guilt in a literal way.

David: Of course the little Klansters do.  Their little minds can’t see it any other way.  Well indigenous people are going to show them.   They are coming.  Even to Westchester County that bastion of white pride and overbearing arrogance.

Sneed: I don’t follow their news in that detail.

David: I do.  The little BNPsters are complaining about public housing coming to their perfect little white schools.  Obama is president now.  Its they who lack a birth certificate in the new world order.

Sneed:  You are going a little fast for me.

David: That’s fine.  You just release al-Megrahi.  I will do the thinking about the new world order.


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