David Frum Bill Moyers dismiss whites in town hall meetings

August 14, 2009

David Frum on Bill Moyers.  Moyers show was a hatefest against whites in town hall meetings.  They both want to take medicare away from them.  Moyers then ends the show with a tear jerker scence of a Hispanic and then working class white who can’t pay health bills.  Its the Latino immigration that Frum and Moyers have pushed that has taken away health care from the working class white woman. She says you should get health care even if you make 20,000 a year.

Men’s median wages are the same as in 1973.  Women’s what men’s were in 1963.  It was the Bush Sr. immigration increase in 1990 that stopped women’s wages converging towards men.  Before that women’s labor force participation rate and the ratio of women’s wages to men went up together.  Employers had to pay women more to get a higher percentage of women to work.  The labor force participation rate of men has fallen as well since 1948 when BLS starts its stats.

Without immigration, men and women would easily be making more than 5000 a year more which would pay for health insurance.  That 20k job would be closer to a 40k job and that would pay for health care and more.  California wouldn’t be going bankrupt.  they wouldn’t be paying for the bailout of mortgages of Hispanics.   Wall Street bonuses wouldn’t be so high because income inequality would be less.  Frum and Moyers have pushed for hurting that woman every step of the way.

The real hate is not the whites in town hall meetings. The real hate is Bill Moyers and David Frum for whites.   Immigration is genocide, its a mathematical theorem.  Both are for it.  Genocide means things get worse.  You don’t get good health care from genocide.



We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

That is the Democratic Frum Obama health care plan.  Its a theorem that it causes genocide.  The way to help old whites and working class young whites is stop immigration.  That’s the only way they avoid genocide.  But that is what Frum and Moyers have always opposed.  Their fruits show they hate those whites.  They do want to take their country away from them.

See this Daily Show excerpt at the new blog A Nation of Cowards, which is very good for the interests of white people.


Men and women’s median wages graph page 19:


Men’s labor force participation rate from 1973 at 75.5 to 68.5 in 2008 and even lower now.  SEe Table page 2 of


During that period 1973 to now, Moyers and Frum have advocated the immigration that kept white wages down and took health care away from whites.   By their fruits ye shall know them.  They hate whites.  They have hated them for over 30 years while pretending to be fore them.

They have taken their country from them.  Not surprisingly that involves making their lives worse.   Now they call those whites they were “helping” by immigration haters for not wanting to give up their health insurance to the non-whites Frum and Moyers brought here to keep their wages down and take their health care from them.

Frum and Moyers are two haters whose time has gone if we can wake up like those speaking up at the town hall.   What they have is righteous anger against liars like Frum, Moyers and Specter (SPECTRE SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion).  That sums up their motives and methods exactly.

What has Frum and Moyers together spewing out their hatred of us calling us haters?  Moyers show said that town meetings are where representatives of Congress speak to the people.  That is an inversion.  They don’t represent Congress.  But they don’t represent us either.  They represent Frum and Moyers.   They fear we are starting to rise up against them:


They have spewed their hatred of us for decades.   They are afraid of reaping what they have sewn.   (This blog doen’t advocate violence and this blog doesn’t tolerate that.)  But like DHS leaders who have brought immigrants here to ethnically cleanse us they are speaking up about their fears of us.  They fear us because they have planned our genocide.

They aren’t giving us better health care, they are taking away our health care.  Just like they took away jobs from men from 1973 to 2009.  Why did they need immigration while men’s employment to population ratio was falling?  Because they intended our genocide.


We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

Posted at nih.gov.  The truth is on the government web pages.  The whole truth.  Jobs they took them from us.  Wages they took them from us for themselves.  The land they took it from us.  Our genes they are eliminating.  This proves Frum and Moyers hate us.  It proves Congress hates us.  It proves Pelosi hates us.  It proves Boehner hates us.  They all do.  They have hated us and despised us as fools and cowards for decades.


Birmingham Riots, open ethnic cleansing of whites by the immigrants:


They think they can genocide us there and we won’t notice it here.  Its the same plan everywhere.  We are the same people everywhere.  They are the same enemies everywhere.   They have the same hate for us everywhere.  They call us the same names everywhere.

Frum and Moyers were so upset that Obama was called a Nazi.  They call us Nazis.  We are forgetting our place in their scheme.

This video at Sarah Maid of Albion shows the progression from WWII when we fought back to now when we don’t.


Frum and Moyers are quaking in their boots that we are going to get our pride back and start fighting back against the genocide they have brought upon us.  Frum and Moyers are afraid that the people are rising up before its too late.

More on the Birmingham anti-white riots


That is what Frum and Moyers have planned for us.  Health care “reform” is the same as Birmingham “reform”.  Its out with the white in with the new.  But whites may be waking up too early from the lies that Frum and Moyers have spewed for decades.   The lies of hate that they have spewed against whites.  They were venting tonight on Bill Moyers Journal of Hating Whites.


You can watch it and transcripts will be out at some point.

The first part they criticize Congressmen and Senators for letting downtrodden whites speak on equal terms in town halls where the whites voices could be heard.  They actually said the Congress lost control because the whites voices could be heard in the whole room without a microphone instead of being dominated by the microphone of Congress.

The TV press is telling Congress do like we do.  Cut them off. Don’t let them be heard.  They said that the whites could be heard on the video and tapes of the town halls and that was the mistake of Congress.  Its like a Soviet party meeting on crowd control mistakes.  We are the cows they are herding to slaughter.  We are not supposed to speak up, just be herded.

The hate and fear rise up in the TV press voices on this show.  Their contempt for us is total.  They call us haters, but its their hate on display.  They say we have fear, but its their fear you hear.  They fear that their lies don’t work.  There was panic in the whole show.  They have lost control over us and our minds.

They openly said its just old whites that young whites are controlled by them still and that this means the Republican party is finished if it sides with old whites on their health care.  Of course, they are taking health care from young whites too.  All those with health insurance lose.

For Moyers and Frum, the current health care has disparate impact, whites get too much health care.  That is what they are trying to change.  It means taking health care from whites.  They can’t disguise their anger and hate that whites have figured that out and are saying it in town hall meetings.  They are outraged at this slave revolt.

Trailer for Spartacus.  The revolt was in 70 BC.  Trailer of the movie:


Frum and Moyers intend for whites to get the same health care as Spartacus and his men get at the end of the movie.  Spartacus is shown the hate of the powerful when their slaves revolt and tell the truth.  That is the hate that Moyers shows in this entire show.  Its what Frum shows in his segment.

Moyers and Frum are panicing at the revolt.  They mean to crush us.  Will we let them?

Frum and Moyers are two men who have freely vented their hatred of whites for decades.  Tonight they showed anger and fear.  They are angry at these town hall revolts.  They side with Congress.  They said the Represenatives represent Congress to the voters and lost control by letting whites speak up and be heard doing so by other whites.  This gives whites the idea they can revolt.


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