re Colbert I. King Traffic Stop, Learning and Power

August 15, 2009

“At a Traffic Stop, Learning Who ‘Had the Power'”

By Colbert I. King
Saturday, August 15, 2009

King tells us of a black cop behaving badly to a professional class black motorist he stops.

My comment at 8/15/2009 4:23:21 PM

This is what affirmative action leads to.  Those unsuited to the power of a policeman are hired and promoted based on race.  Those who are suited to it are corrupted by being in an organization based on affirmative action.  This applies to blacks and whites in the police and government.

Government can only be self-disciplined if its hiring and promotion are based on merit.  That has to be true from the bottom to the top. When officers see that promotion is based on race, then the motivation for excellence and honesty are destroyed.  This applies to black and white.  It applies in government and education.

The DOJ HQ has made race trump merit. So has Congress.  Merit only works if merit trumps everything else.  Power delegated to police only makes sense if merit is the only thing for police.

To give power to an individual police officer when considerations other than merit factor into hiring, retention and promotion is to go down the road of tyranny.  Its impossible within the human brain to exercise self control given power when merit and truth are not the guiding principles of the police force, all of government and all of society.  The bad lessons are taught in school and on TV.

It takes a village based on merit to train a police officer from birth to have the awesome power a police officer has.


If DOJ HQ is not based on merit and truth, the whole system of law enforcement collapses.  The system is based on trusting individuals in it with power.  The system is based on police and lawyers telling the truth.  The system is based on police and lawyers not abusing their power.

Affirmative action, race preferences, political correctness undermine the basis of such a system.  The system has to be based on truth and merit.  Once its not based on merit, its not based on truth.  They lie about merit.  Once they lie about who then they lie about whom.  Who Whom. Lenin.

They lie about who gets hired, promoted and who gets power.  That applies in DOJ and the police.  Once they have promoted those lies above truth and merit, they are thugs.  Fascism grows from promoting preference above truth and merit.  DOJHQ is fascist.  It has long since lost the power of truth.  This is part of the reason it continues to cover up the Russia Plagiarism Files along with other pressure or corrupt tactics used by Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel and so on.

This has spread to the judiciary, law schools, big law firms, lobbyists, defense industry, H-1b indusry, universities, Wall Street, banking, etc.  We are losing our society from this elevation of the big lie about race above truth and merit.  The white race is being destroyed on this lie.

DOJHQ is Department of Jenacide.  Its not based on truth and merit in hiring and promotion so its not dealing in justice.  Its dealing in lies and coverup of affirmative action which is itself a lie.  We see that in Obama appointments.  We see it in the continuation of affirmative action in South Africa even as that country falls apart into chaos from it.


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