Ted Kennedy legacy median wages same 1973

August 26, 2009

Ted Kennedy is dead.  But his immigration lives on.  So does the ethnic cleansing.


Edward M. Kennedy from 1932 to 2009.

Kennedy’s legacy is 3rd world immigration that is bankrupting the country. He destroyed the greatest country that ever was. But he had many helpers.  Comments:



“We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.”

Men’s median wages are the same as 1973, women’s are what men’s were in 1963. Men and women’s median wages graph page 19:


Men’s labor force participation rate from 1973 at 75.5 to 68.5 in 2008 and even lower now. SEe Table page 2 of


Ted Sorensen ghost wrote Nation of Immigrants for Jack Kennedy. But it fed into their Irish Catholic resentment of Wasps. Their revenge are the above statistics. Obama has the same revenge need. Medicare, Social Security, safe communities all are being lost to immigration. That immigration comes from envy, resentment and hate. Same with affirmative action.

8/26/2009 9:20:20 AM


Patrick Cleburne at Vdare makes similar points with links to Vdare.com research over the year that shows the statistical verdict on Kennedy’s immigration is the worst event American history.


Cleburne links to the Peter Brimelow and Edwin S. Rubenstein article on their Displacement Index.


==Following all quotation from Vdare


Because so many Hispanics are immigrants and the children of immigrants, Hispanic employment is the best proxy we can find in the monthly BLS job data for the impact of immigration on employment.

And the ratio of Hispanic to non-Hispanic employment indexes (January 2001=100.0) is a good measure of how immigrants have fared relative to native-born workers since the start of the Bush Administration. We call it the VDARE.COM American Worker Displacement Index [VDAWDI].

Here’s how October 2004 looks.

  • The Hispanic employment index was 113.3, signifying the 13.3 percent growth in Hispanic employment since January 2001
  • Non-Hispanic employment was 101.1 reflecting a 1.1 percent rise in non-Hispanic employment since January 2001

So October’s VDAWDI is 112.1 =100.0X(113.3/101.1)

In other words, since George Bush became President the immigrant job growth index has risen 12.1 percent more than the native job growth index.

This means that since Bush took office the rate of immigrant job growth has outpaced the rate of non-immigrant job growth by a factor of more than 12.

==End quotation Vdare

(My WordPress has a bug it appears and it is quirky with indenting so I try to limit that.)

There is a birth displacement effect as well.  If births are in proportion to work, the birth displacement is similar to the work displacement.  This is how the Wright Island Model effect happens.



Edward M. Kennedy.  Chappaquiddick where he left Mary Jo Kopechne to die was a microcosm of his life.  He stopped others who were going to call for rescue of her by a false promise to call himself.  He went to his hotel, had a hot shower and drink, and then called friends complaining about what the Protestant bigots would say the next day.  At that very time, she was alive in an air bubble according to the diver who went down the next day.  The website Ytedk seems to be gone now.


BNP has an excellent column on Kennedy with great comments following.


We need a party like the BNP here in America.  We need one in every white land.

There are other Ted Kennedys.  Lindsey Graham.  John McCain.  Charles E. Schumer.  Barack H. Obama II (or whatever it says on his hospital birth certificate.)


Career Recent
Sen. Kennedy has earned an overall career immigration voting grade of F
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Sen. Kennedy has earned a recent immigration voting grade of F-
2006 – 2009
Grades Updated: August 10, 2009


Grades Updated: August 10, 2009

Overall Immigration Reduction Grades


Career Recent
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Kennedy was the worst in Congress.  The absolute lowest on immigration.

Check your senator at the same site.  Click on your state on map below:


Support Vdare.  Support NumbersUSA.  You can Free Fax the Senate to stop immigration from your computer at NumbersUSA.  Also support Fairus.  You can comment at Dan Stein.



Following contains some of the low lights from the Senate:


Famous photo of Senators laughing.


Kennedy, Dole, Dodd, Hatch, and Lloyd Bentsen all big immigrationists.  All voted for 1990 increase (?).  Kennedy was the skank of the Senate.  They knew he killed for it.  They took ownership of his crimes including immigration genocide.  They took away our schools and the solvency of medicare and social security by their third world immigration.  It was their hate.  They have contempt for us for voting for them after they vote for immigration.  Over time that turns to active hate of us.  They do what they can to hurt us to justify it. They think of us as a nation of cowards, a nation of Mary Jo Kopechnes.

Kennedy’s legacy is to take away health care from the people, not give it.  The immigrants he brought in are bankrupting government and hospitals.  They have overrun and destroyed schools.  They have taken out know-how to foreign hostile lands.  They have made our communities unsafe.  They have settled hostile tribes like the Hmong and Somalis amongst us.  They have denigrated our people.

They have enforced the hatred of whites in schools and in public and in all forms of entertainment and media.  The Kennedy legacy is of unbridled hate for the Wasp country that took them in.  They meant to destroy it and they halfway did.  Whether it is finished is up to you.  Get involved.  Don’t just take it. Fight it.  The Kennedy genocide cup is half empty.



Skank of the Senate not Patriarch of the Senate.  He was Patriarch of replacement immigration.  But the Senate takes ownership of his crimes.  They express their contempt for us by their praise of Kennedy.

We keep voting for them after they vote for immigration to hurt us.  Over time, that contempt of us turns to hatred of us.  That is why you must vote against Senators who vote for legal immigration.

With millions unemployed and houses in foreclosure, we don’t need more California busting immigration.  When the Senators laugh, they are laughing at us for voting for them after they vote against us on immigration.

Medicare and Social Security are going bankrupt because of the same immigration. Schools fail because of the immigrants.  They can never support anyone.  They are a permanent drain.  Many people reading this will one day be denied health care because of these immigrants or by foreign doctors and nurses who don’t care.  When that happens to you, remember the Senators who are laughing.  Remember their praise of Kennedy.  They are celebrating foreign doctors denying you care.

==WaPo blocked above comment probably for skank, so the following was posted:

By praising Kennedy, the Senate takes ownership of all his crimes and deeds. When we vote for them after they vote for immigration they have only contempt for us.  Over time that contempt of us becomes hate of us.  That is what they are expressing now by praising Kennedy.

8/26/2009 12:15:49 PM


The evil immigration the Senate does lives after them. The good was last done in the earlier part of the 19th century.
8/26/2009 12:24:36 PM

7 Responses to “Ted Kennedy legacy median wages same 1973”

  1. topcat Says:

    I won’t be surprised to see an attempt to fast-track health care “reform”, immigration “reform”, or some other nation destroying “reform” to “honor” the late Senator. He is dangerous even in death.

  2. Old Atlantic Says:

    Good head’s up. Its a reminder to do our fax and call duty for NumbersUSA and also against Obamacare.

  3. Patrick Cleburne Says:

    Great item; thanks:

    Kennedy always refused to comment about the consequences of the ’65 Act. Curious.

  4. Old Atlantic Says:

    Thanks for the link. Your own comments are hard hitting and realistic as opposed to the Kennedy worship we are immersed in. I wonder how much he is being celebrated in Mexico. Probably, they barely notice or care. All that matters is the Gringos let them in, why doesn’t concern them.

  5. Emerson Says:

    Sorensen (Jew) wrote “Profiles in Courage” for JFK (and JFK accepted a Pulitzer for it).
    JFK may or may not have written “A Nation of Immigrants.” But since it’s a topic that’s dear to the heart of the Nation Destroyers, it’s highly likely that JFK had a Jew ghost writer produce this one also.

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