Vdare blog answers Kennedy eulogies

August 30, 2009

The outstanding writers at the Vdare blog that Peter Brimelow has put together spent Saturday answering the false and harmful eulogies of Teddy Kennedy pouring out from TV.  This continues their excellent work from the week.  The first step to being a good writer is being a clear thinker.  Vdare is on the right side of logic so that is the first step.

Its writers have done an outstanding job pointing out the truth about Kennedy over the years and in this last week.  If anyone is thinking about where to contribute money, its to this team that Peter Brimelow has put together.   This is the hottest team of writers writing anywhere.

While the elite world wept for Kennedy (and Free Republic pulled a thread last week for being too anti-Kennedy) Vdare pointed out the following:


[Kevin Lamb] @ 12:07 pm

Historian Douglas Brinkley summarized Kennedy’s legacy as if his political contributions ranked with the Founding Fathers.

The parade of odious court historians who bray out a twisted version of history was on display yesterday and the day before.   Vdare was on the scene to point some of them out. However, this is a work for many to follow their lead and join in.  If you have any memories of this or notice transcripts of it in the days to come be sure to post them on your blog if you have one, here in the comments, or some place.  This is valuable work.

The plagiarist Doris Kearns Goodwin whose career is praising the greatest harm of our most harmful presidents was in full queen bee mode.  She was an assistant to LBJ in the White House.  Not content with her contribution to harming the nation then she went on to try to finish it off with her praise of the poison.   LBJ, FDR and Lincoln and his cabinet she has praised.  This is the trio that destroyed Founding Stock America.


Obama modeled himself on Lincoln in choosing such cabinet or near cabinet luminaries as Larry Summers, Eric Holder, and Timothy Geithner.  This trio is charged by Obama with finishing off Founding Stock America.   Bailing out Wall Street is an example.  They have done nothing to deal with the risk of large financial institutions as even Stanley Fischer pointed out at a recent meeting of the in crowd.  Obama has said he read Despicable Doris’s tome while choosing his team of the Devil’s Disciples.




Steve Sailer points out that Kennedycare will remind people to think KopechneCare.  Kopechne was the first person to get Kennedycare, which consisted of a Kennedy Death Panel of one.  She died not from drowing but from slow suffocation.  You can still see ytedk.com website in the archive.  (Make copies if you want one.)


Kennedy left her to die while he went back to his hotel, had a hot shower and a drink and then called friends saing the Protestant bigots will make a big deal of this.

Sailer elaborates on this and points out Kennedy was found with a dead girl in his car and his career lived on just fine.  There are different rules for the genociders and those who are genocided.




[Patrick Cleburne] @ 3:30 pm

With deadly wit, Patrick Cleburne takes apart the nonsense that Kennedy was for the poor.

Obama lauds Kennedy as voice of poor and powerless
Sat Aug 29, 2009 12:44pm

The VDARE.com response of course is “poor and powerless of which nationality”? Kennedy’s sponsorship of, and unrepentant attempts to expand the 1965 Immigration Act disaster has been an unmitigated catastrophe for the American Working class – particularly Blacks – in terms of income and quality of life. It has to some extent benefited Plutocrats like Kennedy and the upper class generally.

This is an extremely important point and builds on discussion previously this week here and at Vdare back and forth on income inequality graphs being U shaped in the 20th century.

Those posts started with two on Novak and then the Kennedy articles have built on those.


(Krugman graph on income inequality discussed here:)


Link to Krugman graph:




Also see Cleburne’s post here pointing out Kennedy’s harm to the working class:



To supplement that discussion, the following references are taken from an earlier post on Joe Guzzardi pointing out how the press has hollowed out itself by its support of immigration.


Berkeley prof Saez’s paper with more graphs of the share of top 1 percent, top 10 percent over the period from before 1924 immigration restriction to today:


“Top Incomes in the Long Run of History” with Tony Atkinson and Thomas Piketty, April 2009, forthcoming in A.B. Atkinson and T. Piketty eds., Oxford University Press, 2010 (Tables and Figures in Excel format)

See Fig 13.8 of Excel sheet.  The U shaped countries from 1900 to 2004.  These are the UK, US, CA, AUS, NZ, IN, ARG, SE, NO.   We can see why immigration is popular with the elites in Europe.

Look at Table 13A.19.  The top .1 percent in Norway is in column F.  The top .1 percent went from being around 1 percent of national income in the 1970’s to being as much as 8.41 percent in 2005 as well as other high numbers.  These fluctuate with the stock market.  The very top have gotten a huge share of national income by immigration keeping wages down. These are the people who own the newspapers and TV stations.  They own Hollywood studios


Patrick Cleburne gives Kennedy his epitaph


In the final analysis, the ethnic pattern of immigration under the proposed measure is not expected to change as sharply as the critics seem to think.”

These words should be his epitaph.


We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

Because of affirmative action, the alleles are not neutral, but non-white ones are favored.  That just makes it happen faster.  In fact, each gene here individually has a world line that goes extinct under immigration as proven here:


Peter Brimelow has assembled a brilliant team of Vdare Veterans to stand against the Feckless Fabulists who are legion in the main stream media.  Their names and faces familiar to us.  Academics who once knew the truth and have grown so accustomed to lies they can hardly notice. They are accustomed to their lies not being pointed out which leads them to tell even bigger whoppers.

Krugman posting the income inequality graph that is U shaped is an example.  The daily liars we are exposed to take a toll on us we don’t realize.  Putnam should do a study of that.  It took courage for Peter Brimelow as an editor to turn his group loose on Kennedy’s funeral day.

Most of the rest of the right was silent.  But it was the proper thing to do.  The MSM had their teams of corporate liars spewing out false statements.  Its always the right thing to do to meet lies with truth and to do so instantly.

No family feelings entitle the MSM to get away with lies, which is exactly what the MSM expected.  Its what the speakers expected.  They were put out on national TV for the nation to come to a halt and listen to them.  They plugged health care and uncivil rights and immigration.  Kennedy himself said it in his remarks prepared for his funeral.  Brimelow had the courage to see through the establishment ploy and not hold back like certain other sites like National (morbid) Review.

==1126 AM

Patrick Cleburne extends the great Vdare coverage of Kennedy Week with this article on the Brazilianization of Martha’s Vineyard.  Americans can’t get jobs where Democrats rule.


North East…Brazil?

Cleburne’s trademark incisive wit on display.

(Lou Dobbs take notice.)


The Guardian asks why MV is Obama’s ideal retreat?  Because Americans can’t get jobs.  Cleburne links to FT in depth article on the history of immigration there.


Cleburne links to two Vdare classics worth reading:



Cleburne also documented that Obama got the hedge fund money


Cleburne links to this informative article on the top hedge funds.


They wanted their bailout and illegals too.  They want the government to pay for their health care as well as legalize their employers crimes on a rolling ongoing basis.  There are many other jobs they don’t want Founding Stock Americans to do, like Attorney General or Supreme Court justice. Obama has complied.


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