Where’s the birth certificate?

September 6, 2009

A thread of libs saying birthers are crazy:


It’s easy to channel Eli Wallach: “If God hadn’t wanted them to be sheared, He wouldn’t have made them sheep,” except that these sheep have too much ammo and too few meds.

Posted by: Steve Paradis on May 24, 2009 at 9:51 AM | PERMALINK

BTW is it true “it wouldn’t hurt” for Obama to release a more direct copy of the BC just to make it easier for him?

Probably not. I’ve seen some of the birther blogsites and the answers would be:

(a) it’s a forgery.
(b) it wouldn’t matter anyway because Obama is a British citizen throguh his father / an Indonesian citizen through his stepfather / not a natural-born citizen because one parent was not American (even though there is nothing in the Constitution that defines a natural-born citizen as the child of 2 citizens)

These are people who can say that the Hawaiian government’s acknowledgment that it has Obama’s birth certificate is evidence that he was not born in Hawaii. Any kind of convoluted rationale comes easier than the truth to a conspiracist.

Besides, bowing to the demands of these nutcases would open the door to all kinds of nonsense. They’d move onto something else next. These are not people who would be satisfied with the real thing, is what I’m saying. They’re talking about the Illuminati being behind this now. And once they see that they can bait Obama into a reaction, there’d be no stopping them.

Obama would do best to stay above the fray, ignore them and let people wonder how anyone could think that a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee who survived a tough presidential campaign has not already been thoroughly vetted by people who know how to do this.

Posted by: MaryRC on May 24, 2009 at 10:18 AM | PERMALINK

The Immaculate Vetting?  He was vetted without looking at his files in Hawaii or Occidental, Columbia or Harvard?  Obama asked his Harvard classmates not to talk to the press.  Hello?  Who is the true believer here?  Who is inventing reasons not to face reality?

Obama gave Hillary and McCain the finger on video.  Obama called Palin a pig.  Obama wrote books about his black nationalism.  Obama’s preacher was a rabid anti-white racist.  Obama’s associates are terrorists Ayers and Dohrn.  Obama hired van Jones.  It goes on and on.

Its really the Obama supporters who sound like true believers.  They invent reasons why Obama should not have to show his hospital issued doctor signed birth certificate.  That also applies to his school and college records where he may have applied as a dual or multiple citizen of some combination of US, Indonesia, Kenya or Britain.  That applies from grade school through college and Harvard Law School.  Did he use dual citizenship as a way to get admitted, aside from financial aid?

Did Obama in his applications say that as a dual citizen or multicitizen he would add citizenship diversity to his grade school, Occidental, Columbia or Harvard?  That would undermine his claims.

What was said in the divorce papers and possible later adoption papers?  Did Obama’s grandfather adopt Obama so that he would not become a permanent citizen of Indonesia?  Is that in the files?

Obama should release a copy of every birth certificate and certification in his records.   B.C.’s can be reissued with changed data.  Laws should require disclosure of all birth certificates for any political office.

John McCain disclosed his records as have other candidates and presidents.  Will Obama keep his own records from his own presidential library?  Only the true Obama believers can rationalize Obama’s actions.  For anyone else, they are plain to see as un-American and anti-American.


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