Obama pre and post Joe Wilson the idol is cracked

September 10, 2009

Why is the Left so full of hate for Joe Wilson?  He is the boy who said the emperor god of the Left has no clothes.  He also said their entire history of nostrums has collapsed against reality.  We can’t have health care for all because immigration has bankrupted us.  Joe didn’t say all that, but he said enough of it.

We can’t have a public option without covering illegals because of court cases and the way that Leftist legislislation creeps along to bankruptcy.  Teddy Kennedy is barely in the grave, when Joe Wilson pronounces the death of the Left’s final civil rights initiative, health care for all.  This because immigration as a civil right has bankrupted liberalism.

The Left hates Joe Wilson for telling the truth.  Nancy Pelosi’s contorted face, a face expressing hate immeasurable was the face of the Lies of Leftism exposed.  The Leftist god, installed by Pelosi by ignoring his non-eligibility which she had twice certified at the Democratic National Convention and then as Speaker was exposed as a liar by Joe Wilson in front of the whole nation, which Pelosi considers ignorant Palinfaces.  To Pelosi, Palin is the opposite of her, the unter-woman that she avoided becoming and thinking like.

Pelosi’s look was like the look of the angry godess.  But she is ruling over an empty realm.  Her world is in reality an underworld not a real world, just a shade of reality.  Joe Wilson, the ignorant Southern white bigot, as the Left thinks of him, blurted out the truth.  Obama lies.  Pelosi lies.  The Democratic House lies.  The whole Left is a lie.  The whole health care Obamacare Pelosicare is just a lie.  There isn’t health care for all.  There isn’t even health care for those who have it now.  Its going to get less for all but the rich like Pelosi or the powerful like Congress.

Middle class America is dying.  Even CNN was talking about it on Wolf Blitzer with Jack Cafferty lamenting our becoming 3rd world without a clue as to how it happened, by importing the 3rd world.  The West is cracked.  Leftism’s perfect vessel for itself is cracked and the troglodyte Palinfaces are saying no more of this.

Pelosi hear revolution in August in the townhalls of old white America.  The old white bigoted South reared its head in the town halls and said no to Pelosiopolis on the Potomac.  Then Joe Wilson of South Ignorance said it in her chamber, Obama the god lies.  The look on her face.  The evil Southern white had spoken against her god during her ceremony.  The god she anointed twice even though he doesn’t qualify.  Her triumph of Pelosiness over reality.

Joe Wilson is the analog of tank man in Beijing in Tiananmen square.  But this time inside Pelosi House.  With his dirty feet on her floors.  Spreading his Southron ignorance and stupidity.  Saying out loud his bigoted stupid thoughts.  Which are exactly true.  That is all on her face when she looks his way.

The comparable moment is Virgil Goode.  Another Southern White Bigot speaking truth to liberalism.  Stop Muslim immigration to save this country.  Like Franklin Graham he blurts out the truth without hesitation.  The three are like a trio of truth.  All with roots in the South.   The Grahams from North Carolina.  Virgil Goode from Virginia.  Joe Wilson from South Carolina.  These 3 states form the head of the Old Confederacy.   They are hold outs from liberalism.  Time has almost passed them by, except for the powerful destructive force of immigration.  These 3 states are the best hope of Old White America making a last stand and turning back the tide of immigration invasion.  The Left knows this and hates these states and the people. All that was on Pelosi’s face.

Obama lies claiming that others are liars.  (See around 1:26 below for “You lie.”


Obama is attacking Palin as a liar before Joe Wilson speaks up.  Obama hates Palin and Pelosi despises her.  Obama hates Palin as a force that can destroy the Left.  Palin is right.  Obamacare means deathcare.  It also means money for illegals taken from whites paying for healthcare now.

Lawrence Auster’s thread here was the inspiration to write this:


The great Leftist Wall of Hate is turned on Joe Wilson.  You can see it on all 3 faces of Obama, Biden and Pelosi, a triumvirate of Liberalism’s faces.  They all show their hate when their lie is exposed.  They all 3 lie.  About everything that matters not least Obama’s eligibility being validated already.  Obama’s unvalidated presidency symbolizes the whole Leftist lie machine.  Their god is a lie.  He has no birth certificate, which even the humblest white bigot of the South has.

The Left has turned its hate machine on Joe Wilson.  His opponent has hundreds of thousands of dollars from Actblue just like Virgil Goode’s did.  Money matters.  But their money comes from the desire to suppress the truth by suppressing the truth teller, always in the face of a Southron white bigot.  Like George Allen who in the macaca moment pointed out that the Indian really was an outsider and was not an American, born here or not.  That’s a reality that can only be denied by finally eliminating the last white.  Palin stands in the face of this by insisting on having 5 white children.  It is forgotten that Pelosi did this too.


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