PBS The Extraordinary Journey celebrates ethnic cleansing

September 13, 2009


Descendants of Eastern Europeans today vent hatred at Founding Stock Americans whom they ethnically cleansed from New England from Boston to Northeastern Pennsylvania.  PBS tells them to hate Anglos and to bring in Mexicans to finish off the Anglo Saxons even though it means wiping out their own.    An operational definition of hate is wiping out your own to wipe out theirs.  That is what PBS teaches to Eastern European whites.  It works.

This is teaching all Eastern European whites to hate Anglo Saxons in the same way that Jews resent the white countries that have taken them in.  Jewish media exhibits shows about Jewish resentment against every country and people that ever took them in.  The are trying to transmit the same hate to other whites.  This is about teaching whites to hate other whites for resentments of the past.  Are we supposed to refight the 30 Years War?

Map below shows Ango Saxons not leading white group around New York.  Westchester County is Italian.  Boston is Italian and Irish Catholic.  The latter group hate Anglo Saxons and are taught to genocide their own children by Hispanic immigration to finish off the last Anglo Saxons.



Anglo Saxons have been wiped out of Boston and New York including Westchester County.  These are zones of resentment and hate of the Anglo Saxons who took them in.  This is teaching hate. That is what the schools teach in the New York area, hatred of Anglo Saxons, especially of Southern whites who escaped the ethnic cleansing in Boston and New York.

Show All in the Family taught this resentment.  The son in law was supposed to be Polish but was played by a Jewish actor and the control was Jewish.  That showcased hatred and resentment of Anglo Saxons.



Kennedy’s Irish Catholic legacy was this hate of Wasps.


Ted Sorensen played the Kennedy resentment of Wasps to get them to be the vehichle of his hatred for them by the 1965 Immigration Act of ethnic cleansing of Wasps.


Harold Meyerson at Wapo is full of resentment of Wasps.


Meyerson pretends to be for workers and health care.  But its immigration that keeps down wages and benefits and that keeps unsafe working conditions.  That was true in the 19th century.  The unsafe working conditions and the low wages came after immigration not before immigration.   Immigration transmitted worker and feudal exploitation from Europe to America in the 19th century just as it transmits it from Mexico to America today.  The same applies to transmitting corruption and criminality.  That legacy is with us still with Blago, Kennedy, Obama, etc.


48 percent of Harvard undergrads are currently white.


30 percent of Harvard undergrads are Jewish leaving 18 percent as NJ whites.  Affirmative action matters.

Stats and links from




Jewish percentages at top schools.  You then have to subtract these numbers from the white percentage to get the non Jewish white percentage.  Its often less than the Jewish percentage.


Ethnic Diversity
African American 10.5%
Asian American 19.8%
International 7.2%
Mexican American 7.9%
Native American 3.2%
Native Hawaiian 0.8%
Other Hispanic 6.7%
White 31.5%
Other 3.1%
Declined to State 9.5%

Subtract out 20 percent Jewish from White 31.5 and you get non Jewish white 11.5.  However, the numbers come out, its 10 to 25 percent non-Jewish white.  That is the Camp of the Saints being done to FSA’s by Jews.


Some Minorities Are More Minor than Others

Ron K. Unz
Wall Street Journal
Monday, November 16, 1998.

“For example, Asians comprise between 2% and 3% of the U.S. population, but nearly 20% of Harvard undergraduates. Then too, between a quarter and a third of Harvard students identify themselves as Jewish, while Jews also represent just 2% to 3% of the overall population.”

“In fact, it seems likely that non-Jewish white Americans represent no more than a quarter of Harvard undergraduates, even though this group constitutes nearly 75% of the population at large, resulting in a degree of underrepresentation far more severe than that of blacks, Hispanics or any other minority groups.”

Shows on PBS are teaching all non Wasp whites to have the same resentment of Wasps that Jews did on All in the Family. That was why they chose a Polish son in law character.  It was intentionally to teach their resentment of Wasps to other whites.  This is malicious and consciously evil.  Its meant to lead to ethnic cleansing of Wasps and taking away their country.  The hate directed at Southern White Birthers is part of this program.


This is the Slicer Coalition of blacks, Hispanics, Asians and Jews.  But its the elite Jews who really run this coalition although Eric Holder and Barack Obama illustrate how the control is slowly passing on and away from elite Jews.

Affirmative action, hate crime laws, hate speech laws, legal immigration, amnesty, letting Saudi Arabia and Pakistan get away with their activities, continued Muslim immigration, the activities of Actblue to finance opposition to Virgil Goode, Joe Wilson, Senator George Allen and others just shows this hate in action.  They are winning.  Ted Sorensen write Nation of Immigrants.  This propaganda is intended to wipe out Wasps.

Jews are a separate and distinct people and nation.  That is shown in every land they have tried to share with another nation.  They have tried to displace the jobs for the upper genetic crust of the native stock.  Cut of the genetic head and the native stock is dead. Whether intentional or not this is what is shown at Harvard and Stanford.   Slicer occupied government is the same thing.  Its the ethnic cleansing of whites.

Jews have no right to take Harvard from Anglo Saxons.  Jews coveted Harvard and resented that Anglos wanted to keep it.  What right did they have to take it from Anglo Saxons which they have?  If Jews think Jerusalem belongs to them because they created it out of nothing, then Harvard belongs to Anglo Saxons who created it out of nothing.  The same with America.


We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

Whites were born in solid safe white countries and now are on the run in every country from hate laws, immigration, affirmative action, ethnic cleansing, welfare, transfer payments, medical coverage of the immigrants, etc.  Jews have to take ownership of what they advocate.  What we see is hatred of whites.  Jews are responsible for what they advocate.  They take ownership of the ethnic cleansing of whites because they advocate it and vote for it, even if they alone don’t cause it.  That is the basis of moral choice and advocacy.

Jews have phrases and logical arguments that follow certain patterns.  They are teaching every group to use this template against whites especially Nordic whites including Anglo Saxons.   These patterns predate Hitler, e.g. Jews attacked Henry Ford for using them prior to 1920 when no one had heard of Hitler.

Jews have taught this way of thinking and these phrases to the world.  This is what hate laws are.  Its what hate speech laws are.  This is the opposite of what is in the US Constitution.  Jews have a different history and a different story.  Their story is against that of the Founding Stock Americans.

Jews have a different morality and ethics than do FSA’s.  Jews are opposed to the concepts of freedom and individuality of FSA’s and in the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence.  Jews resent the people who wrote the DofI and US Constitution and teach hatred of them through their patterns of discourse from their story and history.

Jews, with some exceptions, have a different set of phrases and arguments from FSA’s.  They have succeeded in teaching their rhetoric of grievance and resentment to the world.  This has been a moral crime.  The rhetoric of hate speech and hate thought and the rhetoric of historic millenial old grievances and resentment is a poison not a gift.  Its the poison Jews have pushed in shows like All in the Family.

The US public schools have gone from teaching FSA values to teaching Jewish grievance and resentment values and rhetoric.  FSA values were individuality and self reliance.  It was keeping the upper lip.

Jewish values are resentment and grievance of the majority group and an attempt to displace the majority with Jews and others.  This is what has happened at Harvard and Stanford.  Cut off the genetic head and the ethnic stock is dead.  That is what is being done at Harvard and Stanford to FSA’s and to whites in general.  The same is happening in government.

The Slicer method is to reserve 12.5 percent or more for blacks and Hispanics, then another 25 percent for Asians and Jews each and that leaves less than 25 percent for non-Jewish whites.  This is the math that is being applied at Harvard and Stanford. They are the fast track for industry, banking, government and university.  They then hire non-whites and transfer know-how and factories to non-whites.  The result is a jump down for the whites and for America.

This is why men’s median wages are the same as in 1973.  See graph page 18:



This is why whites are losing health care.  This is why Wall Street gets bailed out.  This is why whites are losing out and diminishing.

Jews have taught their rhetoric of racial and ethnic grievance and resentment to the world.  They have made this the main curriculum in public schools and colleges. Instead of whites learning engineering they are taught self hate and to abandon their country without a fight.  This is what Jewish inspired laws on hate speech and hate crime are about everywhere in the white world.

The Jewish rhetoric and mind set is one that is being institutionalized.  Its resulting in the genetic extinction of whites.  This is conscious and deliberate since the evidence is everywhere and Jews as a group are not stopping but pushing on.   The 12 Jewish senators are a representative group and they are all advocates of the policies leading to this including affirmative action, legal immigration, amnesty, health care for immigrants, hate speech and crime laws, and the government contracting mandates that spread this to every company in the land because every company is in a subcontractor chain somehow.

What one advocates one takes moral and ethical ownership of.  Jews as as group advocate Wright Island Model immigration and the rest.  They are therefore responsible for their actions.  Their rhetoric of grievance and resentment is one of group moral responsibility not of the individual one of FSA’s.  So they have to taken ownership of their groups actions, rhetoric, advocacy and voting, even if they are not alone responsible for what happens.  Its their rhetoric and methods of discourse and argument that are taking control everywhere, so they have to take or accept causal responsibility.

The argument is sometimes made that Jews will be a percentage of groups like Communists based on their percentage of IQ 130 or some such level.  This would imply if one was careless, that Jews are a percentage of every group at the level of their percentage of IQ 130.  This would be difficult to sustain in practice.

A second argument is that they are that percentage of the leaders of every group. That is not true either.  The fact is that statistically they are a part of the groups advocating and causing the white extinction of the Wright Island Model.  This is not something that can be bargained with according to this hypothesis, but a statistical regularity.  In that case, this indicates that other groups have to recognize this and point it out in order to stop being genocided by immigration and the actions that come from the mindset of racial grievance and resentment that Jews advocate as part of public schools and the laws.  This is a minimum response.

Even after 9/11, Jews advocated Muslim immigration.  They helped fund defeating Virgil Goode who said stop Muslim immigration.  They have likely helped fund the million dollar response to Joe Wilson’s opponent for him saying Obama lied.  Wilson was right.   The contributions against Wilson like Goode indicate loathing and contempt that amounts to hate.  The same in the attacks on Sarah Palin whom Jews particularly disliked.  The same in some attacks on Southern White Birthers.

There is an undercurrent of resentment and grievance that overcomes any rational calculation of interest or of ethics.  This is particularly directed at Southern Whites, a group that has not harmed Jews but whom Jews have attacked consistently for over a 100 years and who Jews attack with scorn and derision on a regular basis.  Jews more than any have taught stereotypes of Southern Whites that are full of hate and grievances.  It was Southern Whites who stopped the Nazis but Jews don’t care.  They hate them anyhow.  The outpouring of hate against George Allen, Virgil Goode and Joe Wilson shows this.  Anyone who has visited New York in person for a time can also testify to this attitude.

Since 9/11, Jews have escalated their attacks on Southern Whites.  The depth of the hate attacks that go on for extended periods against George Allen, Virgil Goode and now Joe Wilson show this.  In these attacks, Jews and the Left feel free to say anything.  They don’t have to edit their comments, they can say what they want.  They are free to hate and they do.  They have a monopoly of public hate and use it on TV, in Congress, in government, and in the schools.

PBS is part of that monolith of public hate and its directed at Southern Whites in particular.  They are the last coherent group to stand up to the final extinction of the white race.  They do stand up from time to time.  That is why they are hated and more than hated, targeted for free flowing hate without consequences for those who express that hate.

In the New York City area, English ancestry is under 6 percent on the Census map.


Its possible to change the ethnic group and to change the scale of the map to be larger or smaller.  Coastal New England up to Boston has seen Founding Stock Americans replaced by Irish, Italians, and Jews from the 19th century and now Hispanics and Asians.

See this article on Rhode Island at Vdare


Vanishing American has discussion of such maps.



We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

Jews advocate this.  Even if they don’t cause it, by voting for it as Senators and voters they take moral ownership of the consequences.

== Joe Wilson hatefest extended to his constituents, Southern Whites in South Carolina.


Rick Horowitz: Joe Wilson: Just Another Heckler in the Crowd

Once you’ve spent day after day among the constituents — hearing the president being called a Nazi, a commie, a socialist tool, a terrorist mole — calling Barack Obama a liar must have seemed almost quaint.


There is not a second thought in this extension to Southern Whites of the Left’s contempt and hatred of Joe Wilson.   The Left including Jews on the Left openly hate Southern Whites on a racist and ethnic basis.  This is what the show All in the Family was.  Its likely a part of Jewish humor against whites going back centuries.  Their vision of whites and especially Southern Whites is shown in their film American History X.  The “White Man Marches On” shows their image of the racially conscious white.


This is an image of whites they intentionally create to demonize whites who think of their own ethnic and racial self interest including survival and including being a majority in their own lands.  The white farm murders in South Africa are well known, but the Left continues policies to make whites minorities everywhere.

The Left insists on a monopoly of hate.  They hate freely as Vanishing American pointed out.  For the Left, hate is a force multiplier.  They encourage their people to freely and openly hate Southern Whites and Anglo Saxons.  This is what the PBS show was doing.  It was what All in the Family did.  After 9/11, they called Virgil Goode a hateful Southern White to want to stop Muslim immigration.

For the Left including much of the Jewish Left, every statement from Southern Whites about Obama is race and proves that the hatred and ethnic cleansing of Southern White is mandatory.  They consider Joe Wilson’s comment that Obama lied even though its true.  They consider birthers racist, even though the same issues are argued over Chester Arthur, and its a matter of dispute how much was known of his situation prior to the election.  No doubt to the Left, its the same thing, Southern Whites who were bigoted towards Chester Arthur for an Irish born father.  (Although of Scottish ancestry.)


==Tuesday morning 850 AM

The show said the Poles mined coal in Poland but came to the US.  Many wanted to return to Poland in 5 years and buy a farm there.  Thus they chose to work in a mine run by Anglo Saxons here as opposed to run by Poles in Poland.  Evidently the mines here paid more.  Usually that indicates safety is higher too, because if workers are paid more it indicates they are more valuable.  Since Poland had more surplus labor for mine work its likely that safety was less there than here.  Freedom was more here than Poland.

So Poles got paid more, better safety and likely working conditions, and had more freedom from Anglo Saxons than from Poles in their own country.   So how is that racist by Anglo Saxons?  The Poles on the show were prompted to have grievances against Anglo Saxons.   The show tried to find people feeling grievances and then tried to prompt that grievance.  Even with all that, the Poles on the show didn’t seem to have that much grievance against Anglos Saxons.  I think they knew that coming to America was the best thing that happened to them.

The same pattern is true for every group coming here except one.   Group X comes here and is paid more money than by X elites in their own country.    So Anglo elites treat Xers better than X elites treat Xers.  So there is no reason to have a racial grievance against Anglos.  The group this is not true of is Jews.  Jews didn’t come from countries run by Jews who treated them worse than Anglos here.  Jews came from countries run by non-Jews to a country run by non-Jews.  So Jews could resent the elites in both country and consider them the same.

Poles and other non-Jewish groups couldn’t do that.  The Anglos here treated them better than their own elites did back in their own country.  So there is no reason for Poles or Italians to have a grievance.

An exception to this rule is Catholic Irish.  Ireland was run by Anglos and America by the same Anglos was a possible view for them.  So they could have a unique grievance against Anglos.  We see that in the Kennedys and their support for immigration.

Ted Sorensen, Sorehead he should be called, likely recognized this very pattern and used it to develop that grievance in John F. Kennedy.  Sorensen wrote Nation of Immigrants and Kennedy was the putative author is the likely scenario.  Sorensen exploited this grievance to get John F. Kennedy to push immigration, especially non-white immigration.  Ted Sorensen did intend to take this country away from non-Jewish whites and he saw the Kennedys as a way to do it.

Sorensen likely had a role in affirmative action as well as other uncivil rights laws to prevent association by whites.  He was the one who understood that it was the associations of the Anglos in the colonies that led to the Revolution and was the basis of their keeping the country.  He wanted to take away their Harvards down to their local country clubs and businesses and thereby take the country from them and make them unable to organize for their own survival. Then the immigraiton would finish them off.


12 Responses to “PBS The Extraordinary Journey celebrates ethnic cleansing”

  1. Hal K Says:

    Old Atlantic:

    Have you become more strident about the Jews in recent months?

    Jews are unlike any other racial or ethnic group that non-Jewish whites are dealing with, because of their high IQs and their determination to remain separate. Still, I think that anti-Semites overstate their case. Whites have to start speaking out openly for their own interests as whites. Trying to lay the blame on any particular race or ethnic group has to take a back seat, in my opinion.

  2. Old Atlantic Says:

    I have written more about Jews its true recently. Partly there is the enormous fear factor in speaking out about them. If one does it once or twice and survives, then one starts to lose the fear. This is one reason, there is so much bullying when one does speak out, either from those afraid in one’s own group or from others.

    Part of it though is the data on students at Harvard and Stanford and similar things. The results are in so to speak at Harvard. Jews 100 years ago were limited in number and complained. Now a century later, Founding Stock Americans are down to a tiny minority. This is the score of the game, which in effect is almost over unless we speak up.

    Having had such a victory, Jews, especially elite Jews will not give up without being confronted with this data. If we can’t speak up on data like this, then we really are incapable of advocating for ourselves in any meaningful way.

    Acts and results of acts have to bring with them moral accountability. Jews are the clear winners at Harvard from slicing out whites from the bottom and top, bringing in Asians to help at the top. This is in government as well, such as Sotomayor and even Obama. There is a slicer coalition of blacks, Hispanics, Asians and Jews that has taken control of Harvard and much of government.

    This slicer coalition promotes policies and specific prejudicial actions in particular cases to harm non Jewish whites. Other groups can speak up when this happens to them and pin blame on those doing it. Why can’t we? Because the slicer coalition says we can’t. When will they say we can? The affirmative action coalition is becoming stronger and more open in moving against us.

    The stridency against Southern Whites like Joe Wilson and Virgil Goode is more open. Actblue helped defeat Goode. When do we speak up about that? If not the year following when it happened?

    The time to speak up about this is now when its happening. Otherwise we show our own fear is what controls us. That is to lose with certainty. The blog movement has to show we can move forward and make our claims despite our fears, which are real.

    When whites speak out they have to pin actions to actors. What is happening to us now is not actorless. We have to hold those who advocate or support what is happening to us to account. If we can’t do that, we are less than all the other groups, who openly point out who is harming them.

    Jews are the leader more and more of the anti-white coalition. Its not blacks and Hispanics who lead it. Its not Asians. That leaves Jews. So we need to confront them with their behavior and ask them to account for what they advocate and do. If we can’t ask them to account for their actions and positions, then we are cowards who really do deserve to lose our country and our existence. There is no other choice. We are more and more up against the wall with time running out. Jews and the non-white coalition know that.

    We have to speak openly and confront them with what they are doing, genociding us and taking our country from us to hurt us and extinguish us. We also have to speak to our own openly about what is happening to us instead of telling our own to be frightened and walk in fear and not talk back. I’ve decided that is not the path for me. While we can speak up we should do so and we should pin squarely the blame where it lies.

    Its time to pin the truth on the door of the establishment. Its no longer time for the Summer Patriot, we are facing our Valley Forge. We have to declare our position openly to a candid world like our Southern White Birther Bigot ancestors did in that hot summer in Philadelphia of 1776.

    Philadelphia is no longer one of our cities. When do we speak up about that? Who Whom. Who has to be silent about whom answers those questions best of all.

    If there is any doubt about who is doing what to whom, ask who has to be silent about whom. Then start speaking up. If you desire security at the expense of freedom you shall have neither. That is clearly what has gotten us here in the last 50 to 100 years.

  3. oldatlantic Says:

    Look at the stats on Harvard and Stanford. Look at the theorem that immigration is ethnic cleansing. Look at the 12 Jewish senators who have votes below C for the most part at NumbersUSA.

    Why do they get to attack birthers as Southern White bigots?


    Why do they get to attack Joe Wilson’s constituents?

    Rick Horowitz: Joe Wilson: Just Another Heckler in the Crowd

    ” Once you’ve spent day after day among the constituents — hearing the president being called a Nazi, a commie, a socialist tool, a terrorist mole — calling Barack Obama a liar must have seemed almost quaint.”

    Why are we supposed to be afraid to speak back about this? He is calling Southern Whites names to justify their ethnic cleansing. Why do Jews get to attack Southern whites on TV and in the movies and in newspapers and in Congress and everywhere, while we are not supposed to talk back when they do? How did this happen? Because we were cowards. They know it too.

    Bullies don’t stop when they know you are frightened of them. We have to confront them with their behavior and their moral accountability for what they advocate, which is genetic extinction of us as the theorem says.

  4. oldatlantic Says:

    The Left including elite Leftist Jews insist on a monopoly of hate. They encourage their group to say anything that pops into their heads about us. They treat us as trash and say it openly. They pour out hate against Sarah Palin or Virgil Goode or Joe Wilson that goes on for days.

    Obama intended to start such a wave of hate on the white cop in Cambridge. Obama likely instigated the hate against Sarah Palin from Daily Kos. This time, we stood up with our own and held Obama accountable. The outcome was different.

    We are not responsible if we let the open hate of Southern Whites go unanswered. We have to point out who is doing it, that is is racial animosity, that its long lived, and that its used intentionally to justify our ethnic cleansing by legal immigration, affirmative action and by prejudicial treatment of Southern Whites in particular by government, universities, industry and others. That includes the ethnic cleansing of non Jewish whites from Harvard.

  5. Hal K Says:

    Perhaps you are right in some ways. If being white can be made a liability for white conservatives, then why can’t being Jewish be a liability for Jewish liberals? All things being equal, there is no reason. I don’t necessarily agree that all things are equal, though. There is a bloodless genocide of whites taking place, but it is very difficult to get most whites to see things in these terms. There is little disagreement about what happened to the Jews during WWII, on the other hand.

    The displacement of non-Jewish whites from the Ivy League was not a deliberate act. It is an indirect consequence of various factors at work: the high IQ of Jews, affirmative action, and immigration of Asians. For this reason, I do not think it is exactly fair to try to blame Jews for pushing whites out of Harvard.

    At the same time, the current situation with admissions to elite schools is manifestly unfair. It is heads they win, tails we lose. As you have said, blacks and Hispanics get affirmative action, and non-Jewish whites don’t. I would be in favor of some sort of non-Jewish white advocacy in this area. Either preferential admission for blacks and Hispanics has to be ended, or non-Jewish whites have to start being given the same breaks as blacks and Hispanics.

  6. Old Atlantic Says:

    I appreciate your thoughtful comments. I would not phrase it make Jewish being a liability for Jewish liberals. I phrase it holding them accountable for what they advocate and confronting them with the consequences of what they advocate. I would say its right and proper to confront a person one dialogues with such as a liberal Jew with the consequences of their positions.

    I also think they are part of the ethnic cleansing in academia and Harvard. They also were instrumental in bringing Asians. That didn’t happen. Chinese were brought as Communist spies in physics in the 1930’s including Huanwu Peng and Cheng Kaijia, both assistants to Max Born. He also had Kun Huang, Infeld and Oppenheimer.


    “and obtained a PhD in 1948 (advisor: Max Born). ”

    “Cheng returned to China in 1950. He was an associate professor at Zhejiang University, he then went to Nanjing, where he became an associate professor in Nanjing University, and was later promoted to full professorship.

    Cheng was a pioneer of Chinese nuclear technology and played an important role in the development of the first Chinese atomic bomb. He first calculated out the inner temperature and pressure for an antomic bomb blast in China. His calculation was an extremely heavy task and nearly manual, because during that time China didn’t have any computer or less calculator. He also solved the mechanism of the inner explosion, which could support the design of the bomb. He was the chief director for many nuclear weapon test fields/bases and their explosion processes. [2]”


    “leader of Chinese nuclear weaponry projects.”

    “In 1938, Peng was enrolled in foreign study program and went to study at University of Edinburgh in Britain, and worked with prominent physicist Max Born. ”

    Klaus Fuchs was a Max Born assistant arrested in 1950 for passing atomic secrets to Russia. But he also likely passed them to Chinese physicists in the UK who passed the technical info to China and Russia.

    The reason China didn’t give credit to Peng and Cheng for atomic work until very recently was that scientists like Hans Bethe were still alive until recently. The US academic elite brought Chinese and other non-whites here in physics to keep this under wraps and its still an ongoing issue.

    The federal contracting laws make companies hire Chinese spies in effect.

    “Chinese Spies May Have Put Chips In US Planes : Homeland Security News
    Apr 18, 2009 … Chinese cyber spies have penetrated so deep into the US system … of the art,” said National Counterintelligence Executive, Joel Brenner, …
    http://www.nationalterroralert.com/…/chinese-spies-may-have-put-chips-in-us-planes/ – Cached – Similar”

    Search Chinese spies Joel Brenner.

    The university physics and engineering departments know what is going on and are helping Chinese spies have bases. So are even business schools and now its spreading to law schools.

    Chinese get a bachelors in China, then a Ph.D. from Stanford and then a JD from Harvard. Then they move into high level positions in industry or academia to bring in more like them. They have extensive files on misconduct in academia and industry as Brenner has pointed out in other talks. See my posts
    on Russia plagiarism files. The Chinese have been involved in blackmail of scientists in the West with the Russians since the 1930’s.

  7. oldatlantic Says:

    Bethe was the boss of Fuchs. Bethe didn’t tell info to the FBI after FBI was arrested or during the Oppenheimer Security Clearance Hearing in spring 1954 about Russia using these methods. The Chinese here were already part of it then. They were meant to be not treated as spies for Russia when in fact they were.

    Oppenheimer was Bethe’s boss at Los Alamos and Oppenheimer got his Ph.D. from Max Born. All told, Max Born had 3 Chinese, 1 German and 1 Jewish assistant or student who went to the Communist Zones or were arrested for spying after Jan 1950 when Fuchs was arrested or in one case was there already. He also had Oppenheimer who lost his security clearance. Fuchs later went to East Germany and later gave help to the Chinese who met with him there.


    “”I read this report in an unclassified publication, that this meeting took place shortly after Fuchs returned to East Germany. Fuchs gave Qian information that greatly assisted the Chinese program.” Also see http://www.oldatlanticlighthouse.wordpress.com/category/klaus-fuchs.) During those long summer days of 1959, Fuchs gave Qian a full tutorial on the design and operation of Fat Man. In all likelihood, he also added his thoughts on the role of radiation pressure in thermonuclear weapons. ”

    Reed is a former weapons designer for the US and Sec of Air Force.

  8. Hal K Says:

    It is insane to hire foreigners to do sensitive national defense related work for us when they keep spying on us. A rhetorical question would be, where does this pathology come from? Is it something that is within the non-Jewish whites, or have we been pushed and coaxed into it by Jews and nonwhites? I think it is a combination of both.

  9. oldatlantic Says:

    Hal K, I agree. The universities as legal entities also have been afraid of being held to account for this long history. “We” have been making the same mistake since the 1930’s and 1940’s. So you have to ask, who is “We” making this same mistake over and over? And now its much worse. I agree with your conclusion.

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