In Obama’s time, every month is the start of post racialism

September 16, 2009

Obama was elected in Nov 2008.   He celebrated by giving McCain the finger around that time, just before or after.  In September, he had called Palin a pig on video.  Earlier he had given the finger to Hillary.  This is just how Obama behaves.  He just can’t keep it down.

In his administration, we get the same interruptions.  The white cop attack.  That was meant to signal a wave of hate on Crowley. But it didn’t take.

The ever present attacks on Birthers for asking for his birth certificate.   They are called Southern White Bigots.  They are called not accepting.

Jimmy Carter tells us they can’t accept a black president, because their identity is feeling superior to blacks.  Like on that school bus.  Like when getting an award.

But the reality that Carter won’t accept is black inferiority is innate.  It is part of the plan.  Jimmy better watch who he calls a bigot on that one.

Now, we have Joe Wilson.  Obama continues his attack on Sarah Palin that he instigated last fall.  Palin has pointed out that Obamacare is early death for whites because there is no more money to pay for more people getting health care.  Rhetoric on death panels aside, this is the reality of Obamacare.  It also means affirmative action occupied government deciding who gets care.

So the black caucus in Congress, among the most corrupt in the land, then wants a resolution against Joe Wilson. Carter then ups and says, hatefest by Wilson and the other Southern white bigots who can’t accept that Obama is president.  Carter talks about still distance to overcome and other nonsense.

The white race did overcome that distance.  Its called evolution. Its already happened.  News for liberals.  Blacks missed that bus.   The evolution bus didn’t stop for them to get on.  They are left in the dust of evolution.

Whites in the conditions of the North developed unique genes.  Those make them different and superior to blacks.  It is scientific fact.  Its time to accept that as true.  Morality is doing what should be done based on the truth.

If it takes a lie repeated over and over, then its not morality.  If the lie is repeated every time a white is pushed around by blacks or raped or killed, then its not a moral lie.  Its an evil lie. That is the lie of liberalism. That is the lie of Carter. That is the lie of Obama.  That is the lie of the Democrats in Congress.  Half the time its the lie of the Republican leadership.

If we tell the lie, we will die by the lie.  Our civilization will die by the lie.  White people will suffer by the lie.

The lie ate South Africa.  Now whites suffer in South Africa.  Carter and Obama applaud that.  That shows they take ownership in it.  That shows they intend it here.

If you want to live, you have to speak up against the lie.  That means being called a racist.  But that is the price of life.

The real racism is saying the white race is at the level of the black race.  That is racism against the white race.  Its used to justify the uncivil rights laws that lead to ethnic cleansing of whites in South Africa, the South Side of Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore and Philadelphia.  If we want our being ethnic cleansed to end, we have to speak up and tell the truth. We have to demand separation.  Its our civil right and we demand it.


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