Black violence in de-segregated schools

September 17, 2009

Prof. Nicholas Stix – 8/26/2008

Had Malkin taken the trouble to read my chapter on education in the National Policy Institute’s report, The State of White America-2007 (get a free download here), on which I was honored to serve as project director, she would know that white teachers in “urban” school districts are routinely showered with racial epithets and assaulted by racist black students, who are encouraged in such vicious, criminal behavior by black “educators,” from teacher’s aides to district superintendents, not to mention by their families.

Two extraordinary white teachers, Barry Grunow and Jonathan Levin, were rewarded for their dedication by being murdered by black students. White female teachers, whom I’ll address in a separate report, are being raped by black boys. And it is not teachers in general who are taught that they have no right to assert authority in the classroom. Black and Hispanic teachers, no matter how racist and incompetent they are, are encouraged to assert themselves, while white teachers, no matter how gifted and dedicated, are harassed and beaten down. Indeed, teacher education programs and public education conferences today are little more than diversity training programs; i.e., exercises in anti-white racism.

black violence schools

Barry Grunow and Jonathan Levin

Article: Violence-related behaviors among high school students–United States, 1991-2003.(Special Report)

Article from:
Journal of School Health
Article date:
March 1, 2005
// Brener, N.; Lowry R.; Barrios, L.; Simon, T.; Eaton, D.


A 2003 survey determined that one in ten high school students were threatened at school, indicating the need to improve safety in this environment.

David Duke covers double standards in schools that can promote violence against whites.

Stories of black on white violence

Amren articles

51,000 students stayed away from school in LA because of fear of Cinco de Mayo black white violence in LA schools.

Steven Nary is a related case of ignoring violence against white youth or taking the side of Hispanics or blacks against whites.

Rush Limbaugh has called for de-de-segregated buses.  Nicholas Stix has documented the need for de-de-segregated schools.


In a real sense, pre- Brown segregated schools were better educational institutions for Black children than present day “desegregated” schools.

For whites it is self-evident.

“desegregated schools” “black violence”


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