Rush Limbaugh de-de-segregated buses no child in fear

September 17, 2009

Rush is right, segregated buses are a civil right of white children.  The following comment was posted at Raw Story and then replied to and then deleted by Raw.

Comment I submitted to Raw:

Let little white children be free at last from being beaten and going to school in fear.  Libs can’t stand the thought of that.  Why?

Two answered it including Savanster, a regular commenter there.  Another Savanster comment:

“Fear of a Brown Planet., ”

and isn’t it interesting that we started as a species as a brown species.. Time spent hiding in caves and in buildings to avoid the cold is what turned some white.. a genetic tweak that allows for more readily absorbing the sun’s Vitamin D creating rays during the limited time we have in the sun living in winter climes.

Going back to brown is kind of inevitable. Not sure why so many people fight that, or care. Your skin color doesn’t define you, your behavior does.

This is advocacy of genocide.  Why is this not removed but the comment above removed?

Notice how they admit that busing and desegregation are part of a program of genocide and ethnic cleansing?  They do intend to leave their mark on whites, literally, to change their color.  This is hate.

From Kids on Bus to Kanye West: Race Rules All in Obama’s America September 15, 2009″


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