Rush Limbaugh right segregated buses civil right

September 17, 2009

Rush Limbaugh is right.  We need de-de-segregated buses by race.  It is a civil right of whites.  Its due to them under existing law and the Constitution.  Whites have a civil right to segregated buses.  This is because over 150 years of empircal fact show that blacks attack whites without reason and ethnically cleanse them.

Comment I submitted to Raw:

Let little white children be free at last from being beaten and going to school in fear.  Libs can’t stand the thought of that.  Why?

How long until the Left calls this the macaca moment?

Rush Limbaugh buses desegregated “macaca moment”

Has not yet arrived but won’t be long.

50 years was long enough for Brown v Board to determine segregated schools were not equal.  They came to the wrong conclusion.  Its blacks who are different. But we have over 100 years of evidence of black on white violence and ethnic cleansing.  Blacks attack whites by their nature.   Blacks are more violent by nature.  When whites are around, that is turned on whites.

Racial differences exist, with blacks disproportionately represented among homicide victims and offenders”

Why doesn’t the Left claim that BJS has had a macaca moment?

That it turned on whites when whites are around.

Steve Sailer had a similar comment on 50 years was seen as long enough for empirical experience in Brown but my Internet search didn’t find it.

I was thinking this morning before reading Rush had said this to write my Senator or Congressman asking for this and admitting I was one lone voice.  Then I read Rush had said it.  That was a surprise.  This is main stream conservatism speaking up for whites on race and proposing to do something to stop the beatings we get from blacks.

Auster on Carter

Dems distance selves from Carter

When I heard Rush had called for segregated buses, I thought the revolution may have started.  This may be the shot heard round the world.  This may be the start of whites speaking up for whites.  Many have helped lay the ground work for this.  Many who are not mentionable, which dear reader includes you and I.  But that may be now changing. may move up to respectable conservatism.

Little white children should not be beaten or fear being beaten.  Big white men need to start speaking up and saying that. We are cowards if we don’t.  If we let white children be beaten and live in fear, then we are not men.

Rush Limbaugh is a man.  Speaking truth to libs on race and asking for what is really needed, not something that just slows down it getting worse.  Hail Rush.

Rush is already being called KKK

Go to Rush’s site and look at the video of the school bus beating.  Who is KKK?  The black kids may do the hitting, but the white libs do the hating.  The blacks are just an instrumentality of the hatred of white libs like Jimmy Carter.

Video at Fox

The libs reporting on this story don’t seem to link to this video. Why? Because they want white kids to go to school in fear.  Forever.  Or until they don’t exist.  They want the emotional scar of going to school in fear to be with white kids for the rest of their life.  Libs like Carter want to leave their mark on these children.  Just like the black kids want them to live in fear of being around or near blacks.  Its called ethnic cleansing.  They don’t want whites to be able to come into their areas.  That includes their buses.

RUSH: We need segregated buses. It was invading of space and so forth.  This is Obama’s America.”

The white akawening is going main stream.  This is a new birth of white freedom.  This is 1776.  This is the Minute Man Moment.   This is Lexington.


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