Southern white males must lead world back to truth on race

September 22, 2009

Southern white men must lead the world.  Only they can restore balance and truth to the relation between the races.  They understand the truth about race and can act on it. The great men of organizing human society in the last two centuries were Southern white men.  They must lead again for the white race to survive and recover its place.

One reason the French are for white suicide is because the Anglo Saxons became the leaders of the White West.  If the French couldn’t lead the White West and the White Race then they wanted to lead its destruction.  This attitude is in the Irish too, who are even more focused on bringing down the Anglo Saxons.   The Kennedys were motivated by this and Ted Sorensen (Sorehead Sorensen) played on this in Nation of Immigration and the Uncivil Rights Act.

Southern Whites have to lead for other whites to follow.  This is the start of the restoration of our race and of our country and of the White West.  It is a great destiny.  But the challenge of history must be taken up for the White West to survive.

Why Southern White Males?  Because they have the sense of being a people who have a destiny and that they don’t have an obligation to be ruled by other races.  Other whites in America do not have this feeling in the same way or developed to the same extent.

The challenge to Obama to produce his birth certificate is strongest in the Southern Whites as the Left has itself pointed out.  The Left most attacks the Southern White Male because it senses, in fact it knows, that the Southern White Male is their natural enemy and their greatest threat.

This is because the Southern White Male, except for Jimmy Carter and Lindsey Graham, does not accept the liberal mind job on whites. To the Left, White Guilt is the beginning of all wisdom.  To Southern Whites, its the end of all civilization.  To Southern Whites, the survival of the white race is the begining of practical wisdom about race in our age.  They know this is the basic principle of race.  So let the Southern White Male rise up and lead.  They have nothing to lose but Jimmy Carter and Lindsey Graham and SPLC’s endless lies and hate played over and over.

The Southern White Male can and must lead the white race back from the brink.  It his nature and destiny to lead.  It is a long tradition going back to Washington and Jefferson and before.  We need a new birth of Southern White leadership for the white nation and white race to survive.  Let the word go out that the Southern White Male has rejected the chains of Leftism and the mark of Marxism both of which he never wore or accepted.  Let white freedom ring.


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Well there is now.  (And why is it no surprise no such results are found?)

Others may give their all.  The Southern White Male can not do it alone.   Whites can’t wait around for other whites to save them.   They must take inspiration from the Southern White Male and his refusal to bow to liberalism.  But they must fight with all they have if whites are to survive and keep control of their own lands and their own destiny.

White children must not live in fear in lands controlled by non-whites. All whites must dedicate themselves to this basic proposition.  This is what Southern Whites have fought for and understand.  This is the true birth of awareness needed for whites.  They must not apologize for it in the past and must work to preserve it in the present so that it will not perish from the future.

How do we know Southern White Men must lead our race to its rightful place?  Because of the attacks of the Left on the Southern White Male.  Because of the walls of hate against Southern White Men like George Allen, Virgil Goode, Franklin Graham and Joe Wilson.  These go back generations.  The Left hates the determined Southern White Male like no other.

Macaca Moment they cry when a Southern White Male declares he will not retreat.  The moment we stand and fight is what they call the Macaca Moment.  So let this be the permanent Macaca Moment.   Its like the Permanent Revolution of the Left. We need the Permanent Macaca Moment of the White Race.  Let us not shirk and flee in fear but turn, stand and fight.

Only when we stand in the Permanent Macaca Moment can we have a chance to be free and to survive.  You can not be free if you don’t survive.  The Left knows that. They hate us for our freedom and our existence.  Above all they hate the Southern White Male who does not accept liberalism at all and rejects it totally.

The SWM belives in the survival of white civilization led by whites, controlled by whites, and with safety for all whites.  They believe in white lands where white children and women do not live in perpetual fear of non-white violence and misrule.  This is what the white man must strive for and never in his heart doubt is the true promised land of the white race.  Working to deliver that promise is the highest calling of the white man.

Free white lands are what the Southern White Male knows in his heart.  That is why the Leftist hates him, because he knows the SWM’s have the ability to make it come to pass.

The Left rejects white children and women living in safety and being able to go on their own without fear.  The Left hates that and will not tolerate it.  Southern White Men know that and reject Leftism for that reason alone. The Left knows that and hates them for it.

Southern White Pride.  The very phrase evokes shrieks of hate from the Left and cries of Macaca Moment.  That is why we must not step back from it.  We must embrace Southern White Pride and insist on Southern White Civil Rights including freedom of association and freedom from fear of the non-white on the street or in government.  That is why we need separation.  That is why we must uphold our own values and our own truth and not accept that of the Left.


2 Responses to “Southern white males must lead world back to truth on race”

  1. xenlogic Says:

    So, this is what the Tea Party movement really means when they keep saying that they want their country back. Thanks for clearing that up. Now I know for certain that the movement is inescapably racist. Have a great day!

  2. Alamanach Says:

    Well now wait a minute, where did he say anything about the Tea Party?

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