Joe Scarborough is new Charles Johnson LGF purger

September 23, 2009

Joe Scarborough is the latest self-appointed purger of the right.  He is following in the footsteps of Charles Johnson of LGF.  Charles Johnson followed in the footsteps of Bill Buckley.   Purging the right for speaking up for whites is neoconism.  Scarborough is a neocon not a conservative.

“conservative honor roll” Scarborough

Many conservatives agree with Glen Beck on one or more points that Scarborough declares forbidden-thoughts.  This conservative stands with Glen Back not the new purger.  If Scarborough wants to be a HuffPo Democrat in Republican garments I will not be fooled.

Scarborough is saying that the Left decides what we can say and what we can think.  That is why McCain lost.  That is why we have a set of losers for Republican nominee for president.  At this time, I am planning to vote 3rd party for president in the next election.

Scarborough Behavior is why we have mass 3rd world immigration.  Has Scarborough said stop all immigration?  Or does Scarborough support replacement immigration?

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

Scarborough behavior is why we have affirmative action even for immigrants.  The rules at Department of Labor for affirmative action hiring are an intolerable burden on business.  This turns business into a maze of rules instead of what it should be, people working together by voluntary choice to do tasks that mutually enrich them.  Scarborough’s World is a world of fear and cowardice for whites.  Scarboroughism is not a system whites can live in, only one they can suffer in.   Purging other whites for speaking out about what is done to us is despicable.


Whites need to speak out. We need to help each other speak out.  If some say more than we dare, we should not attack them for it, but admire them for it.

Yes we feel fear.  But we need to speak out anyhow.  We are being  genocided.  The theorem above says so.  Affirmative action, Department of Labor regulations, etc. are all genocide of whites.

The non-whites profiting from this need to be held to account.  So should whites who support it. That includes ethnic groups or immigrant groups that support it.  They need to be confronted with their behavior and asked to stop.  You can’t ask them to stop if you are afraid to say they are doing it and profiting from it.  They aren’t going to stop profiting unless confronted that they are intentionally doing this to profit from it.

We need to shake off the gags on our free speech.  You do that by speaking out.  You have to speak out more.  Encourage other whites who go a step further.

Scotchfiend pointed out we have to tolerate other whites who are still on “training wheels”.  That is right.  In a sense, we all are.

That means we all have to pick ourselves up when we fall down and keep on going forward.  Every white should decide not to go backwards in speaking out about what is done to us.  Once we go a certain distance to say what is being done to us and who is doing it and confronting them, we should not step back.  We should not attack other whites for going farther than us.

The theorem says we are being genocided.  Look at the theorem. When you feel fear, look at the theorem.  The theorem says we are being genocided right now by immigration, affirmative action for immigrants and those born here, etc.

Not speaking out isn’t safety, its certain extinction.  Don’t backtrack.  Don’t attack other whites further along than you.  Take a step to follow them.  Encourage them.  This is a journey of many small steps.  We can only get to the destination of white lands for white people where whites live the way they want if we pick up the pace.  The future of our survival is right now.  We can’t wait until tomorrow to speak out.  Those ahead of us we must support even if we are afraid.  Conquering our inner fear is the real obstacle to our survival.

Once whites are united and determined to survive as whites in white lands we are certain to prevail.  This is the real fight right now for our survival.  The left knows it.  That is why they fight us every way they can. That is why we must not attack our own who are farther out ahead than we feel comfortable.

We all feel uncomfortable.  We are speaking out because we have to.  We see the reality and we have to to survive.  White life will find a way. It is now.  This is something happening.  Let it.  Be part of it.   Feel it and transmit it. That is how we can make up the distance.  We have to be a positive feedback loop in our own group to have our awakening in time to act on it.


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