Decadent Britain’s idea of maintaining tradition

September 26, 2009

“Some of the bizarre ways the owners of our grandest houses are surviving”

Charlotte Hunt-Grubbe

The British elite spend their time renting stately homes for decadent parties.  This is what they do while letting in the riffraff of the world to inherit the land.  They call the BNP bigots while they engage in the worst decadence of lewd parties.  They are not worthy to be leaders of anything.

Anyone afraid to vote BNP should read this article closely.  These are the people calling BNP members bigots.  These are the people who say England belongs to the Muslims and non-whites not to the actual ethnic British people.  These are the people who say British is not an ethnic group.  These people should be put in prison not those telling the truth about what is happening.

The people hosting and participating in these lewd parties are the ones running the financial system.  They let it go bankrupt through carelessness, greed and indifference.  Its the same way they let England be taken over and the real English genocided by non-whites.  Their greed, carelessness and indifference.

We can add a new reason why the financial, media and political elite hate us.  We have morality and they don’t.  They are decadent sleeze who have no purpose in life.  They delight in destroying our civilization and us.  Calling us bigot is just part of the same game.  When we think its true they laugh at us as double fools.

They give away our lands because they can just like they steal our money because they can.  Labour took away British freedoms and gutted the House of Lords because they could.  They ruled as a minority party.   Tony Blair takes cash from the same scum at these parties as part of their crimes against humanity.

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

They steal from banks by their bonuses in times of bankruptcy. Taking a bonus when a bank gets a bailout is theft.  They are engaging in every form of evil including theft, genocide and false witness.  When they call us bigots for objecting to their stealing our land they bear false witness by calling us bigots.

They are the evil of history.  Their genocide shows it.  Their lies about immigration show it.  Their stealing money from banks shows it.  They should be prosecuted for the bankrupting of the banks.

They charge excessive fees to the people whose jobs and future they take.  They laugh at them.  They call them bigots and other names.  They put them down as not human.  All the time they engage in decadent and depraved behavior.  They destroy the values built up by religion and education over millenia. They throw it all away and call those they harm and steal from bigot.

Don’t be frightened into silence by scum like these.  The current rulers of the UK are the most depraved rulers ever to rule it in history.  They are the lowest that ever been over the British people.  They are the moral criminals of all time.

Destroying us is how they justify their stealing and decadence. Their moral depravity is so great they have to call us bigot to have anything to feel good about themselves. They are depraved through and through. They hate good because they are evil.

They know they are truly evil. That is why they call us bigots and racists. That is why they try to destroy us. That is why they pursue genocide against. They pursue genocide as a thrill. Its the most evil crime in history.

Genocide of us and calling us bigot is an extension of the Leopold and Loeb thrill kill. Its what Kennedy did at Chappaquiddick. They enjoy taking our lands and making us live in fear of non-whites. For them its another adventure thrill.

They genocide us to feel superior to us. They genocide us to justify their stealing from us. They genocide us to justify their depraved parties. Their life is one depraved party. Genociding us is simply one of the amusements.

If you keep silent before such scum you are as low as they think we are. They think we are cowards. They call us cowards. They call us scum, racist and bigot. But they are the scum. They are the truly depraved. They are the ones without a country because they are without a soul. They sold it to the Devil. We should stop listening to them.

The press, the politicians, the legal community, the academics, the finance community are part of this decadence. They invade the wrong country and its the same as a decadent party. They let China take over our weapons labs and its the same. They let Pakistan sell nukes. They let someone be president whose father was not a US citizen ever. They violate all that is holy.

They take away the freedoms Britons fought for and steal their lands and money. To feel shame as a bigot for speaking up against it is like feeling like a bigot for speaking up against Leopold and Loeb to thrill kill you. It is worthy only of contempt.

Leopold and Loeb told lie after lie. The police could quickly tell they were lying. They thought they were so smart but their lies were obvious.

From Wiki

The friends were exceptionally intelligent. Nathan Leopold was an intellectual prodigy who spoke his first words at the age of four months.[citation needed] Leopold had already completed college, graduating Phi Beta Kappa and was attending law school at the University of Chicago.[2] He claimed to have studied 15 languages but in reality spoke four,[4] and was an expert ornithologist. Loeb was the youngest graduate in the history of the University of Michigan[2] and planned to enter the University of Chicago Law School after taking some post-graduate courses.[2] Leopold planned to transfer to Harvard Law School in September, after taking a trip to Europe.

Its the same about immigration. The elite lie to us just Leopold and Loeb. They take our cities and our universities away from us. They let people form other countries into our weapons labs. They just lie to us. They dare us to call them liars and traitors. Its just a decadent game to them.

Their intelligence doesn’t give them the right to take our universities and lands and give them to other peoples.  We are fools to let them do it.  To be afraid of being called bigot by these contemptible depraved scum and let them genocide us is to be all they call us to our face.

They don’t have the right to loot banks and corporations.  They don’t have the right to do any of the things they are doing.  They should have been prosecuted for their fraud in the bailout.  They showed the same arrogance in the bailout as in giving away our lands.  Its identical.  Its Leopold and Loeb complex.  Calling us bigot is just part of the same pattern.

The decadent British elite should go to prison for putting the BNP in prison. They are genociding the people.  Baroness Scotland is Attorney General.  Her very title is a sign of their contempt of us.,_Baroness_Scotland_of_Asthal

She has to bear the responsibility for putting British in prison for speaking out the truth.  She is part of genocide of the real ethnic British people.  She is the one along with Blair and Brown who should be in prison not those who spoke out on a website.  Don’t be silenced by these depraved criminals.  They have the title of Attorney General but they bring people here to terrorize us in ways large and small and to genocide us in the end.  They know that is what they are doing.

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

They know this just like Leopold and Loeb knew they were committing murder.  They knew it was against morality.  They did it as a thrill.  The Attorney Generals of the UK and US are doing it as a thrill too.

Eric Holder called us cowards as a thrill even as he let the Black Panthers off for their blocking whites from voting.

By Jerry Seper

Justice Department political appointees overruled career lawyers and ended a civil complaint accusing three members of the New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense of wielding a nightstick and intimidating voters at a Philadelphia polling place last Election Day, according to documents and interviews.

Its all part of the same depraved pattern for them.  Teddy Kennedy being buried at Arlington was meant as the same insult to us.  It was a lie for him to be buried there with heroes.  It is the lie that these people are morally superior to us.  They are not.  They are depraved genocidal criminals who engage in genocide of us as a thrill kill to prove their superiority even as they steal from us money and our lands and make us live in fear of their replacements.   Depravity is as depravity does.  Genocide is as genocide does.

Don’t be afraid to speak out by being called bigot or racist.  That is just part of their thrill kill of us.  So is taking away our health care and giving it the replacements.  Speak out.  Don’t be their silent victim.  It just spurs them on.  Its just a thrill game for them.  Speak out.

The pundits, the TV people of all kinds, and the politicians are just part of this thrill kill.  Don’t respect them.  They are scum.

Don’t worship them as giving us morality.  They are depraved.  They destroy morality by their depravity.  They legislate bailouts not morality.  They belong in prison and some of them end up there.  Speak out. Don’t be cowed by crooks.

Whittle and Sheppard were a thrill prosecution of the pure innocent just like Leopold and Loeb was killing an innocent person for the thrill.  Its part of the same thrill kill of us by immigration ethnic cleansing.  They are just decadent.  Don’t be cowed by them, speak up.  Say to stop all immigration and send the non-white immigrants home.  Bringing them here was just a decadent thrill kill game.  It deserves no respect at all. Don’t give it any.

When the PC pious say that we welcome immigrants, say no we don’t.  That bringing them here is a thrill kill crime against us the same as Leopold and Loeb.  Its the same as the thrill decadent parties.  Its the same thrill as looting the banks.  Its the same thrill as invading the wrong country after Saudi Arabia and Pakistan attack us.

Its the same thrill as calling Islam a religion of peace after it attacks us in a war lasting since the 7th century.  Its just a thrill game for them.  Being silent is being a chump.  Don’t say we welcome immigrants.  They are brought here to replace us and intimidate us and steal our jobs, universitity educations and then are put in power over us.  We don’t welcome them.  We ask them to leave.

Attorney Generals of the US and UK are thrill kill criminals.  They openly take our freedom and ethnically cleanse us. Their hiring rules are simply ethnic cleansing.  Their textbooks are the same thing.  They are open contemptible criminals.

Show the PC elites including neocon and  faux conservatives contempt openly.  Don’t give lip service to welcoming those they bring here to replace us.  Say they have to go back along with those who brought them.  Stick to it. Don’t back down to crooks and depraved thrill kill bank bailout thieves and liars. They are lying bullies. Stand up to them and don’t back down.

Leopold and Loeb were going to go to Harvard and University of Chicago Law Schools.  Obama went to Harvard Law School and taught at University of Chicago Law School.  His taking our health care and giving it to immigrants and their children is part of the same thrill kill of us as Leopold and Loeb.  It is literally a thrill kill to take our health care and our families and give it to the replacement non-whites they brought here.  They have contempt for us. They won’t remember us. They will erase us.  They will replace our culture with their depraved culture.

Your sacrifice is for nothing.  Speak up.  Don’t back down.  If you do, come back and fight again. You will get knocked down.  As the saying is, its whether you get back up and keep fighting that matters.

Vince Lombardi didn’t go to depraved parties.  Don’t let those who do knock you down by calling you a bigot.  If they do, get up and keep fighting them.  Its only when you stay down and grovel to them that you lose your dignity and stop being a person of character.  Follow Enoch Powell not Tony Blair and Gordon Brown and the so-called Baroness Scotland.

In this game, winning is everything.   Its survival.  Its culture.  Its the rule of real law which punishes bank thieves not those who speak out.  Real law would have pursued the Black Panthers not put their equivalent into positions as White House czars.  Speak out.  Don’t be cowed by them.

Winning this game is everything.  This is the ball game for all the hopes and fears of all the years past and future.  Get up and keep fighting them.  We will take back our lands and we will have white lands for white people.

They have shown they will only use power to genocide us.  We must have the control over our own destiny from the hospitals we are born in to the hospitals we die in and all in-between including schools, textbooks, media, entertainment, hiring and the legal system.   Surrender is not an option its oblivion.

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

They are genociders.  They have shown their intentions.  They are engaged in total genocide of us.  They are the same as Leopold and Loeb.  We have to fight them back in the total war they are waging against us not welcome Muslims after 9/11 and lie that Islam is a religion of peace.  Bush lied.  Whites live in fear because of his not stopping Muslim immigration.  They want us to live in fear that is why they didn’t stop the immigration after 9/11.  They want to replace us.  That’s why they don’t stop the immigration with actual U-6 unemployment well over 15 percent.

They are genociding us.  That is the plan.  That is what they are. Don’t welcome those they bring to do it.  George Washington didn’t welcome the Hessian soldiers the British brought.  Don’t welcome the replacements and occupiers.

They are in occupation of Harvard, they didn’t create it and they don’t have a moral right to it.  We have to have our own universities.  We must take back the universities we founded from nothing.  They stole them from us to steal everything from us.  That is shown by Department of Labor hiring preferences for immigrants.  That is straight ethnic cleansing.

They took Harvard to lie to us and make us lie in schools.  Don’t repeat their lies except when you have to.  You can mouth the words as a tactic just as Muslims are taught to lie that they are loyal in taking the oath of citizen.  Just as Obama has lied about his citizenship status.  They lie because they are genociding us. They are at war with us and lie freely just as they call us bigots freely.  Its just war propaganda for them.  Don’t repeat it and don’t believe it.


Why are British homeowners in such financial trouble?  Part of the reason is the taxes they pay to support the immigrants they brought.  They give them health care and have to pay for it.  Another part is that immigrants have taken many of the good jobs in financial services.  They then steal and take advantage of every opportunity without any conscience.

New York City has been ridden by immigrant gangs since the return of immigration from the Hart Cellar 1965 Immigration Act.    They despoil their own places.  They continue the immigration even when they live in fear of the immigrants and are crushed by taxes to support their medical care.  Yet they still bring them.  Even after 9/11 in New York. They do it for hate’s sake.  They do it for the thrill kill.

Like Leopold and Loeb they are easily caught out.  But they lie and continue to do it anyhow.  Don’t be cowed by them. Don’t repeat what they say. Don’t admire them.  They are liars and criminals.  The math says so.  They lie.  Don’t repeat the lies, repeat the theorems.  Repeat the facts of what is done to us.

The decadent parties should be called elite decadent parties.  The bank bailouts are elite bank bailouts.  Giving Harvard to immigrants is elite evil.  Making our schools hells is elite evil.  They started that in the 1960’s with busing and desegregation and have never stopped.

Ethnic cleansing hiring rules are elite evil.  Its the Leopold and Loeb Department of Labor.  Its the Leopold and Loeb Labour Party in power in the UK.  They trashed the UK Constitution and put people in prison for pointing it out.  They are occupiers. Don’t welcome their occupation troops.

They are not liberators they are occupiers.  We don’t welcome they we want them to leave.  They are brought here as occupiers and are not part of our people.  We have a government of occupiers.  We are under occupation by non-whites who use their power against us and to ultimately genocide us.

Reread the theorem.  That is the truth not the lies they make us repeat. Its not the lying advertisements that are the truth.  Its when they call us bigots that the truth is being spoken.  You can tell the truth has been spoken by an occupier or collaborator calling the person who said it a bigot or racist.

If you need courage, print out the theorem and carry it with you in a little piece of paper.  Or do it mentally.  That is the real truth of what the are doing to us.  They intend it because they keep doing it now that its obvious for all to see.  We have seen it on our TV screens on 9/11. We see it in our schools.

We hear the hate every day.  We feel it.  We live under it. They are here to occupy us.  Occupiers make you fear them.  Occupiers force you to hire against your will.  That is not what liberators or friends do.

The rules forcing us to hire them prove they are not here as friends.  The lies they tell and make us tell show they are not here as friends.  Don’t think they are.  They aren’t.  They are here to genetically replace us.

They get preferences over us in being hired. That shows they are occupiers not friends.  They have judges who hate us like Sotomayor. That shows they are occupiers. The theorem tells us they are genociders.

The ones who say they have to bring more non-whites because of their grandparents are saying they are occupiers. Why do they need more help against us unless they are here as occupiers?  Why do they need allies to fight us if they are our friends?  Why do they need to displace us from Harvard and the Supreme Court if they are really the same people as we are?

Why do they impose these rules on us?  Why do they settle their groups in our communities.  Why do they call us racist?  Why does their hiring always come first?  Why do they steal and loot during a financial crisis?  Why do they always lie to our face?  Why don’t they tell the truth about what they are doing to us?  Why do they threaten us if we don’t repeat their lies?

Stop doing it. Get off the floor because they have shoved you there.  Start talking back. Say the truth. They are here as occupiers and their words are full of hate and their acts are full of hate just like Leopold and Loeb.  They act like Leopold and Loeb and they are Leopold and Loeb.  Stop being afraid to think the truth. Stop being afraid to say the truth.

Its the theorem that says the act like Leopold and Loeb in bringing non-white immigrants. The theorem says that means the genes converge to the non-white genes.  They say they need to bring more non-whites.  The theorem says that is genocide.  They say they are smarter than us.  So they can’t plead ignorance. They know what they are doing.

Its the theorem that says they are Leopold and Loeb when they insist on bringing more non-white immigrants.   The theorem speaks the truth.  If you are religious, the theorem is God speaking.  Its telling us that those bringing the immigrants are breaking God’s law.   That is what Leopold and Loeb did in their thrill kill.

That is what those bringing the immigrants now are doing in their thrill kill of us.  It is the same crime with the same Satanic sense of self power awareness.  They do it to us because they can.  They do it to prove they can.  This is evil.  They are evil when they do it just like Leopold and Loeb.

They say we are Hitler.  They call us Nazi and racist and bigot.  But the theorem tells us they are the genocider. They are projecting their genocide on us the victim. They are projecting their emotions of hate on us the victim.  They are Leopold and Loeb.  If that sounds unfair think about it the next time they call one of us Hitler, Nazi or bigot for saying we have to stop immigration.

The theorem tells us if immigration is not shut down to zero, which is not 250,000 a year, its zero, then we go extinct.  The next time they call one of us Hitler, Nazi or bigot, remember that the truth is they are Leopold and Loeb in evil because the theorem tells us that the immigration they preach and call us bigot for opposing is genocide.

Remember the next time they call us bigot or Nazi or Hitler that they took bonuses during the bank bailout. They stole while calling us bigot and Nazi. Remember that.  That is self conscious lying and stealing and name calling to get away with the crime of genociding us by immigration. They are calling us bigot to say what is a theorem. That shows they know they are engaged in a crime just as they know they steal when they take bonuses during a bank bailout they caused by their greed and lies in the first place.

The money flowed all through financial services to bail them out through credit default swaps and loans and other financial contracts including the toxic mortgages of the non-whites they brought here to replace us.  They use that money to keep buying Congress. Lobbying is in full swing as is money.  They are liars to our face.

Don’t feel ashamed of honest feeling of anger that your land is being taken from you by these liars and bullies.  They bully us when they make us say we welcome these non-whites.  They bully us by rules that make us hire the non-white first over our own. Immigrants get immediate job preferences over our own.  Even though our own are out of work.  Those are the rules of occupiers and genociders and bullies.  Don’t admire bullies who are destroying you.

Baroness Scotland. The title itself is meant to make us repeat their lies. Her title is one of an occupier.  Her job as Attorney General is occupier.  The same with Eric Holder as Attorney General of the US. Don’t repeat their lies.  Don’t attack other whites who expose their lies and won’t repeat them.  Do what you can. Say what you can but don’t attack those who are saying more of the truth than you have courage to.  Emulate them.  Only then do you have dignity.


Some of the bailout money from the US Treasury and the British Treasury went to the banks and to AIG and then to London branches of AIG Financial Products and counter-parties in the US.  This money then went to bonuses in London.  That money was used to buy the equipment for the lewd parties in the article.  Thus US Treasury tax dollars in the bailout ended up buying this equipment for lewd parties in the UK.   Paulson and Bernanke said we had to spend it.  They said that was necessary to save the financial system so that companies that sell goods and services would not see a disruption in demand or have to lay off employees. Some of those companies were those who sell equipment and services for lews parties in the UK.  Just as Obama Summers Rahm Emanuel Axelrod stimulus money ended up in Communist China.

Wall Street and the City pay big bonuses not for selling treasury bonds and A bonds but for selling toxic waste structured products and credit default swaps.  Its product mis-selling that they pay big bucks for.  Its violating the know your customer rule to sell them what they shouldn’t have.  Its knowing how to dupe your customer with structured products and residential mortgages on 3rd worlders who won’t pay and credit default swaps backed without adequate capital.  That is what big bonuses are for.  Its not for selling A corporate bonds to customers who know what they are buying, unless they lie about the A rating as they did with Lehman Brothers up to the end.

When they say they need to pay the bonuses its to the people who engaged in the product mis-selling.  For them it was a game to cheat people during the bull market.  Now its a game to cheat the government in the bailout and still charge huge fees for this product mis-selling and for misrepresenting required capital and over leveraging.  All of that continues just as before.

The game of cheating customers during the bull market bubble and the games of decadence at the estate parties and the game of stealing our lands with 3rd world immigration which resulted in the mortgage defaults is the same great game to the investment banks.  Its the same game as Leopold and Loeb played.  Its the same people and the same victims.  They call us bigot as part of the game.

The people on TV, the politicians, the best selling authors, the big bucks speakers are all part of this same decadent set of interlinked games.  They are laughing at us at their decadent parties.  They call us bigot as a continuation of the same decadent parties.  They steal our money in the bailout as bonuses as part of the same decadent party games.

Pushing 3rd world immigration after these immigrants defaulted on the mortgages that went into structured products that produced the credit default swap failure to pay that brought down AIG and Lehman is part of the same game.  To them it shows how stupid and cowardly we are that they can continue to push the same immigration even after its cost us so much in the bailouts.  The policitians are the same.  That includes the Conservative Party and GOP party, not just Democrats, Labour and the Liberals.  Its all the same game.

Bin laden as a playboy playing terrorism is part of their extended 3rd world elite. They regard the bin Laden family as one of them and the people of their own race and ethnicity as not part of their group.  They regard us as a nation of fools.  They call us a nation of cowards to our face. The bailout was calling us chumps to our face.  They think we simply lack the fortitude to organize ourselves and take back our country.  So they will take it from us for all time to show us they are better than we are.

If we lack the capacity to speak out and organize and stop this and reverse it then they are better than we are and we deserve to lose it.  That is how they think.  Just as when they sell toxic structured products based on 3rd world residential mortgages and people buy it.  They consider those people chumps.  In their mind, if you can steal it and get away with it then the victim deserved it.  It proves they are superior.  That is how they think.

This is how DOJ-HQ in the US thinks.  Its how the Attorney General in the UK, Baroness Scotland thinks.  Its how the federal reserve and US treasury think.  Its how the British treasury think.  Its how the SEC thinks.  They think we are chumps and deserve to have them in on stealing our money and our lands and our future.  That includes stealing our health care now and giving it to the same 3rd worlders who didn’t pay their mortgages and just bet on the housing bubble and engaged in massive loan fraud.  Those are the ones they are going to give our health care to.  Its another laugh at us as the biggest chumps of history.  That is their attitude.  That is the attitude of Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, David Cameron, Baroness Scotland, Barack Obama, George Bush, Larry Summers, David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel, and the rest.


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