British court says Polanski can sail with young teens spoof

October 7, 2009

Roman Polanski applied to a Swiss court to get out of jail to join the youngest teen cruise around the world.

Just in — British court approves plan for Roman Polanski to sail around the world with young teens. Contest for youngest teen to sail with Roman Polanski.  Harvey Weinstein of Hollywood to produce the movie.  Hollywood big houses want to distribute.

Disney says out with that old white racist stuff that Walt Disney peddled.  In with our new Roman Polanski line of teen movies.  This is the real Disney.

Disney also announced plans to open the Roman Polanski Disney Hotel at National Harbour.  This can serve Congressmen and Senators as guests of Hollywood and Wall Street.  Jim Webb will shoot off the event with his gun.

The round the world Roman Polanski Lehman Brothers Teen Cruise will start from National Harbour.  Ted Kennedy’s drinking buddies will join.   Chris Dodd will join Polanski on the cruise.  Dodd said this gives a new meaning to his service.  Other senators are close to signing up for the service as well.   Cruise tickets to be available at the Kennedy grave site in Arlington starting at the price of a small house.

Mr Justice Eady:  Roman Polanski is the type of person we want sailing with young teens.  Its just American bigotry to think otherwise.  The Qaddafi teen tent contest is next. Fighting American bigotry is what British judges live for.  When I say British I include Pakistanis.

British judges that awarded damages to Polanski for libel are criticized properly here:


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