Ireland voted for wicked French Mitterand types to rule them

October 7, 2009

President Sarkozy’s new Culture Minister, Frédéric Mitterrand, was struggling to save his name and possibly his job tonight amid a storm over his past accounts of paying boys for sex.

The nephew of the late President Mitterrand, who is openly gay, was thrown on the defensive after opposition politicians homed in on memoirs in which he described his delight in visiting brothels in Bangkok.

“I got into the habit of paying for boys . . . The profusion of young, very attractive and immediately available boys put me in a state of desire that I no longer needed to restrain or hide,” he wrote.


From Vdare

3 October 2009

Bad news from Ireland

Apparently the Irish have been intimidated by current economic issues into voting away their sovereignty, reversing the courageous stand they took less than two years ago.

Ireland backs EU’s Lisbon Treaty BBC News Saturday 3 October 2009

Ireland chose to be ruled by perverts who think it would be great to bring boys from Bangkok so they can pay them for sex.  That is 3rd world immigration in a nutshell.  The EU rulers like Teddy Kennedy and Chris Dodd just want to make their abuse of the powerless easier by bringing them here and replacing us with them.


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