Katie Piper acid attacked by boyfriend Daniel Lynch

October 17, 2009


By Nicky Murfitt
Last updated at 10:43 PM on 17th October 2009

Katie Piper acid attacked by black boyfriend Daniel Lynch.  Katie Piper was lied to by popular entertainment and BBC and Tony Blair and David Cameron and Gordon Brown.  She was told it was racist not to date a black man.Found this at:http://newnation.org/





Only the BNP tells the truth of the political parties in the UK.  That is why its persecuted and prosecuted.

Posted this comment at following blog in an interesting comment thread.

Not all races are independently identically distributed. In fact, none are.  Those who bring the races already proven to be so violent should reasonably expect to be held accountable for it instead of calling people names for doing so.

Those who are intelligent and bring these people here from the 3rd world have to be held as knowingly evil.  Especially if they claim superior intelligence and morality.

Search “racial differences exist” and look at BJS DOJ website.


Those of superior intelligence and claimed superior morality who bring them here or advocate it and then call racist those who object before or after the attacks are showing their intent.  When they call us names for pointing out who supports this immigration they call us more names.   This shows they had the intent to do this all the time.

Her disfigured face and her terrible ordeal was intentional by those pushing it.  They are the ones lying in the MSM and in entertainment and in schools.  They are the ones who deceived this woman and many others about blacks and other 3rd worlders.  They laugh at these white women for believing it and call white men who point it out racist and bigot.

They have well funded organizations to then attack the men pointing it out, to silence them so that the rape and acid attacks on the white women will continue.  This group doesn’t care for us.  Its behavior shows whether it is good or evil.  This goes on and on and they react in these ways.  They dominate the media and popular entertainment.  They have taken ownership of this evil.   We have the right to separate from this group.

“racial differences exist”

Stefan Sylvestre threw the acid.  He looks South Asian.


Stormfront covers this but not the US MSM.


Why is it the MSM says we can’t link to Stormfront?

The bringing of 3rd worlders here and lying by popular entertainment is part of Generalized Genocide.  This is deliberate by those who claim superior intelligence gives them the right to run society and then they do this.



White minority at HarvardWhite minority at Harvard

(Note White minority at Harvard is not in the original but was entered as alternative to image in the form for inserting an image.)

Whites non Hispanic are 48 percent of Harvard undergraduates.  Subtract the 30 percent Jewish and you have 18 percent non-Jewish whites.



Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Jews and Muslims are the Slicer Coalition.  They are pushing Generalized Genocide of the white race.  This acid attack comes from their lies.  Next time you are afraid to say this or even think it, look at Katie Piper’s photos before and after.  Have the immigration advocates apologized and said immigration is wrong and they lied about race?  Or do they keep doing it after this?  After the white farm murders? After Detroit?  After the 420692 killed by blacks in the US from 1950 to 2000?


Fear of speaking out about who is doing this leads to more Katie Piper’s thinking they are racist not to date black men.

Bobby Jindal is another pushing that.


“Keith Bardwell, a white justice of the peace who refused to marry an interracial couple, said Saturday that he has no plans to resign.”

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has called for an investigation into the case.

“This is a clear violation of constitutional rights and federal and state law,” Jindal said late Friday.

The governor called on Bardwell’s actions to be fully reviewed by the Judiciary Commission and said “disciplinary action should be taken immediately – including the revoking of his license.”

Jindal is the one pushing the lies about 3rd worlders who acid attacked Katie Piper.  He is lying about the hate non-whites have for whites.  Jindal is saying whites who don’t vote for him are racist.  Jindal is calling the whites who resist this invasion racist.  Its the black and South Asian who did the acid attack on white Katie Piper who are racist.

Remember, the next time they call a white racist for speaking out that they are the ones lying to Katie Piper.  Jindal takes ownership of what happened to Katie Piper by his attack on the white justice of the peace.  Stop looking up to the Jindal types.  Or Michael Steele who is for affirmative action and legal immigration from the 3rd world, who is for more acid attacks on white Katie Pipers.  The white farm murders are bad enough in South Africa, we don’t need them here.  But that is what Jindal brings here.  That is what Steele brings here.  Stop supporting them.

The Slicer Coalition pushing 3rd world immigration at this point is coldly evil.  They know what they are doing but keep doing it.  They hate whites.  They mean to ethnically cleanse us.  They don’t consider us human.  They only think that of their own groups.  They are laughing at us.  They want this to happen because each time it does they call whites the real bigots and racists.

Those doing this and pushing immigration hate the truth.  Because the truth is they are doing this.  The truth is they are haters.  That is why they hate the truth.  That is why they react with shrieks and bullying when the truth is told of what they are doing and who is doing it.

Don’t give into hate.  That means don’t give into the groups pushing this.  Don’t give into their bullying.  Speak the truth about them.  Speak the truth about their hate.  That is what not giving into hate means.

They are practicing generalized genocide against whites.  Don’t give into hate means don’t give into generalized genocide.  It means don’t support any type of legal immigration.


Political Correctness about the non-white races lied Katie Piper into the war of the non-whites against the whites.  PC  lied Katie Piper into an acid attack.   She was left defenseless in a war that non-whites wage against whites.  This is a war where information is the first line of defense.  That information is knowing that there is this race war being waged on whites.

The MSM lied to her that this war existed.  The diversity advertisements.  The diversity hiring regulations.  The diversity mandates.  The schools lied her into this vulnerable defenseless state.  They own the hate of this attack.  You can see their hate on her disfigured face.

When you feel weak to fight back, look at her disfigured face and see their hate on it.  This is hate they are taught to feel by the diversity mandates and MSM but it also comes from within them. Its an evil envy and hate of whites for being superior.  That is why we must have separation from them.

==To friends from the Czech Republic

Call and fax and email and write President Vaclav Klaus to not sign the EU surrender.  Tell him to insist on a meeting in Fuhrerbau Room 105 in Munich with the leaders of Germany, France and the UK.  The EU will force these invaders on you.   Now is your chance to fight back.  Say no to the EU.

The following satire is what the EU really is:


Saying no to the EU Lisbon Treaty is saying no to hate, the hate of our “leaders” for us.  Saying no to the EU Lisbon Treaty is saying no to generalized genocide.  The Lisbon Treaty is the Modern Munich.   Don’t give into it.  Call President Klaus’s office and ask him to refuse to sign.  Call Parliament as well and say the same thing.  Tell them don’t give into hate.  Tell them don’t sign the Lisbon Treaty.

I have visited Prague.  Its a great European white city.  It has cafes to talk about the great ideas of the world.  It has a great tradition.



Bolzano developed the epsilon delta definition of limit in calculus by 1816 in Prague before Cauchy did.  This is a great city of European civilization.  Don’t let it be turned into a place where non-whites attack your women with acid.  That is what Cameron, Brown and Blair want.  That is what Sarkozy wants on even days even if says the opposite on odd days.

Don’t be a statistic to their hate.  Remember the great past of the Czech people and be determined to give them a future.  Call President Klaus and tell him to say no to the Lisbon Treaty.

Keep Prague a great European city 200 years from now.  If the EU has its way it will be a Birmingham in 25 years.  It can happen that fast.  France has 100 burning cars a night from Muslims.

The leaders lie.  Their lies are their hate.  Their hate is on the disfigured face of Katie Piper.  Just as Daniel Lynch the black boyfriend had an Asian throw the acid, so the leaders like Brown, Blair and Cameron use the whole lot of them to throw the acid on Katie Piper’s face.

Its their hate even though they didn’t throw the acid as much as Daniel Lynch who also didn’t throw the acid.  Don’t give into their hate.  Call President Klaus and ask him to refuse to sign.



Slovak Premier Robert Fico says he is considering seeking exemptions from the Lisbon Treaty similar to those demanded by Czech President Vaclav Klaus

If you are Slovak, call, fax, write, email Premier Robert Fico and ask him to seek the opt-out and exemptions. Call someone in Parliament and tell them the same. Don’t be a statistic to Tony Blair’s hate.

Comment posted at another blog by OA:

We have been savagely disfigured by our deranged leaders. Their immigration attack on us is from their hatred. We see their hatred of us on her face. They didn’t throw the acid, they used immigrants to do that. The major political parties are stalkers. Voting for them is like dating off the Internet.


Daily Mail blames the victim


This proves the disfigurement on Katie Piper’s face is from their hate.  They caused the acid attack as much as Daniel Lynch who didn’t throw the acid himself either, his South Asian accomplice did.

When you vote for the major parties in the UK and US and most countries, you are voting for hate, their hatred of you.  Stop voting for hate.  Start supporting the small parties that say explicitly stop all immigration and send back as many as possible.

We do not welcome immigrants to come here. We welcome those here to leave.  Sound harsh?  Look at Katie Piper’s face.  That is how they feel towards us.

Mercy to the merciless is mercilessness to the merciful.  Mercy to immigrants is what happened to Katie Piper’s face.  Let’s start being merciful to the merciful and stop welcoming immigrants and welcome those here to leave.

We have a duty to the innocent like Katie Piper to stop welcoming immigrants and welcome those here to leave.  It was welcoming immigrants that was the lie to Katie Piper it was safe to date them.  The truth is they hated her.

Katie Piper was lied to by this talk of welcoming immigrants, in particular welcoming non-white immigrants.  Non-white immigrants are most not welcome. Non-white immigrants are most welcome to leave.  We owe a duty to our innocents to protect them.  That means not welcoming non-white immigrants and welcoming non-white immigrants here to leave.


The immigrants claim to be Americans or Brits or Germans or French or whatever.


We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.


The immigrants who come here and their offspring are the ones who genocide the Americans.  The ones who genocide Americans are not Americans.  The ones who genocide Brits are not Brits.  The ones who genocide Germans are not Germans.  The ones who genocide French are not French.

They are not us.   They are genociding us.  Send them back, born here or not.  Birth certificate or not.  Harvard degree or not.

The ones with Harvard degress should be saying immigration is genocide is a math theorem.  Instead, they call us racist and bigot when we point out they are displacing us and hire their own in government, industry and education.

They practice genocide and preach hatred of us by calling us bigots.  They get jobs first over us.  That is generalized genocide.  They are not our friends, they are our genociders.  Don’t welcome them to stay, born here or not, welcome them to leave.


The disfigurement on Katie Piper’s face is generalized genocide.  It didn’t get their on its own, it was planned.  It was planned in Whitehall.  It was planned in the White House.  It was planned in Parliament.  It was planned in Congress.  It was planned by the EU.  It was planned by Labour.  It was planned by Conservatives.  It was planned by Democrats and Republicans.

How do we know it was planned? Because each time it happens, they don’t stop.   Each time it happens they call us the bigots and racists.  That is the pattern of generalized genocide, blaming the victims.  They project on the victims their hate and then use that to justify throwing acid in our face.

When they call us bigot and racist for opposing immigration and wanting to send them back its the same as throwing acid in our face.  We are disfigured.  The immigrants who threw the acid in Katie Piper’s face were just acting out the plan of those pushing immigration.

The immigrants who threw acid in her face were just acting out the hate of those pushing immigration.  The same ones who call us racist and bigot.  The same ones who convinced Katie Piper she was a racist not to date this black man who threw acid in her face.  In their minds, she deserved it because her face is the face of a racist, because its white.  That’s in the minds of those who threw it and those who brought them here and tell us we are racist to distrust them and want them out.

We don’t welcome them, we welcome them to leave.  Same as we welcome those in power to leave power.  We do that by voting against them.  We do that by supporting the small parties for stopping immigration.

We welcome out the lying MSM and major parties by supporing NumbersUSA and Vdare in the US and whatever else we can find elsewhere like Brussels Journal, the BNP, Vlaams Belang, and all the other ones we are told not to.  Told not to by those bringing them here. Told not to by those who hate us.


We welcome our Katie Pipers to stay and live free of fear of acid attacks from non-whites, black and South Asian.  We welcome our Katie Pipers to retain their innocence and trust.  We do that by not having non-whites here.

The MSM and the political parties want the Katie Pipers to trust the non-white and be innocent naifs.  But the non-white then acid attack them in the face.  That shows the real hate.  It isn’t possible to be innocent and trust the non-white because this is what they do.

We welcome our people to have a homeland.  That means not welcoming non-whites here but welcoming the non-whites here to leave.  When you feel that sounds harsh look at her face.  Look at the statistics at DOJ BJS on black violence.  Look at the white farm murders in South Africa.  Look at the picture of Katie Piper’s face.  Their hate is on her face forever.  They are welcome to leave.


Katie Piper dated this non-white man off the Internet proves that our naifs can’t live with non-whites.  Our naifs are too trusting and innocent.  We are too.   This is why the non-whites must leave.

The non-whites are sophisticated.  They are sophisticated in exploiting our innocence.  They are sophisticated in exploiting our trust.

They have contempt and disdain for us for trusting them.  They have contempt and disdain for us for letting them stay.  That contempt and disdain turn to hate.  We see all of that written on her face.

That the South Asian accomplice would do that shows its not just one person by himself.  This is a general hate.  How did the South Asian expect to get away with it?  He was not in some relationship.  He just did it out of hate.

You don’t agree to splash acid in someone’s face except out of hate.  But he didn’t know her and was not in some dating relationship with her.  He just hated for being white.

Evidently it wasn’t hard to find a non-white with such feelings.  One found the other.  Both found us.  Time we found this out.  Time they have to leave.  Born here or not.


Peter Brimelow at Vdare.com comments on a column on old movies from the White Time.


Seiyo at Brussels Journal links to Hitchcock movies from around 1960 that show all white San Francisco.  It was a garden.  It was the high point of civilization.  We are below it now.

The Katie Pipers are not adapted to survive in the current conditions of non-whites among us.  They are too trusting in the MSM and political parties and governments and schools and hospitals and medical community and lawyers who tell them to trust the non-whites but try not to themselves.

The Katie Pipers believe this and act on it and so they are not adapted to having the non-whites among us.  So they don’t survive.  They are acid attacked instead.  At work they are acid attacked when their work is taken by non-whites who take credit for it.

We are all Katie Pipers.  All the whites are Katie Pipers.  We are all too trusting.  We have our naif moments.  If we are honest we know this.  We rely and trust.  We believe authority. We trust standard sources.

But they lie.  They lie that non-whites are like us.  They aren’t.  They cheat us and leach on us.  They have contempt and disdain for us for letting them do it.  They have contempt and disdain for us for letting them live here.  Don’t let them.  Tell them its time for them to go.  Born here or not.

We are not adapted to survive with non-whites.  They are sophisticated and we are gullible.  They are wise in how to exploit us.  They are knowing in how to bully us.  That is why they must go, born here or not.  Its their genes make them that way not whether they are born here or not.   Because they behave the same born here or not.

They won’t show their birth certificate when they become president.  Obama is a Harvard Law School graduate.  But he has contempt and disdain for us as naifs who are gullibe to his lies.  That is how the non-whites see us.  They celebrate Obama scamming us.  They celebrate our being so gullible to elect one of them to rule us.

Obama has already violated our trust.  He appointed the racist white hating judge Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court.  He has appointed his white hating crony Eric Holder as Attorney General.  There are many more such appointments.

We are not adapted to survive with non-whites living among us.  That is why they must go.  We must choose between Katie Pipers and the non-whites who exploit our gullible trust.  If we choose them, we get white farm murders and Detroit as our future.  We choose non-existence to let them stay.  We choose to go down from acid attacks in our face.


Others discussing movies from the White Time and the Seiyo piece.






Innocents like Katie Piper are only adapted to the civilization depicted in the movies from the white time.  That is why we must go back to the white time by sending the non-whites home.  That is true whether they were born here or not.

We are all Katie Pipers at some time or the other.  We are forced to be at work and at school.  The TV and movies tell us to be all the time.  They falsely depicted non-whites as our wise beyond years best friends who have our best interests at heart.  This is why Obama was elected.  It is a false picture.

The truth is Obama’s church of hate that he attended.  The truth is his appointments.  The truth is his entire life.  Yet we choose the comforting illusion over the truth.  Over 50 percent did, the ones who voted for him, although slightly under 50 percent of whites.

So its not just Katie Piper who is naive.  Its all of us some of the time.  Some of those sometimes that we trust the non-whites because we must or its convenient turns out to be the wrong time.  That is what happened to Katie Piper.  If you have come close to that and been lucky don’t think you shouldn’t now be wise.

Being wise is not thinking you will always be wise and have the information to be wise in advance in the future.  Being wise is sending the non-whites home while we are a majority.  Being wise is going back to the White Time in the movies by sending the non-whites home, born here or not.  Whites can only survive in the White Time because we are too trusting.  We will either be exploited out of existence including acid attacks or we will send the non-whites home.  That is our only choice.


15 Responses to “Katie Piper acid attacked by boyfriend Daniel Lynch”

  1. Johnny Two Times Says:

    Get f-ed (expletive edited by blog) you swivel-eyed lunatic

  2. Curt Maynard Says:

    Excellent post — keep telling the truth. People like Johnny Two Times will eventually whither away, they aren’t real anyway, just the pseudonym of a Jew troll.

  3. oldatlantic Says:

    Curt, thanks. You have a great blog.

  4. Well done Says:

    That’s the funniest blog post I’ve read in quite a while.

    What other impressions can you do?

  5. trinity Says:

    hopefully he will get bu@@fuc@ed plenty of times in prison. welcome to hell you punk. Daniel lynch is an animal. more women need to carry guns. They say the boys in iraq are heros. i find women are more brave and heros than men. Men or i should say boys get away with everything. I don’t think america is a free country for women and children. We need justice an eye for an eye. so carry guns. Don’t date from internet. don’t hang out with a group of guys. don’t drink anything from a cup you haven’t poured yourself. if you have a bartender make sure it is a women bartender. can’t trust the boys.

  6. david Says:

    And men wonder why women hate men and can’t trust them. geeeeeeeeee i wonder why

  7. tina Says:

    There is a lot of prejudice against blondes. More so than any race prejudice. Can you believe that? A hair color that half the time comes from a bottle. And of course others with brunette red etc come from a bottle also since most women and plenty of men dye their hair. DDDDDDDUUUUUUUHHH WAKE UP AMERICA AND GROW UP

  8. debbie Says:

    That sick animal was jealous of her. He wanted to look like and be her.

  9. yeahh Says:

    wtf tina. what bullshit. more prejudice against blondes than racism? ROFL.
    i swear there are some dumb blondes around..

  10. jes Says:

    This whole blog is ignorant and racist.

  11. Go Says:

    Whilst we’re on the subject of lying.. YOU are telling lies bout what our former PM and tory leader David Cameron. That incident never even took place, it is ridiculous that you would fabricate such a happening just to fuel your neo-nazi, racially-insecure bollocks.

    Daniel Lynch deserves to be imprisoned for the rest of his life. 12 years is not enough.

  12. Blak Says:

    White women steadily lust after black men, what the F did she expect. What, there aren’t enough white dudes out there or something. the same thing in Jamaica, white women from Europe flock to Jamaica in droves constantly buying these Black men and paying them to F”ck! them. How pathetic and disgusting.

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