Rev Ted Pike and Peter Brimelow still chance to stop hate crimes bill

October 18, 2009

18 October 2009
“Hate Crime” Bill: Dirty Deal Still Not Done
[Peter Brimelow] @ 4:25 pm

Rev Ted Pike and Peter Brimelow tell us there is still a chance to stop hate crimes bill.  This is saving free speech and our way of life.  The hate crimes bill is part of generalized genocide.  (Following has theory and then many links to related articles in series on generalized genocide and that it causes narrow genocide which is illegal and thus generalized genocide is too.)

Jim Webb, why did you fight in Vietnam?  To take our freedom here at home?  Is cowardice before hate crimes bills the New Webb?   Senator Mark Warner, are you just a pale shadow of John Warner?  Do both of you have no respect for Thomas Jefferson?  Or George Washington?  Or James Madison the Father of the Bill of Rights?  Madison’s wife saved the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution (at least in legend if not in fact).   Too bad you two can’t even try (neither in fact nor in legend).  Apparently, you can’t even think about it.

Also read Patrick Cleburne at Vdare earlier on stopping hate crimes.  This set of columns by Cleburne is the way to learn the history of the fight on the bill.   These columns have many links to articles and to blogs of those fighting the bill including Rev Ted Pike.

Should one shooting end the first amendment and our freedom in general?  Not to mention the right to life free from immigration’s substitution effect that results in genetic extinction.  When a random event ends our freedom it shows they intended it in advance.  Remember the Patriot Act?  That should be a phrase like Remember Pearl Harbor or Remember the Maine.

Cleburne on 2 British bloggers prosecuted for hate speech:

Was part of the motivation for hate crimes here, the victory by BNP in the mother country?

Obama gave Hillary and McCain the finger and called Sarah Palin a pig.  Obama was elected on a platform of hate of whites which he showed openly.  Obama earned the name, President Hate.

You can drag it to second 48 and see him put his hand over his forehead when he implies Sarah Palin is a pig.

Obama giving McCain the finger

Obama giving Hillary the finger

Obama smiles broadly when white comes up during the hate “prayer” against whites at Obama’s  Sinaugural.  He doesn’t grimace as if he didn’t know it was coming. He just lessens his smile near the end.  Moreover, he smiles broadly when its over.  You can see it below.

It was Obama’s plan.  This was deliberate.  Obama gave The White People the finger at his inauguration.  That inaugurated him as President Hate.  President Hate of the White Race.


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