Obama finger of hate to instigate Miami fire five against white teen Michael Brewer

October 19, 2009

Obama gave the finger of hate to instigate the Miami fire five against white teen Michael Brewer by his actions in 2008.  Obama is a hater of whites.  He spreads that hatred by his appointments in the Department of Justice and to the federal courts.  Obama is inaugurating a new birth of hate.

Obama in 2008 campaigned on hate of whites.  He gave the finger to Hillary Clinton, John McCain and called Sarah Palin a pig.  Obama’s inaugural “prayer” was an invocation to hate whites.  That was planned.  Eric Holder said hate crimes against whites were on green light.  That makes Eric Holder and Obama responsible for the blacks and Hispanics setting white teen Michael Brewer on fire and laughing.

The black and Hispanic teens burning the white teen were laughing like Obama was laughing when Obama called Sarah Palin a pig.  They were laughing like Obama was laughing when he gave Hillary the finger.  They were laughing like Obama was laughing when he gave McCain the finger.  Like during the inaugural invocation to hate whitey.  Barack Hussein Obama II is President Hate.

James Fulford:


Two attackers are named Jesus Mendez and Steven Shelton.

Valerie Brewer the mother:


==From yesterday’s post here:

Obama gave Hillary and McCain the finger and called Sarah Palin a pig.  Obama was elected on a platform of hate of whites which he showed openly.  Obama earned the name, President Hate.


You can drag it to second 48 and see him put his hand over his forehead when he implies Sarah Palin is a pig.


Obama giving McCain the finger


Obama giving Hillary the finger


Obama smiles broadly when white comes up during the hate “prayer” against whites at Obama’s  Sinaugural.  He doesn’t grimace as if he didn’t know it was coming. He just lessens his smile near the end.  Moreover, he smiles broadly when its over.  You can see it below.



It was Obama’s plan.  This was deliberate.  Obama gave The White People the finger at his inauguration.  That inaugurated him as President Hate.  President Hate of the White Race.



Eric Holder said the hate crimes bill doesn’t cover hate crimes by blacks and Hispanics on whites.  Holder sent a signal that this type of hate crime was green lighted.  All whites are on green light in the Nation of Cowards of Attorney General Eric Holder and University of Chicago Constitutional Law Lecturer Harvard Law Review President Obama.

Obama poured the gasoline and Eric Holder lit the match.  They are responsible for denying the civil rights of this white teen.  They are guilty of this.  The attack on Officer Crowley by Obama was part of the same hate campaign as calling Palin a pig.  Obama intended to start the same cycle of the wall of hate against the white cop as he instigated against Sarah Palin.

It was the same giving the finger to Hillary Clinton.  He was warning her to hold back on what she knew including his birth certificate issues. Same with giving the finger to McCain.

Obama was saying don’t raise the birth certificate in the Senate after the election.  Don’t raise his father never being a US citizen so Obama is not natural born.   This is the Obama way.  Its not the American way.  The Obama way is alien to the American way.  If we whites want to go back to the American way we need to wake up to what is being done to whites world wide.  Obama is the leader of that.  That is his popularity.

Obama is there when a white is farm murder tortured by burning in South Africa by blacks.  He is there when a white is attacked in Mumbai by radical Muslims.  He is there when the black and Hispanic teens set a white teen on fire in Miami.  Obama is there with them as his Eric Holder.

These are Obama’s people and these are the acts he called for in his inaugural invociation of hate.  Obama is President Hate of the White Race everywhere.  This is generalized genocide of the white race.  That is what Eric Holder’s testimony to Congress said that whites are not covered by hate crime laws.



Family members of 15-year-old Michael Brewer claim the boy was targeted by other teens who tried to steal his custom bicycle.

Five juveniles – four 15-year-old boys and a 13-year old boy – have been arrested in connection with the assault.

Matthew Bent, Steven Shelton, Denver Jarvis and his little brother Jeremy Jarvis, and Jesus Mendez appeared in front of a Broward judge Tuesday and all face aggravated battery charges.

Five black and Hispanic teens who felt entitled to the bicycle of the white teen and to hurt him as well.  Where did that feeling of entitlement come from?  It came from a government and school system that pours it on.  It came from Obama’s campaign last year that said they were entitled to hate whites.  It came from Eric Holder saying hate crime laws don’t protect whites.

The hate crimes bill is part of generalized genocide.  So is this setting fire of a white.


The acid attack on Katie Piper by black Daniel Lynch and his South Asian accomplice Stefan Sylvestre is part of the same generalized genocide.  Obama was with them too.


Compare that to the white Eagle Scout suspended for having a small knife in his car.



Lansingburgh Central School District Superintendent George J. Goodwin, 55, said in a written statement that his district “has an established policy of zero tolerance with respect to the possession of weapons of any kind on school property or in school buildings.”

Seventeen-year-old Matthew Whalen, a senior at Lansingburgh High School in Troy, N.Y., says he got in trouble over a survival kit he keeps in his car that includes a sleeping bag, water, a ready-to-eat meal and the small pocketknife, which was given to him by his grandfather, a police chief in a nearby town.


Eric Holder says hate crime laws don’t protect whites.


8 Responses to “Obama finger of hate to instigate Miami fire five against white teen Michael Brewer”

  1. The Admiral Says:

    It’s time to retaliate. I mean it. I advocate that whites target non-whites and white Marxists. Just be smart about it.

  2. Old Atlantic Says:

    In non-violent legal ways. The best way is to support organizations like NumbersUSA, Vdare, Tea Parties and speaking up about race and separation. But also improve your own life and help your own people.

  3. The Admiral Says:

    I want war.

  4. Old Atlantic Says:

    So do Obama’s teachers, Ayers, Dohrn, Rev Wright, and Rev Joseph Lowery. So much did they want war they didn’t wait for us to notice they had already started it. However, I think they are surprised we don’t seem to be able to recognize it, since they have declared war over and over enough times. Ayers and Dohrn killed and we can’t notice that they and their protege started the war already.

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