Rep Gabrielle Giffords likes to hurt geeks with H-1b increase

October 21, 2009

Rob Sanchez covers this story at

Rep Gabrielle Giffords gave an interview recently to a reporter on H-1b, the visa for computer programmers, etc..  The interview was by Bob Greek.

Bob: So you are increase the number of H-1b visas.  Don’t you know that hurts programmers?

Gabi:  I like to hurt geeks.

Bob (gasping): You do.

Gabi: Yes.

Bob: Then why do you do it?

Gabi: It makes me feel powerful.

Bob: To hurt people?

Gabi: When I take their job, they know fear.  That makes me feel powerful.  It gives me a sense of self-worth.

Bob: Why?

Gabi: Those geeks got better grades than me in school.  Now its my turn to show them.  Who is smarter now?

Bob: So you are doing this just to show you are smarter than them?

Gabi: It gives me a rush to hurt them.  They have to fear me.

Bob: Its almost like a physical thing for you.

Gabi: It is a physical thing for me.

Bob: But millions are out of work.  People are losing their health insurance. They lose their houses.

Gabi: It makes me feel fulfilled when that happens to them.  I did that to them.  They will carry my mark on them for the rest of their lives.  They will know I mattered.

Bob: Where do you get this feeling from?

Gabi: Its pretty standard around Congress.  Who is more important now?


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