Oppenheimer says ok to genocide British because there never were British.

October 23, 2009

Stephen Oppenheimer denies own research in flip flop because Nick Griffin of the BNP on BBC Question Time cited it to show how British people are being genocided.  Oppenheimer says now you can’t genocide British people because there are no British people.  There are no British people because they came from Iberia.  Therefore they aren’t British therefore you can genocide them.


“Scientist” Stephen Oppenheimer says there is no British ethnic group that all British are the same because all immigrants.   Oppenheimer says you can’t genocide British because there were no British in the first place.Oppenheimer also claims that Neanderthals were the real British and that they were wiped out and that a new slate started after the Ice Age.  He also claims that British came from Iberia thus proving they were not British.



Origins of the British

In his 2006 book The Origins of the British, revised in 2007, Oppenheimer argued that neither Anglo-Saxons nor Celts had much impact on the genetics of the inhabitants of the British Isles, and that British ancestry mainly traces back to the Palaeolithic Iberian people, now represented best by Basques, instead. He also argued that the Scandinavian input has been underestimated.

From 1979 he moved into medical research and teaching, with positions at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, Oxford University, a research centre in Kilifi, Kenya and the Universiti Sains Malaysia in Penang. From 1990 to 1994 he served as chairman and chief of clinical service in the Department of Paediatrics in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He worked as senior specialist paediatrician in Brunei from 1994 to 1996.


Oppenheimer’s wife and his children are Chinese?



We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.


In the American context, Oppenheimer is saying its ok not to admit many Wasps to Harvard because its ok to genocide Wasps.


Oppenheimer shows he is not loyal to the British people.  He wants to genocide them by immigration.  This is a stab in the back.  The British people took his people in and gave them a land to live in.  Now he wants to take that land from the British people.  Its obvious he does not identify with them or their extinction.

If Oppenheimer was a better geneticist he would point out the Wright Island Model from population genetics and say Nick Griffin and the BNP are right.


Oppenheimer is in a way an amateur scientist.  He is probably not very mathematical.  People should not think of his statements as carrying Authority that can not be disputed.  He makes claims in his book, but its likely not based on very high level math.  So the ordinary person should feel free to join in with their opinion if they are willing to do a little study and make an effort to learn and apply.  Those not mathematical should feel free to join in since the Times and Oxford let Oppenheimer.  You can learn math by doing it.

== Oppenheimer before BNP says Irish and British share common roots.




==Post BNP British don’t exist so you can genocide them freely.

Now Oppenheimer says the British don’t exist because they are all immigrants.

What about Jews?  Didn’t they form out of immigration about the same time or even later?  So Jews can’t be genocided either?

==Actual Truth

The British people exist sufficient in a sufficient tangible form to be genocided and to be protected by genocide law.  They are being genocided is the actual fact.  The Wright Island Model proves it.  So does the Immigration Vanishing Survival theorem.  So do demands by the various ethno interest invader groups of whom Oppenheimer is one for theirs out of the British pie at elite institutions and in politics.



When the chips are down, Oppenheimer is another Jew pushing genocide for whites.



Jews advocate the racial decoherence of whites.  This makes them the literal enemy of the white race.  Jews go ballistic and foam at the mouth when a Nick Griffin or Virgil Goode or James Watson speaks up.  They are showing by their behavior that they target the white race.  They are trying to decohere it and thus destroy it.


From The Times
October 20, 2009
Ten steps to put Nick Griffin on the wrong foot
The BNP leader won’t rant or make Hitler hand movements, so here’s some ammunition to fire at him on Question Time
David Aaronovitch

Aaronovitch hates the BNP and Nick Griffin.  He is shrill and foaming at the mouth in the above article.


Aaronovitch is the son of the late economist, Communist and anti-American comic book campaigner,[1] Sam Aaronovitch, and brother of the actor Owen Aaronovitch and scriptwriter Ben Aaronovitch.

Sam Aaronovitch tried to divide the British from America.  He was trying to destroy the alliance that won World War II.  He was trying to decohere the British world and thus the white world.

In Mumbai, they said target whites preferably British or American.  This is because the British ethnic group holds the white world together.  They are the glue.  Destroy them and the White West is destroyed.  David Aaronovitch works on destroying the white British ethnic group in the homeland.  He is continuing the work of his father.  Its pure racial hatred and genocide.  This has been the attack on the white race by Jews in Hollywood, Harvard, the Supreme Court, and every other place they could gain a position to do it.  The terrorists in Mumbai simply followed the same pattern as Aaronovitch father and son.


Oppenheimer is just like Aaronovitch, Norbert Schlei, Ted Sorensen, Schumer and so many others.   They foam at the mouth at the idea of the survival of the British in their own lands without mixing by non-whites.  They show they are betraying us when they have the chance.  So what was said of them at earlier times by Henry Ford and others is proven true.  Kevin MacDonald is proven true by Oppenheimer and Aaronovitch.



The Professor added: “As [Ms Greer] pointed out, the original Britons were Neanderthals. They were exterminated, then the Ice Age left a clean sheet. The modern population is essentially of north Iberian origin. So what’s British?”

They were exterminated?  By whom?  But weren’t there living things in Britain before them?

Bottom line, is British don’t exist so can genocide them freely by immigration.


The title of Oppenheimer’s book is The Origins of the British: A Genetic Detective Story: The Surprising Roots of the English, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh.

His claim that everyone is an immigrant so there are no British so you can genocide them by immigration is a complete flip flop from the title of his book.  Who was he writing about in the title if there are no British because everyone is an immigrant?  How many sentences in the book use the word British?  What genetic lineages is he talking about.

Saying the British came from Iberia doesn’t disprove they exist.  Light comes from atomic transitions, that doesn’t prove it isn’t light but is really an atom.  The British people have a shared ancestry and selection experience.  That makes them a people.  Spain is not Britain.  The people are different.  That is more apparent than are the claims in the book.

The British are a people for the Lemkin definition of generalized genocide to apply to.  What is happening now in Britain is generalized genocide and narrow genocide.  British are forced out and flee and are replaced by non-whites.  The non-whites are exceeding British in births in some towns and cities.  This is ethnic cleansing.

Oppenheimer is a genetics professor, he should understand genetics.  He knows this.  Oppenheimer is using his position to take a shot of opportunity at the British people who took his people in.  This is betrayal.

This is the same shot of opportunity from a position of power that Jews take all the time.  This is what undermines whites.  This is what is causing their genocide.  Kevin MacDonald has documented this.   Its apparent.

We see it confirmed every day by Jews in positions of influence who continue to support non-white immigration even as we become a minority.  They know what they are doing, remember, they claim to be smarter than us. So they see what they are doing.  They don’t stop. That shows it is intentional.  They are genociding us intentionally.  That proves malice.  That means we are entitled to separation from Jews.

It is the right of the genocidee to demand separation from the genocider.  When the genocider responds by saying that is anti-Semitism or racism that shows they are engaged in the intentional genociding.  If they weren’t, they would say stop all non-white immigration and send home the non-whites to stop and reverse the genocide.  But they don’t.

They deny genocide by immigration is happening, as after the Griffin talk by Oppenheimer who knows better, who knows the Wright Island Model as a theorem in population genetics presumably, and who claim to be smarter than us.  They claim to be better at math than us.  So when there is a theorem in genetics saying immigration is genocide and they use their position as scientists to deny it and say that is racism and anti-Semitism that proves they are engaged in conspiracy to commit genocide against whites in general and British in particular.


This is draft and preliminary.  Comments and corrections welcome.  No disparagement of any person is intended.  Restate all statements as questions.  All other disclaimers apply.  This is directed to Congress to support a petition to stop all immigration and return the right of separation to whites.


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