Salon denounces whites as racists over Richmond Rape blogs

October 30, 2009

One of the lessons of the Richmond Gang Rape is that we should not turn on those who are hated by the liberals.   We are up against the wall.  We need all our people.  We can’t say that a David Duke or Stormfront are too extreme.  We can’t denounce them when prompted to by the Left or MSM.  The MSM is already out lying and denouncing whites as racists.

Salon pours out hate against whites.

The blog Helpful Comments (via the Sexist) compiles a list of nauseating examples of comments posted in response to an AOL article about the attack. The are several despicable racist comments directed toward the alleged attackers and that blame the victim for hanging out with a non-white crowd

This hate against whites is respectable.  Salon is respectable.  No person is ever asked to denounce or renounce Salon or SPLC.

Like the large group, including a couple of Whites who watched the attack but were afraid to intervene to protect her, we let her down. We let down this girl and we have let down millions of young White people, who are subjected every day to taunts and harassment at a high percentage of non-white schools. We let down this girl, who every day had to walk the dangerous streets of suburban San Francisco. Because this girl was one of our people—a young white girl—she was our responsibility; it was our duty to protect her and ensure that she lived a long, healthy, and productive life for her people. And we let her down.

Every once in a while, a terrible crime occurs that has the power to conjure the deep-rising anger of our people. This is one such case. We must stand up against the multicultural system that, at its core, is responsible for this heinous attack. In the face of this unspeakable crime, we must again renew ourselves in the fight against our people’s enemies. As honorable white men and women, it is the only path available to us. In honor of this poor fifteen-year-old girl, I encourage you—just as I do myself—to now rededicate ourselves to this rewarding and absolutely crucial struggle for our heritage, our freedom , and even the very life of our people.  —

All whites are told and threatened with career and financial destruction if not prosecution if they don’t denounce David Duke.   Nick Griffin was threatened and bullied to denounce David Duke by the BBC Question Time.  That was a thug panel.  Think about that panel.  It was Soviet in its conception.   Next time you are asked, induced, told or ordered to denounce David Duke denounce Salon instead.  They deserve it.  They hate our people and our waging war against them.  Denounce Salon.

Denouncing and renouncing our own doesn’t help, it hurts.  Remember that.  Say you won’t renounce those fighting for white survival.  Say you won’t renounce those fighting for you.  Whatever you can come up with.  But don’t renounce those fighting on your side.  Especially when they have been fighting for you years before you started fighting for yourself.

Kami Baker is a teen.  She spoke up for whites.  Watch the video.

Are you afraid to speak up for whites as much as this teen?  Are you comfortable denying David Duke but not comfortable speaking up for whites?  How many times have you denounced Duke?  Or whites?  Or white’s right to separation?  Or whites in history?  Without even being prompted?

No one is afraid to link to Salon. Stormfront on the Richmond Rape.

Compare this to Salon.  Yet whites link to Salon without fear but are afraid to link to Stormfront.  That fear in general is why the rape happened.  The victim was lied into being raped.  Same as Katie Piper.  She was raped by a black and then acid attacked by a South Asian.

You don’t have to link to David Duke or Stormfront right away.  But you do need to do something you are uncomfortable with that advances our people’s cause.  Stop spontaneous denouncing of any white or of anything in white history.  Start attacking.  Get comfortable with some attack against the non-whites attacking us and displacing us and push it.

If you are afraid to link to David Duke or Stormfront, at least admit it to yourself.  Do something to make up for it.  Also eliminate any type of spontaneous denunciation of any white doing anything legal in our cause as too extreme.

Don’t give in when asked to denounce fellow whites in this fight.   Find some way not to agree.   We are not actual physical prisoners being tortured to denounce our own.  Don’t act like we are.  Don’t act like our situation was worse than it is that way.  We can not win by just retreating.

Standing firm for the white race also carries over to the rest of our life.  We become towers of strength for our family and our work when we are a bulwark for our race.  Others look to us even if they don’t know where our strength comes from.  We can not be strong for family, work and church when we are weak for the white race.

Saga – Ode To A Dying People

Discussion of Saga and this music at Stormfront

Eyes shining bright with unspilt tears,
Thinking about all these wasted years.
Everything worth living for is gone,
Brother, i find it hard to keep fighting on.
Falling down towards the abyss,
The reaper embraces me with his kiss;
It makes me want to refuse to care,
To watch this all unfold – too much to bear.

If this is the way it ends –
If this is the way my race ends . . .
If this is the way it ends – i can’t bear to witness

Disease encroaching on all i hold dear,
Somehow i gotta get my soul outta here.
Heart of agony, faint burning hope,
I’m finding it hard to try to cope . . .

Because liars own the world with conquering poise,
In a wasteland of meaningless noise;
We don’t stand a chance with dormant pride,
The heroes of our race have already died . . .

If this is the way it ends – if this is the way my race ends. . .
If this is the way it ends – i can’t bear to witness . . .

To imagine it has all come down to this,
Apathy and suicidal bliss . . .

It’s all over except for the cryin’,
With a whimper instead of the roar of a lion . . .

The greatest race to ever walk the earth,
Dying a slow death with insane mirth,
The tomb has been prepared, our race betrayed,
White man, fight the flight towards the grave . . .

If this is the way it ends – if this is the way my race ends . . .
If this is the way it ends – i can’t bear to witness . . .
If this is the way it ends – if this is the way my race ends . . .
If this is the way it ends – i can’t bear to witness . . .

Don’t let it end this way,
Don’t let it end this way,
Don’t let it end this way, i can’t bear to witness . . .


How many blogs can link to or discuss this song?

Results 110 of about 195,000 for ode to a dying people

The journey to white survival requires many steps.  Wherever you are on the road take a small step in the direction of what is uncomfortable.  Only when we all take many such steps can we reach our destination.  Only then can the true words of David Duke above lead us to a land where whites are safe from non-white hate.


Remember who makes a fetish of denouncing whites for who they link to?  Charles Johnson of LGF.  This is straight Bolshevik denunciation.  This is how the Russian intelligence service kept the American Communist Party in lockstep obedience to the Moscow line.  That’s where the tactic comes from.  When you give into this fear to link to those on your side you are giving into Joseph Stalin himself.  Its his tactic and he pushed it here in the US with his people.  That’s where the universities get it.  That’s where the MSM gets it.  That’s what you are giving into.   You are giving into the dead Stalin, Trotsky and Lenin.  That is the death of your race.


==Repeat from above post

Obama gave Hillary and McCain the finger and called Sarah Palin a pig.  Obama was elected on a platform of hate of whites which he showed openly.  Obama earned the name, President Hate.

You can drag it to second 48 and see him put his hand over his forehead when he implies Sarah Palin is a pig.

Obama giving McCain the finger

Obama giving Hillary the finger

Obama smiles broadly when white comes up during the hate “prayer” against whites at Obama’s  Sinaugural.  He doesn’t grimace as if he didn’t know it was coming. He just lessens his smile near the end.  Moreover, he smiles broadly when its over.  You can see it below.

It was Obama’s plan.  This was deliberate.  Obama gave The White People the finger at his inauguration.  That inaugurated him as President Hate.  President Hate of the White Race.


Do your daily fax to Congress with NumbersUSA.  If you haven’t signed up, do so.  If you forgot your password they will email it to you.   I try to send a fax once a day when my action buffet is full.  Right now its close to empty.  If you wait a few hours between faxes, then the faxes of others are in between and they won’t realize you are faxing multiple times.  So if you have not been sending faxes, you can send one every few hours and it will have impact.

Let your politicians know.  Add a polite PS on the Richmond Rape and that this is caused by non-white immigration.

Men, don’t be ashamed to be a man.  Fighting for our women and teens is what we are here for.  That means being hurt.   Names do hurt us.  But that is part of our being a man.  If we aren’t being called racist in a race war against whites then we aren’t doing our job as men.

==Comment posted by OA at another blog on this

I had not heard about the case of Dani Countryman until reading your blog and Googling it just now. Thanks for keeping this case alive and reminding us of it. The media lockdown on truth is part of what can be called generalized genocide of the white race.

==One comment at Salon says the truth.

An America based on prison rules

A gang of Latinos targets and rapes an unpopular white girl, and liberals should feel warm and fuzzy that decades of multiculturalism and massive Third World immigration have finally had an effect. A crowd hoots and cheers (prison rules!) while the weak are victimized. This is truly Ted Kennedy and Obama’s America.

Speaking of prison rules:

“If these young men are found guilty of rape, they will find out, the “hard” way, the true horror of rape. My advice to them would be, “don’t drop the soap.”” – RoRo13

You’d think so, but what really happens is that predators in the real world remain predators in prison. Short eyes, of course, being a significant exception.

— The Unlovely Truth Returns

==End comment by UTR

Rape in prison is blacks and Latinos raping whites.

From comment by OA in above post:

October 24, 2009 at 8:12 am e

“That approach was erroneous, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor wrote for the majority on Wednesday. ”

“The court stopped short of declaring the policy unconstitutional, although that was the implication both of Justice O’Connor’s opinion and of a concurring opinion by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.”

It was the two women who wrote the opinion not allowing segregation by race in prison. This is the only way to stop inter racial rape in prison.

Let me repeat from the other comment, the Supreme Court ordered that whites be gang raped by blacks and Hispanics in prison and live in cells where a black or Hispanic rapes them on a regular basis as part of the punishment of white men in prison. This is part of generalized genocide under the Lemkin definition. This was a hate ruling against white men.

As of 2001, Human Rights Watch estimated there had been 140,000 rapes of men in prison mostly by blacks and Hispanics of whites. This is not the per year figure I believe. These numbers may be garbled at various sites.

Also this:


==Following Comment at Salon seems to be sarcasm?

perplexed and a taste of things to come

I am a little perplexed by this “rape”.

I would be totally opposed to it and would never violate someone this way. But I can’t help thinking that the perpetrators are people of color and thus are basically socioeconomic victims of society. Does it make sense to victimize them further by putting them in jail?

Also some of the perpetrators are apparently Hispanic. As part of their “macho” culture, violence against womena and sexual aggression are standard. As Hispanics become more and more of the country, I would expect that eventually laws against rape would be weakened either explicitly or through jury nullification. So this is what we all are in for.

As for the “she should have been careful”. By doing what exactly? Even if she hadn’t drunk anything, she still very well may have been raped. People say that because they want to believe that “it wouldn’t have happened to me, because I’m smarter, less slutty, etc. etc.” It’s not true, but it makes them feel better.

It’s a different America today, and the chivalry and respect of yesteryear are gone (along of course with racist/sexist patriarchal oppression system (for the most part)).

I fear for my daughters. I think we’re in for a clockwork Orange type of future.

— kenberthiaume

[Read kenberthiaume’s other letters

Friday, October 30, 2009 05:15 PM


Other readers at Salon respond a bit further on to the Kenberthiaume comment in the Salon comment thread. They think he is serious and respond as serious libs as if he was a serious lib who really believed this.


Oh and that guy is joking

Kenbert or whoever, the one who is saying the KKK raped her. Yeah, it took me a couple posts to figure it out, too… I’m a bit slow tonite!

He is making fun of liberal attitudes about rape and poverty.

— NicoleShield
[Read NicoleShield’s other letters]
Permalink Flag Friday, October 30, 2009 07:42 PM


Oh and that guy is joking

Kenbert or whoever, the one who is saying the KKK raped her. Yeah, it took me a couple posts to figure it out, too… I’m a bit slow tonite!

He is making fun of liberal attitudes about rape and poverty.

— NicoleShield
Permalink Flag Friday, October 30, 2009 07:42 PM
To carry on in the spirit of Ken.
Latinos are victims of their genes.  So are we.  We should not be punished for their genes.  So send them back.  Same with blacks.    Also if a group’s leaders and senators all uniformly suppport more Latinos here raping white girls, then we need separation from that group even if only on account of their leaders.  Voting 80 percent or more for the anti-white party is voting for separation.

7 Responses to “Salon denounces whites as racists over Richmond Rape blogs”

  1. stoptheinvasionoforegon Says:
    another attack kidnapping most likely rape and maybe murder of another blonde white female in Oregon- another dana countryman=this will be buried if it doesnt get promoted
    also what you say is really true. I have been afraid to link to stormfront and almost no one links to my site because it is as controversial as stormfront.

  2. oldatlantic Says:

    By the time we could make up our minds which sites that are on our side are worthy to link to we will already be defeated. This scales all the way up the white chain of being. The leadership of the GOP won’t link to the Joe Wilson, Tom Tancredo, Doug Hoffman, or Lou Dobbs. Then you go to layer by layer. The top of the layer is least effective and not is afraid to be for whites but is against them as Auster shows in a post on the GOP’s new website which says that the only accomplishments in American history are helping blacks overcome whites.

  3. Tanstaafl Says:

    Well said OA.

    If this is the way it ends – if this is the way my race ends . . .
    If this is the way it ends – i can’t bear to witness . . .

    If this is the way it ends, the pain of bearing witness is more than salved by the grim satisfaction of resisting.

    James Edwards has linked you: It’s now racist to call gang rapists names.

  4. oldatlantic Says:

    Thanks Tanstaafl. I agree with you on resisting. Thanks for the hat tip on James Edwards linking to me. I appreciate the compliment.

  5. stoptheinvasionoforegon Says:

    the rapes by latinos illegal hipanics mexicans in Oregon ( had to cover all my bases comes from Tag syndrome) are not covered or even mentioned by the press . Zip. The only way to find out is to look up mug shots in Multnomah county. Oh occasionaly an illegal mexican will rape a three year old mexican , and there will be a pic and a note, but no outrage. Its like they are burying us with corporate blandness.
    thats why I started posting mug shots of mexicans and crime just so I could say the word illegal alien.

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