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Swiss minarett ban lesson moderate steps

November 29, 2009

The lesson for the far right and ultra right is to bring the people along one step at a time.  Accustom them to voting for themselves one step at a time.  This is the reverse march through the institutions, but led by the referendum.

This is a great victory for the far right to organize this referendum and win it.

Christoph Blocher is only Vice President of Swiss People’s Party.

One person can’t dominate a party for it to be a real party.  Ross Perot knew this and stepped aside in the US.  Unfortunately, the others could not hold the party together.

Map by Canton of the vote

The Wright Island Model says non-white immigration causes race replacement of whites.  So these race commissions must be reoriented to stop non-white immigration and reverse it.  This is part of the reverse march through the Leftist institutions.  We use their rhetoric and devices to reverse their racist non-white immigration, but this is the race commission doing what its rhetoric says it does, fighting racism, i.e. fighting and reversing non-white immigration which is everywhere and always racism.

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

Race commissions are supposed to follow math theorems, not suppress them.  They are not supposed to suppress a race, the white race.  So the race commissions must promote reversing non-white immigration.  This is a direction for a next referendum.  Pass an amendment directing the race commissions to stop non-white immigration and reverse it and promote return and to promote the teaching of the Wright Island Model in schools.



Predator immigration

November 29, 2009

Third world immigration is the immigration of predators.   They use any tricks including bullying to get their way.  They are deceptive.  They are violent.  They lie.  They steal.  They corrupt all institutions within.  They use any position of power for their advantage.  Everything around them goes down as Robert E. Lee pointed out in the case of blacks.

Lee essentially noted what Putnam did later and what we live in.  The distrust equilibrium of non-whites.  They are not trustworthy with power.  So they corrupt every institution they are allowed into.  Only segregation and ultimately separation can stop and reverse this.

This applies to the entire slicer coalition of blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Asians and others.  They all have exhibited this behavior.  They are also brazen in it.  They also resort to name calling when its pointed out.

They are all good at taking advantage of whites.  They also have contempt and disdain for whites for letting them get away with it.  The letting loose of Somali pirates and bringing them here shows it.

The Royal Navy lets Somali pirates go because they are afraid they will be given asylum.  This proves the UK government knows that Somalis are predators.  So it shows they are lying about the benefits of multiculturalism and diversity.

Gordon Brown demands Pakistan take out bin Laden.  Article here:

But it was Pakistan that was behind 9/11 at least in infrastucture terms.  The UK and US governments have shielded them just like Somali pirates and Somali asylum seekers.

Pakistan ISI Complete 9/11 Timeline


Putnam distrust equilibrium

Whites killed by blacks

Never get in the car with blacks.

==Excerpt follows

Robert writes:

A young white man, Benjamin Merrill, from a small, mostly white town in Washington State, was murdered on November 2nd in San Francisco by three young black women. Two women started talking with him on the street. He apparently got in their car and went to a house to pick up a third woman. They then drove to a park where they robbed and shot him dead. Since this young man’s home town, Belfair, is near where I live, I can tell you that the thought of three women preying upon a man is likely outside the realm of anything he could have conceived of. There are essentially no blacks in Belfair, so I don’t know what he might have thought about black women. The three women charged are: Kiarra Price, Teareney Brown and Kendra Fells.

Another story.

Picture of Teareney Brown included in this article:


(Photo at Auster site)

Benjamin Merrill
Darwin Award Winner

Here’s the first story that Robert sent:

Charges Filed Against Three California Women in Death of Belfair Native
By Brynn Grimley, Kistap Sun, Nov. 25

Pittsburg, Calif.–

==End excerpt from Auster

Benjamin Merrill is what Auster calls an Eloi white.

Never get in the car with blacks.  That means never trust them.  That means never let them in your house.  This is one reason people want Hispanics for cleaning their house, they don’t have to let blacks into it.  The difference in behavior is stark.  Blacks take over your house when you let them in it, much more so than Hispanics.

It also means don’t let a black in the White House, especially without a doctor signed, hospital issued birth certificate.  Remember, blacks hate their victims.  They have disdain and contempt for them. The Somali pirates showed that.

No gate crasher is illegal at White House of Obama Biden

November 26, 2009

Michaele and Tareq Salahi purported White House illegals?

No results found for “no gate crasher is illegal”.

Barack Hussein Obama has no doctor signed hospital issued birth certificate.  Obama is the ultimate gate crasher.  If charged, the couple should use as defense that Obama is not a natural born citizen and demand the doctor signed hospital issued birth certificate, the college records showing he was a dual citizen after age 18, and the entire Hawaii file and the rest of the records.

Obama invited them defense.

  1. Democrats said no person is illegal.
  2. Obama hired Hillary who said that.
  3. DHS has stopped enforcing laws.
  4. Shutting down Sheriff Arpaio to enforce immigration.
  5. Not making e-verify mandatory everywhere.
  6. Obstructing enforcement and verification.
  7. Calling Officer Crowley stupid when arresting Prof Gates
  8. Advocating amnesty.

All of these sent a message to the couple that gate crashing was not viewed as a crime or serious by the Obama White House.  That is where it happened.  So they were invited.

Will Obama release doctor signed birth certificate during half time Cowboys game

November 26, 2009

Oakland Raiders play Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day.   Half time would be the perfect time for Obama to release a doctor signed hospital issued birth certificate.   He pardoned a Thanksgiving Turkey, why not show the country if it has a pig in a poke for president or not?

Dallas, Dallas, Dallas can become Birth Certificate, Doctor Signed, Hospital Issued.

Eric Holder tries white America not Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in New York City

November 23, 2009

Eric Holder’s not so baffling decision to try KSM in New York City is explained by the war of blacks and non-whites on whites to take America from whites.

  1. To prove there is no war between America and non-whites.
  2. Out of Holder not believing there is.
  3. Prove not at war with Islam.
  4. Prove not at war in Iraq or Afghanistan with anything or anyone non-white.  Or at war here with anything.
  5. There is no war anywhere.  Its just white racism to think there is.   That is what Holder in effect said to Lindsay Graham.
  6. The trial is a denial of a war anywhere including in NYC and Fort Hood.
  7. Its also a denial of the war blacks and non-whites are waging against whites everywhere.  This doesn’t meant non-whites are not at war with whites.  It just means whites can’t fight back, which would mean removing non-whites from America.
  8. Same with Islam.  If we were at war with Islam, we would remove Muslims and Islam itself from America.  The trial is mean to remove that option from white people’s minds.
  9. Its saying al Qaeda is part of that non war war which Holder and Obama are part of.
  10. Reveal information to embarrass Bush about al Qaeda links to Pakistan.
  11. Reveal information to embarrass Bush about interrogation methods.
  12. To make white do what is right.
  13. This is a trial of White KKK America not KSM.   This is to prove its white racism that is behind 9/11, Fort Hood, etc.
  14. This trial is a civil rights trial of White America.
  15. This is a continuation of the Civil Rights Movement.  Its showing that KKK America will always resort to hoods and torture when threatened.
  16. This is to show blacks are the law and whites are lawless.  Only blacks will give a Muslim a fair trial in New York.  Whites will just do a Klan act unless blacks make them do what is right.
  17. To prove that Bush, the Bush DOJ and the FBI were stupid.
  18. To show black dominance over whites in DOJ and in the military.
  19. To show the black Muslim alliance will defeat white America.
  20. To show that civil rights laws for non-whites are more important than any white life or other reason.
  21. To show that New York City belongs to the non-white, the black, and the Muslim not to the white or the Jew.
  22. To show that diversity is taking over America.
  23. To show that KSM has more right to New York City than the white does.
  24. To show that KSM and Islam have more right to America than the white does.
  25. To show its KSM’s country because he gets tried in New York City, not white America’s to treat KSM as at war with White America.
  26. There is no legitimate White America for KSM to be at war with, because no legitimate White America exists.  The trial proves the non-existence of any legitimate White or Christian America.
  27. America is  a Muslim country.
  28. America is part of and subordinate to Africa.
  29. This is the land of the black man and whites are on their way out.
  30. The non-white rules.
  31. Now-whites say what goes.
  32. The time of the white man is over.
  33. White sensibilities don’t matter.
  34. White life in NYC doesn’t matter.  More terrorism against whites and killing whites is meaningless because the whole purpose of the civil rights movement is to make whites subordinate and then eliminate them.
  35. White money in NYC doesn’t matter.  Same reasons as white life.  White money doesn’t belong to whites but is stolen money and non-whites must repatriate it along with the land of NYC from whites.
  36. Same with America.
  37. Thousand Mogadishus.
  38. The whites in WTC were Little Eichmanns.
  39. The whites who kept KSM in Gitmo were Little Eichmanns.
  40. All whites are Little Eichmanns.
  41. To prove once and for all that Sarah Palin is a pig.
  42. To prove Bush was a pig.
  43. To prove Bush DOJ was pig DOJ.
  44. To prove Bush FBI was KKK FBI.
  45. To prove Bush military was white pig KKK Nazi military.
  46. All whites must go just as in South Africa.
  47. Just because.
  48. To show hate of the white.
  49. To show who is boss.
  50. Because they can.
  51. To give the finger to White America.
  52. To give the finger to the victims.
  53. To prove they were not victims, they were whites.
  54. To show White America in its face this is not your country.
  55. To show White America we are in charge not you.
  56. To show White America its future.
  57. To show White America it is a coward and won’t say or do anything to stop the black man.
  58. To show the black man is in charge.
  59. To show this is how it is.
  60. Shove Islam into the face of White America.
  61. Shove Islam into the face of the Jew in the Jew’s Wall Street.
  62. This is the black and the Muslim taking over downtown and Wall Street.
  63. The invasion from Harlem is official and in control of the Feds.
  64. White Manhattan is under Black and Muslim rule.
  65. White people can not buy their way out of black rule by expensive buildings in Manhattan.
  66. Where the white man flees, the black and the Muslim follow.
  67. There is no where the white man can hide from the black and the Muslim.
  68. To assert black and Muslim dominance over the white in the heart of white money.
  69. To show the richest whites they are under black rule and what blacks say goes.
  70. To show that all of Manhattan can be destroyed if blacks decide to allow Muslims to destroy it.
  71. To show that the age of Wall Street is over.
  72. To show that its black power in the federal government that matters not white money.
  73. The final victory of blacks over the center of the old North East privilege.
  74. That blacks from Kenya and the Islands can come to America and decide what happens in Manhattan for the powerful white privileged.
  75. That all blacks are natural born citizens.  All Muslims too.
  76. To show that Obama is legitimate.
  77. To show that killing whites is not a hate crime.
  78. To show 9/11 was not a hate crime.
  79. To show the age of white safety from non-whites is over forever.
  80. To show this in the heart of white wealth.
  81. To show that the age of the white is over.
  82. To show that in the most basic decisions of white welfare and white safety, blacks make the decisions not whites.
  83. To show the Muslim is the equal nay the superior of the white man.
  84. To show that 9/11 was not the end of one building but of the age of Wall Street.
  85. To show Wall Street has no control over itself.
  86. To show that physical control over Wall Street is not in Wall Street’s hands.
  87. To show that the white does not have physical control over himself.
  88. To show that the black and Muslim can freely enter wherever the white is.
  89. To show whites have no safety.
  90. To show white money can’t buy safety from the non-white.
  91. To show the white can’t keep the Muslim or non-white out.
  92. To show that Wall Street is not an important place anymore.  Its safety or convenience are of no consequence.
  93. To show that white Manhattan is of no consequence.
  94. To show that white America is of no consequence.
  95. To show the White World that its days of dominance are over.
  96. To show the white man he can be killed like a pig wherever he is at any time.
  97. To remind whites who rules.
  98. To show them that in the center of white wealth and privilege the white has no say.
  99. To show them that Manhattan will one day be as non-white as Harlem.
  100. To show that this is true of the entire world and whites can’t do anything to stop it.  They have no say in it at all now.

Eric Holder’s Baffling KSM Decision
The attorney general’s Senate testimony this week did nothing to reassure the families of 9/11’s victims.   David Beamer.

Mr. Beamer is the father of Todd Beamer, who died on United Airlines Flight 93 on 9/11.

Nation of Cowards Blog on Christopher Kernich killing Kent State

November 22, 2009

Christopher Kernich was killed in a beating death by blacks at Kent State.  The Nation of Cowards blog has a very important discussion of this.

NOC has a long detailed post citing a large amount of information and persuasively making the case that race does matter when blacks kill whites.

Two comments I left there

Great comments. The Putnam study may simply document how integration and civil rights including affirmative action together with replacement immigration have objectively made society for more worst and made people more desperate. The Anglo Celtic Declaration of Independence says we are a separate people entitled to a separate country and government of our own. That was true in reference to us v. the British. The others here now are even more different.

Another horrible black massacre in Arkansas of whites is being reported at Auster and Free Republic.


Its a terrible crime against Christopher Kernich who is dead. I had not realized that. I think you have written a very good response. Our dead and we are nothing sacred to this post reality society we live under. But reality keeps coming back and reminding us of its enduring truths. Those truths will kill us when we ignore them.

We can’t look to the establishment to tell the truth of our people being killed. We must tell the truth, the whole truth or no one else will. You are doing a great job in that sacred task.

Those who have pushed desegregation and affirmative action while blaming whites as racist are the bigots.  Black violence was already known and the results foreseeable.  Those who pushed integration and those who have called whites bigots are also responsible for their advocacy and acts.


Brutal Arkansas murder of 5 whites by 3 blacks

Eric Holder and Obama by saying whites were not covered by their new hate law called forth these types of hate attacks by blacks against whites.  Obama giving the finger to Hillary is command influence to these young blacks.  Obama calling Officer Crowley stupid was the same thing.


Comments at link below have a debate on similar topics.


Hate is the religion of the liberal

November 22, 2009

The liberal is envious of all who produce and are naturally superior.   Natural superiority the liberal hates totally because it can never be reduced to equality.  This is why the liberal hates the white race and seeks to bring it down.

The liberal seeks to control hate because hate is the preoccupation of the liberal.  The liberal desires hate.  He wants to hate and to control hate in others.  This springs from his focus on equality.

A focus on equality is a hate of the unequal.  This becomes hate of the superior.  This is most pure in the hate of the naturally superior.  Thus the liberal totally hates the naturally superior.  The liberal seeks to destroy what he hates, the naturally superior.

This is why the liberal seeks to destroy the white race.  The white race is naturally superior so the liberal seeks to destroy it.  This is the entire animus of his mind.

The pseudo-conservative can’t engage the liberal because the pseudo-conservative will not acknowledge that there is a naturally superior race, the white race.  The pseudo conservative only acknowledges naturally superior individuals, not races.  But it is from a naturally superior race that a naturally superior community comes.  Thus the whitopia comes from all whites.

Hate is the religion of the liberal.  The hatred of inequality becomes the hatred of the white race.  This is an all consuming religion of hate for the liberal.  All that is white, the liberal hates.  This is the foundation of his religion.

Pseudo-conservatives who deny racial inequality as flowing from the natural superiority of whites are unable to deal with the liberal.  The liberal lies that whites are not superior, but in fact all his actions show he thinks otherwise and seeks to destroy the superiority of the white race.

The business man sees the liberal as an ally in trying to throw down the white worker.  So they make an alliance against the white worker, which comes to include management workers as well.  This ultimately proves bad for business in general since the white race is good for business and the other races are not especially blacks, Hispanics and Muslims.

The liberal hates the superior.  The liberal most hates the naturally superior because the liberal can’t reduce it to equality.  So the liberal seeks to destroy totally natural superiority.

The white race is naturally superior.  The liberal can not change this except by degrading the white race with other races and destroying it.  So the liberal seeks the total destruction of the white race.

Pure liberalism is pure genocide of the white race.    The liberal hates the white race for its natural superiority and can not abide its continued existence.  So the liberal seeks to destroy it.  This is the command of its god, Equality.

The liberal claims to be the champion of the working class, but in fact he seeks the utter destruction and misery of the white working class.  He seeks to genocide and race mix the white working class to reduce it to the level of Africa.

This is why they liberal adopts Islam and Somali asylum.  The liberal sees that these will reduce the white race to servitude and extinction.  So he gladly adopts them.

The liberal also sees that the Muslim and Somali both hate the white as he does.  So he sees them as natural allies against what the liberal hates.  So he brings them here to do what they do naturally, reduce the white to servitude and destroy him and his superior society.

This is the total and utter destruction the liberal pursues without hesitation.  The liberal hates freely.  The liberal worships hate.  The liberal lives to hate.  The highest form of liberal hate is the hate of the white race.

Marxism has been purified into the hatred of the white race.  The religion of hating the white race is the inherent destination of the Marxist.  This is one reason Marxism is recognized as an alien religion of hate in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Survival means to state clearly the natural superiority of the white race.  This means preserving the pure white race.  This means sending the non-white races including any mixed back.

The mixed are degraded from the status of the pure white race.  This is why they take the side of the non-white.  This is why they can become haters of the white race.  Obama illustrates this.  He hates the natural superiority of his mother to his father.

The non-white hates the natural superiority of the white and seeks to degrade it.  This is why the mixed race must leave along with the non-white races.  Whites must acknowledge their natural supriority as a race.  Only then can they recognize the truth.  Only then can they tell the truth.  Only then can they act on the truth.

All these things liberals deny.  The liberal projects his hate of the white race onto the white race.  The liberal calls all of these elements of white survival by the word hate.  This is to make them forbidden.  This is to make white survival forbidden.  This is to complete the liberal plan to degrade and eliminate the white race.

The liberal can not compromise his hate.  The liberal’s religion is hate of the superior.  That makes the liberal’s religion the hate of the white race.  That makes the liberal seek the destruction of the white race.

This is why non-white immigration must be stopped and reversed.  The liberal will not stop until that happens.  As long there are non-whites here the liberal will seek to ally with them to throw down the naturally superior white race.  Thus there can be no peace until all non-whites have left.

Psedo-conservatives are useless because they don’t acknowledge these truths.  For the liberal this is a race war to degrade and eliminate the white race to eliminate its natural superiority.  That means society will be degraded once that is achieved.

The liberal seeks a permanently worse society by eliminating the naturally superior white race.  The superior society comes from the superior white race. The liberal seeks to destroy that.  This will end both the superior society and the superior white race.

To defeat that end, the white race must be preserved.  The superior society of the white race comes from the existence and dominance of the white race.  To preserve that superior society, the white race and its dominance must both be preserved.

Denying these ends is what conservatives do.  They can not have the means to these ends by denying these ends.  Thus they undermine any effective resistance to liberalism.

The conservatives up front and at the beginning deny white racial superiority and of white natural superiority.  They deny the need for white dominance. Thus they deny the only end worth fighting for and the only means to achieve it.

This is why pseudo conservatives advocate the same ruin as the liberals.  They are afraid to deny the end of the liberal, the destruction of the white race and the reason the liberal wants that end, because the white race is naturally superior.  The superior society is only possible from the pure white race in a position of dominance.  Pseudo conservatives deny this end and thus do not strive for the means to achieve it.  Thus they join with the liberal in degrading and destroying the white race.

Race realists of the past acknowledged and proclaimed the natural superiority of the white race.  This was essential to preserving the naturally superior society of the white race.

This was targeted by Schlei and the liberals in the un-Civil Rights Revolution.  They sought to destroy the concept of the naturally superior white race so that they could destroy the naturally superior white race.  All their means were devoted to the end of destroying the white race.

This is why non-white immigration was called a civil right by them.  Civil rights to them meant destroying the white race so as to end natural superiority.  So civil rights became destroying the civil society of the white and replacing it with the uncivil society of the non-white lands.  This is what has happened.

The liberals put in place in the 1960’s measures that they knew would destroy the white race and bring down the superior society of the white race replacing it by the corrupt, violent and brutal societies of the non-white.  This is what is happening.

Pseudo conservatives can’t fight this because they deny the natural superiority of the white race.  Thus they can’t advocate preserving a pure white race in separation from the non-white races.  Thus they become the advocates of the liberal program of destroying the white race and the truly civil society that whites create.


Real conservatism must state

  1. The white race is naturally superior.
  2. The superior society of the white comes from the natural superiority of the white race.
  3. The purity of the white race must be preserved.
  4. The non-white races must be sent out of the white lands.
  5. This is the only way to preserve the superior society of the naturally superior whites.
  6. All that is great in the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights comes from natural white superiority.
  7. Non-whites will cheat in a white society to get equality to the white.  This means they will lie and cheat in every position of power or influence including juries, as judges, or any type of superior position.
  8. Non-whites will never observe white rules because the outcome is worse for non-whites.  So they will cheat and connive against the white and against the rules themselves to further their fight against the white.
  9. This requires that non-whites be sent away to their own lands.
  10. Whites can not reap the reward of their superior ethics except in a land of pure whites.  Thus non-whites must go.

These points are the foundation of real conservatism.  Conservatism means conserving the superior society that whites produced.  That superior society came from natural white superiority.

The Bill of Rights and European concepts of freedom came from natural white superiority.  So did their other concepts of society.

Liberal government has become destructive of these ends.  It is thus the right and duty of whites to throw it off and substitute such government in its place that will preserve white freedom and white security.  This requires preserving white purity.  This requires sending non-whites to their own continents.


The 19th century and early 20th century proclaimed easily the natural superiority of the white.  Earlier centuries took it as so obvious as not to require comment.  The rise of liberalism contested this obvious truth and makes the highest commandment denying the natural superiority of the white.

This is why the liberal exalts Obama and Colin Powell and others.  Even though they are obviously inferior and not of the same caliber as superior whites they are exalted by liberals as if they are.  Any criticism of their inferiority is called white racism.  White racism is any acknowledgment of natural white superiority, the glaringly obvious truth about the races.

The pseudo conservatives do this as well.  If Democrats have Obama, Republicans will have Steele and Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell.  All of them agree with Obama on affirmative action, non-white immigration, and degrading the white race from its natural superiority.

The denial of white racial superiority is the lie of liberalism.  This is why proclaiming white racial superiority is the ultimate crime think of liberalism.  Because once its acknowledged, the whole liberal program is revealed as destructive.  This reveals liberalism is about destroying the naturally superior society of whites.  This then reveals liberalism is hate.

Integrated schools are about taking good schools away from whites, not about giving good schools to blacks and Hispanics.   Integrated neighborhoods are about making whites live in fear of black and Latino gangs, not giving freedom and security to blacks and Hispanics.   The liberal lie is to say these are to life the non-white up when in fact they are to pull the naturally superior white down.

Asserting natural white superiority is the ultimate crime under liberalism.  This is the crime that makes one beyond the pale.  They call this crime white supremacy.  Its the ultimate crime to the liberals.

But white natural superiority is the plain obvious truth.  A few centuries ago, before the rise of liberalism, it was taken for granted.  Only under liberalism has natural white superiority become a topic of dispute.  This is because only under liberalism is this obvious truth denied and the assertion of it penalized.

It is only by asserting natural white superiority and that this is the basis of superior white schools and white corporations and white charity and white government that superior white society can be preserved.   The means to preserving the superior white society come from pointing out the simple truth that these good things come from a pure white society.  Without the pure white society, the good society is degraded and these things don’t come.

Diversity drive by at Kent State

November 18, 2009

Christopher M. Kernich, 23, was struck by diversity while walking.

Ronald G. Kelly, 20, and Adrian A. Barker, 21, of Akron have been arrested in connection with the incident. They were charged with felonious assault, a second-degree felony.

Greg Jarvie, interim vice president for enrollment management and student affairs and dean of students, said the university is aware of the incident and added, “Everybody’s thoughts should be with” Kernich.

Second degree diversity and battery.  I am sure General George Casey would say that everybody’s thoughts should be with diversity.


This incident came from loss of white civil rights of association in the Anglo Celtic Declaration of Anglo Celtic Independence and the Bill of Anglo Celtic Rights in the Anglo Celtic Constitution.  Those who took away those rights hated whites.

This incident is their hate.  We know that because after each one, they do nothing.  Or like Hollywood’s Jim Webb and K Street’s Mark Warner they vote for hate crime laws that Eric Holder says don’t cover Christians, whites and service members.

This was a hate crime.  Blacks hate whites.  Condoleezza Rice showed that by pushing Turkish membership in Europe, not acting on warnings before 9/11/2001, and reacting as the typical black affirmative action hire does when confronted with her incompetence and harm to whites.  Eric Holder and Barack Hussein Obama show they hate whites by not covering them in the Holder Obama hate crimes law and by Obama giving Hillary the finger.

Hollywood writers portray blacks as friendly and trustworthy in the movies.  These writers, often Jewish are lying.  The actual leading blacks in the country, Obama, Colin Powell, Eric Holder, Condoleezza Rice, etc. hate whites.  They show it openly.  This is how blacks feel.  They hate whites more than Jesse Jackson not less.

This hate is growing not becoming less.  In real life, avoid blacks.  They are physically dangerous.  Don’t be alone with them in a dorm room like the white student killed by a black room mate using a baseball bat while he slept.  If you are in the same room as one find a way to change.  Work the system.  The system is lies.  Its trying to genocie you.

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

Genetics. 1979 January; 91(1): 163–176.


Copyright notice

The Island Model with Stochastic Migration

Thomas Nagylaki

Department of Biophysics and Theoretical Biology, The University of Chicago, 920 East 58th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60637

That’s the real math truth.   The university is not just trying to but is genociding you.  Don’t believe in it.  It lies.  So does the goverment.

Whites must not hate themselves or other whites.  Whites will not be saved by others.  Only by white pride can whites save themselves.  That means working with whites for white civil rights.

We don’t stand a chance with dormant pride,

The greatest race to ever walk the earth,
Dying a slow death with insane mirth,

Don’t let it end this way, i can’t bear to witness . . .

Saga singing Ode to a Dying People:

Warren Buffett Goldman Sachs to teach H-1b hiring to small business

November 18, 2009

Warren Buffett and Goldman Sachs have announced they have combined to teach small business the Buffett Goldman Sachs (BGS) way of business.

  1. Hiring H-1b.
  2. If the job requires a mind, hire an Indian or Chinese.
  3. If the job requires a back, hire a Mexican.
  4. Be disloyal to whites.
  5. Never forget rule 4.
  6. What’s good for Goldman Sachs is good for you.
  7. Some sample thank you letters and testimonials to write your senator.
  8. Goldman Sachs is working for you.
  9. When Goldman Sachs lobbies Congress it helps you.
  10. Give to the same candidates that Goldman Sachs gives to.
  11. Being part of the Goldman Sachs team.
  12. The Goldman Sachs seal of approval.
  13. Your business can last as long as Goldman Sachs if you tell your senator the same things we do.
  14. You can not win by loyalty to whites.
  15. The white race is finished, but you can live on under the Goldman Sachs umbrella.
  16. Influencing politics the Goldman Sachs way.
  17. When Goldman Sachs is inside government you are too.
  18. Remember to tell the senators that Goldman Sachs sent you.
  19. Don’t be loyal to local people, cheat them instead.
  20. Remember, there are rubes and Goldman Sachs umbrella companies. You know which one you are.
  21. Amnesty for beginners.
  22. Getting government subprime mortgages for your Latino employees.
  23. Dumping your employees on the local ER at no cost to you.
  24. Mass Immigration another century.
  25. Latino Votes combined with Goldman Sachs money equals the Gillibrand Schumer machine.
  26. Don’t fight 85 Broad Street.
  27. The secrets of 85 Broad Street for influence.
  28. We need Indians and Chinese and Muslims in our WMD labs.
  29. Finding a gated community.
  30. Hiring personal guards for your family.
  31. The executive’s course on avoiding Latino kidnapping gangs.
  32. Inside secrets of kidnapping gangs in Mexico.
  33. Avoiding US tax.
  34. How to hide assets in complicated swap deals.
  35. Never pay your taxes.
  36. Hire employees who don’t pay taxes and reduce their pay by the difference.
  37. Use your employee tax avoidance as leverage over them.
  38. Firing Americans and making them train their H-1b replacements to get severance.
  39. Outsourcing.
  40. Getting Lou Dobbs fired by CNN.
  41. Stick it to the worker.
  42. Now is the time for us.
  43. Lowering the labor force participation rate of men permanently to keep men’s median wages low forever.
  44. Breaking social security and medicare.
  45. How to survive the coming collapse of the dollar.
  46. Invest in Goldman.
  47. Opening an account at Goldman, the real purpose of this plan.
  48. Why you should pay Goldman high fees to open your account.
  49. Using your Goldman account to give the same campaign contributions that we do.
  50. The Goldman Sachs Century.
  51. The Sun never sets on Goldman Sachs.
  52. How to survive the breakup of America.
  53. Why America doesn’t matter.
  54. Being an American means nothing, but being a Goldman client is a way for you to pay us fees.
  55. Confide your secrets in Goldman.
  56. Don’t trust anyone but us.
  57. Where your treasure lies, there will Goldman lie also.
  58. Birth certificates, how to get them, change them and hide them.
  59. How to get judges to dismiss cases for lack of standing.
  60. Seven Secrets US Attorneys don’t want you to know.
  61. How to trade in your employees when the FBI comes around.
  62. Same with IRS.
  63. Corporate fascism in one easy lesson.
  64. How to make your employees watch each other using diversity and PC.
  65. Divide your employees with multiculturalism.
  66. Make your employees more dependent on work by destroying the community.
  67. Giving back to yourself.
  68. How to set up a business front in the Cayman Islands.
  69. Managing your offshore girl friend.
  70. Erasing your text messages.  Very important.  You won’t want to miss this.
  71. Never use email for anything important.
  72. Take this land and shove it while you put money offshore.
  73. The people you went to high school with are stupid.  Stick it to them.
  74. Stick it to their kids too.
  75. Stick it to their grandkids.
  76. Keep them from having children after that by Latino immigration.
  77. How to develop feelings of disloyalty in yourself while creating fear in others who depend on you.
  78. Ex-employees how to make sure they never work again.
  79. The basic truths about fear and how to make them work for you.
  80. Owning hate and denying it to others.
  81. Symbols of diversity to erase symbols of traditional identity.
  82. Turn religion against the people and for you.
  83. No bribe is illegal.
  84. Rube’s gold and how to sell it and not hold onto it.
  85. Peak oil the Goldman Sachs way.
  86. Carbon dating for companies.
  87. Don’t ever miss a chance to corrupt Congress.
  88. Congress wants money.  Lots of money.
  89. The sweet lies of diversity.
  90. How to survive the coming end of the white race.
  91. A world of non-whites ruled by Goldman money.
  92. Goldman forever.
  93. Races come and go but not Goldman Sachs.
  94. How to rebrand yourself as Latino, Indian and Muslim.
  95. Security systems in the land of diversity.
  96. The all important safe room in your mansion.
  97. Be aware at all times and get out of dangerous diversity situations.
  98. Self defense.
  99. Sacrifice others to save yourself.
  100. Taking your suicide pill when all else fails.  We give you an inner peace lesson for this final task.  Your last thoughts will be of Goldman.

General George Diversity Casey My Career right or wrong

November 18, 2009

General George Casey warned against a backlash against generals today.

Casey:   There is an anger in this country against careerist generals.  There are angry blogs talking of George Diversity Casey and the like.  This must stop.

Schumer:  I can feel your pain.  We get letters from the same bigots.   Go on with your story it is so moving to me.

Case: My Career comes before the lives of my men. The army’s promotion system insures generals loyal to their career only. Others are weeded out, especially those with a sense of right and wrong and loyalty to their country and the truth.  The white race is doomed, read Derbyshire.

Senator Schumer:  My career comes before the lives of white people too.  I think I can speak for most senators certainly Gillibrand who does what I tell her or she doesn’t get Goldman Sachs money thinks the same way.  Or she votes the same way.  What she thinks is her business as long as she doesn’t tell anyone.

Casey: I agree exactly.

Schumer: Goldman Sachs has a new initiative today, the 85 Broad Street giveaway.  They are giving money to small business to learn business the Goldman Sachs way.  Warren Buffet is in on it.

Casey: They are towers of diversity.

Schumer: My thoughts exactly.

We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

Schumer: No more bigots writing in about the Wright Island Model.  We don’t need their kind here.

Casey: Nor in the military.

Schumer: That kind of theorem has no place in today’s discourse.  It should and must be banned.

Casey: I couldn’t agree with you more.

Schumer: I see a great career ahead of you when you retire as part of the Goldman Sachs umbrella of small K street companies.


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