Arab fallacy on Israel as Jewish homeland and Holocaust

November 3, 2009

There would have been no Holocaust of Jews during WWII if the Muslims and Arabs had not invaded the Roman Empire in the 7th century and then engaged in ethnic cleansing of Jews and Christians from then to now.   The Turkish genocide of Christian Greeks in Asia Minor in World War One was a major factor in the rise of ethnocides and genocides from that time forward including in Russia, Hungary, etc.

The Muslims say that Europe should give Jews a homeland for the Holocaust.  But Muslims stole our lands starting in the 7th century.  They should give us back all those lands and we can then give the Jewish people a homeland out of all that.  That just happens to include all of Greater Israel.

So the proper reply to the question: Why should Muslims and Arabs given up lands for the Holocaust?  is that Muslims should give up their entire conquest and return it to the Europeans they ethnically cleansed from those lands including all of Asia Minor.  Palestine was part of the Ottoman Empire, the Caliphate and Sultanate which was the Muslim Ummah land.  All of that should have been returned to Europeans after WWI not just the small bits that included Palestine.

Its not a matter of Israel giving back to the Muslims and Arabs, its a matter of them giving back more of the lands they took which include Israel.


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