Murder in Mayberry thanks to Bush family hate

November 3, 2009

The murders in Mayberry were done by Hispanics but the hate was that of the Bush family.  They hate whites and wanted to destroy the Mayberrys.  Whites voted for this.  Wake up whites. Start voting for the BNP types.  They are your people telling you the truth.

Demographic and other stats here on Mount Airy North Carolina:

James Fulford covers it at Vdare

Can stupid white people wake up?

  1. Never ascribe to malice what you can ascribe to stupidity.
  2. Stupidity is the malice of the stupid.

White people need to drop the malice against their own kind.  Lindsey Graham are you listening?  Free fax Congress from your computer.

I just sent a fax.

Barney Fife has to keep his bullet in his gun now.  Andy Taylor has to wear a gun all the time.  This is the town Andy Griffith chose for this show.  Now its chosen by the Lindsey Graham types for destruction.   Don Knotts played Barney Fife.  Don’t get tied up in knots.  Don’t leave your best bullet in your pocket.  Your best bullet is a fax to Congress through NumbersUSA and even sometimes a phone call.


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