Congress wages legal immigration jihad on jobs

November 6, 2009

Congress is waging jihad on jobs by legal immigration.  This includes family reunification from distant branches of trees with roots down to the tip of South America, the jungles of Southeast Asia and the Gaza Strip and West Bank,  Agjobs chasing out students and men who used to do what is now women’s work, mail order brides, H-1b’s manufacturing low risk values for investment banks and hedge funds, asylum seeking leeches, refugees from terror inflicting terror, Muslim shooters inside the military, Hispanic shooters inside businesses, Hmong Hunters in our countryside, Somali pirates in the formerly white state known as Maine, Korean shooters in the classroom, Latino rape gangs prowling outside high schools looking for teens, and a president without a hospital issued doctor signed birth certificate.

[Edwin S. Rubenstein]

==Quote from Vdare follows

The October draw comes on the heels of a month in which Hispanic employment rose by 192,000 and non-Hispanics lost nearly 1 million jobs.

Non-Hispanic employment has declined every month since April 2008.

Over the longer run, of course, national employment trends are overwhelmingly tipped in favor of Hispanics. From January 2001 through October 2009:

  • Hispanic employment increased by 3,437,000 positions (+ 21.3 percent)
  • Non-Hispanic employment fell by 2,938,000 positions (-2.4 percent)

==End quote see graph at link

Their displacement index (Brimelow and Rubenstein developed it) is 124.3, with higher numbers measuing the displacement by Hispanics of non Hispanics.  This is one of the numbers that measures Congress’s jihad on jobs.


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