FBI ignored warning signs because Obama Cairo speech

November 6, 2009

FBI knew By Gordon Rayner and Nick Allen in Fort Hood, Texas.


Hypothesis: The FBI ignored the warning signs about Major Hasan because of Obama’s Cairo speech and because Obama was born a Muslim and recited the Islamic Call to Prayer to Kristof of the New York Times.   Major Nidal Malik Hasan was a walking warning sign of Islam in his name.  But so is Barack Hussein Obama II.  Both spout hatred of America.  In fact, what Hasan said was less than what Obama said on videotape.  Obama gave the finger to Hillary and McCain (a real hero) and called Sarah Palin a pig all on videotape.  The courts and Congress ignored that his father was never a US citizen so Obama was not a natural born citizen by some analysis and didn’t ask for his doctor signed birth certificate or see if he applied to college as a dual citizen, as he likely did.


Muslims even now express outrage.  Imagine if the Major was taken into custody before he attacked.  Or just discharged.  There might have been shootings from the Muslims in the New York Times article.


So the memo Hasan determined to attack in the United States was ignored because Hussein was president.  His inauguration was one of hate. Eric Holder said hate crime laws don’t protect whites.  That too is a factor. See the series by Patrick Cleburne at Vdare.com.  A partial list of those with links here:



What would the King of Saudi Arabia say if we arrested a Muslim major at Fort Hood?  Shudder.  Better to have whites killed.  Same as letting Pakistan build more nukes after the 9/11 attacks.

Or even what would Fareed the Weed Zakaria say if Obama’s “goons” picked up a Muslim major on suspicion.  Bigotry he would call it.   For these sophisticated types a few whites being shot at Fort Hood is a matter of no consequence.  After all, their goal can be summed up in these words:


We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.







4 Responses to “FBI ignored warning signs because Obama Cairo speech”

  1. Cris Ericson Says:

    U.S. President Gerald R. Ford (1974-1977) did not know that he was adopted until he was sixteen.
    Ford was born Leslie Lynch King, Jr.
    When he was two, his parents divorced
    and his mother later married Gerald Rudolff Ford,
    who legally adopted the boy and gave him his own name.
    The secret was kept from him until his high school years,
    when his real father came up to him one day and announced the facts.
    Source: “The Last Cow on the White House Lawn” by Barbara Seuling.

    On the Certificate of Birth that President Obama’s people released,
    it states that his father is African.
    If President Obama is a “Natural Born Citizen”
    then the African man is NOT his biological father.

    Who is President Obama’s biological father?
    Who was the attending medical physican at birth?
    What Hospital was he born in?
    Was he born in a taxi cab and did a driver certify back seat delivery?

    29 CFR 1910.1200 (Code of Federal Regulations) gives employees a “right to know” about
    the chemicals they are exposed to at work.
    The U.S. Constitution gives voters the “right to know” if President Obama is
    a natural born citizen.

    We must demand our “right to know” and petition U.S. Congress with our greivance.

    Cris Ericson, http://vermontnews.livejournal.com

  2. oldatlantic Says:

    Interesting about president Ford. I like the right to know slogan.

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