Muslim immigration is Congress’s jihad against America

November 6, 2009

Congress’s Muslim army is attacking Christians as intended.   This is what Congress intended by the immigration.

Some comments at Wapo

(One or two may have been deleted by the Commissar of Comment Control at Wapo)

Congress is at war with us by Muslim immigration.  After the 1979 hostage taking, Congress continued Muslim immigration. After the WTC 1993 attacks, Congress continued Muslim immigration.
After the WTC 2001 and Pentagon attacks Congress continued Muslim immigration.  After invading Muslim lands, Congress continued Muslim immigration.

After every incident, they continue Muslim immigration.  After each incident we keep voting for the Congress that does this to us.  Congress has a deep and abiding contempt for us because we keep voting for them after they keep continuing Muslim immigration.

Senator Mark Warner’s win over Gilmore was a sign to Congress that we had no sense of our own interest.  Congress has been proven right after each terrorist incident.  They have contempt for us as despicable fools.  They have been proven right each time.


At Congress, a day of laughing at Americans who keep voting for them after they continue Muslim immigration after each incident. We put our little hand trustingly in their big hand and they crush it every time. And we keep voting for them. Over time, Congress’s contempt has turned to hate. In each of these incidents, they pretend to be for us while they laugh at us behind the scenes.
11/6/2009 8:07:07 AM
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OldAtlantic wrote:
Muslims shooting us here is Muslim-crime. Congress bringing Muslims here is Congress-crime.
11/6/2009 9:01:22
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Auster has brilliant satire of current lib line that insults to Islam like Camel Jockey required that infidels be killed, even though the infidels killed were different than the ones making the insults.  This is because libs agree with the Sultan and Calipha that all Infidel Nations are but one.

==Great coverage at Vdare.  On it early and have posted frequently as updates come in.

Nicholas Stix:

Steve Sailer:

James Fulford

Vdare needs to have an index for each writer and not just have to go through the posts in reverse Chronological order.  An index for each writer with subjects would be a big step forward.


He was called Camel Jockey so all infidels must die:




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