Police MSM won’t release race Orlando shooter loose

November 6, 2009

==At early stage of news coverage

The police and MSM apparently have gotten descriptions of the shooter(s) but won’t release the race even though the shooter(s) are on the loose.  Rather than appear racist they will let people die.   One outlet reported the clothing but not the race.  How many people can identify clothing over race at first sight?

Failure to release the race of the shooter while loose is a violation of people’s civil rights.  People should get an injunction on all police departments to compel them to release the race of all criminals at large and Obama’s doctor signed birth certificate.

==At a later stage

CNN is showing a photo of a white man with dark hair.  The police spokesperson was asked what color shirt he was wearing.  She refused to say but said perps usually change their shirt.  What about their skin color?  Do they change that?  Even when asked for a description and with the photo on the CNN screen, the spokesperson couldn’t say he was white, assuming the photo on the screen was the perp.

== At a later stage

James Fulford:


“Police are seeking a man named Jason Rodriguez.”




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