Mark Fuhrman planted bloody turban at Fort Hood

November 7, 2009

(Breaking)  Mark Fuhrman planted The Bloody Turban at Fort Hood crime scene to incriminate the Muslim Major Nidal Malik Hasan.  Fuhrman was at Fort Hood for a training session for White Supremacist MP’s.   This consisted of:

  1. Ways to say the N word really fast.
  2. Planting evidence.
  3. Getting away with Taser abuse
  4. Lying.
  5. Prompting false memory in witnesses
  6. Beating the lie detector.
  7. Manipulating the line up
  8. Getting blacks convicted
  9. Blaming the Muslim
  10. Removing birth certificates from birth hospitals so they can’t be president.

Fuhrman was identifed leaving the base by loyal members of the Muslim Brotherhood who promptly reported it to Saudi front groups.  A check from the Saudi Embassy across from the Watergate was promptly deposited in an offshore bank account.

The real story that White Supremacists were behind the attack is being pursued by Muslim Now News (MNN).   MNN is sponsored by diversity conscious corporations that don’t want a bad report from the Brotherhood.




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