Muslim conspiracy theorists “refute” Lone Muslim gunman Fort Hood

November 7, 2009

Muslim conspiracy theorists are already out refuting the Lone Muslim Gunman theory of the Fort Hood Jihad Massacre.  Their theory goes like this.

  1. White supremacist privates started the fight.
  2. The Muslim major got hold of one of their guns and started shooting back.
  3. The white MP came by and saw a firefight with a Muslim and assumed he was guilty,
    so she shot him.  (She was also mistaken that she had been shot by him.  Or lying to cover up her own bigotry or that she was a white supremacist in on it.)
  4. Then the investigators came on this and learned the truth but covered it up blaming it all on the lone Muslim theory.

This is a conspiracy theory worthy of Reverend Wright’s Church of Hate.  Johnnie Cochrane himself couldn’t have done better.  The Lone MP is now the Mark Fuhrman demon of deception.

CNN – Prosecutors share lunch with victims’ families – Sept. 29, 1995

Mark Fuhrman does not represent me,” he said. Asked how it felt to be called a “demon of deception,” Vannatter said, “I think it’s horrible.
Major Nidal Malik Hasan conspiracy theory white supremacists
Nidal Malik Hasan patsy
Nidal Malik Hasan “white supremacists”

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