Obama in radio address white MP stupid to shoot Muslim

November 7, 2009

In his radio address to the nation, Obama, said it was stupid to shoot a Muslim on his own base Fort Hood Texas.

Obama:  This was the home base of the Muslim.  The MP came along and thought the Muslim was responsible since he was shooting white people.  This is the same as Officer Crowley arresting Professor Gates of Harvard in his own home after he knew he was the home owner.

Obama: White people need to realize that Muslims are entitled to this land as much as they are.   My father came from Kenya and I was raised in a Muslim country.  I know what it is to live among the infidel.  I have said when the time came I would stand with the Muslim.   That time has come.  I am standing with my people.


The killing spree only ended when Hasan was shot and seriously wounded by two police officers, Sgt Kim Munley, who was herself shot in the thighs and wrist, and her partner Sgt Mark Todd.

Obama said the officers jumped to assumptions about the Muslim the same way that Officer Crowley did about professor Gates.

Obama:  Obviously this Kim Munley is a typical white person.  She is shot and then she starts shooting Muslims and people of color.  I have lived with this all my life.

Obama went on to praise the people of color while white supremacists are shooting everyone up.

Obama:  It was basically a Klan type situation.  I know how typical white people think.  Once the shooting starts they revert to their inner Klansman.  David Duke comes out.  He always does with white people.  I know the MP type thinking.  They came down found this crime scene of white supremacist killing and blamed it on the Muslim.  Just like Fuhrman and Vannatter the twin demons of deception.  The white MP’s had a whole Klanfull of demons of deception on the scene telling the witnesses what to say they saw.

Obama ended by praying that white would do what was right in the future.  Then he gave John McCain, a typical white soldier, the finger.


Video results in search results.


Obama ended by going on about his birth certificate.

Obama: I was born in Mombasa.  My family is Muslim.  I am a natural born Muslim.  Get over it white people.  I am your ruler now.  I stand with the Muslim.

Obama then gave the call to prayer in Arabic.  Kristof of the New York Times has the tape.



Obama don’t jump to conclusions.





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