Obama’s nose gets snazi infection

November 7, 2009

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs.

Gibbs: Obama’s nose has an infection.

Fred the Unshred:  Is it from flu virus from the illegals he shacks up with from Mexico who brought it in when Los Alamos said to close the border and Obama said no it will only infect typical white people?

Gibbs: Obama thought it would infect untypical white people as well.

Fred: But how did the snazi get up his nose?

Gibbs: The Secret Islamic Service (SIS) believes it happened while Obama was doing his daily ablutions.

Fred: How could snazi have gotten into the White House in the first place?

Gibbs: That’s an assumption.

Fred: He’s infected, what do you mean its an assumption?

Gibbs: Think upon it.

Fred: You mean he was with his Latino whores outside where Michelle couldn’t find him?

Gibbs: A press secretary is like a priest.

Fred: Like a Jesuit.

Gibbs: None of your typical Wasp prejudice here my good man.

Fred: So what’s Obama going to do about his infection?

Gibbs: He is seeking out a practitioner of desnazification.

Fred: What do they want?  Some sort of bailout?   A museum of Kent cloth?

Gibbs:  He is asking his old pastor to come and help him.

Fred: The Pastor of Disaster?

Gibbs:  Obama believes his pastor has secret wisdom that will cure him.

Fred: Didn’t he marry him to Michelle?

Gibbs: She went to Harvard Law School.

Fred: That would be hard to take even if she was white.

Gibbs:  None of that talk here.

Fred: So how long is he going to be out with this?

Gibbs: He hopes to make an appearance for health care.

Fred: Will the bill cover Snazi?

Gibbs: Everyone will be covered even the typical Snazi.


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