Muslim Leftist hate thread on Fort Hood at Think Progress

November 8, 2009

Muslim conspiracy theory as well.  A sample

Dr. Hussein Matt says:

A fascist teabagging hick like O’Racost would rather us forget that the terrorism = conservatism. On the other hand, the nazi Savage would not be screaming at the top of his lungs if the shooter was a Christian.

The conservative comments are voted down in true Stalinist Orwellian fashion.  LGF was also Leftists go froth.   Or Leftists grow froth.
=Also from Dr. Hussein

Wacko conservatism and teabaggin are similar nazi religions for the GOPigs.
Zooey, I agree with you. It’s a shame. Yet, when a teabagger goes on a shooting spree to murder liberals and authorities find his manifesto quoting O’Racist, Bernie, and Savage, the reich-wing claim the teabagger is just “insane”. Hypocritical lowlife scum.
Barack Hussein Obama II said as much before the attacks.  Talk about command influence, that was already exerted before the attacks.
Dr. Hussein Matt says:

Eye-witness to Fort Hood Shooter:

There have been several media reports that the Fort Hood shooter yelled “Allahu Akbar!” during his rampage, but my correspondent says, “He was silent in my presence.”

This was premeditated.  This wasn’t VBC again.  That guy snapped, not this one.  He was so damn calm when he was shooting.  Methodical.  And he was moving tactically.  The Army really is diverse and we really do love all our own.
Yes, the love was on display there and we have found out Hasan displayed the love verbally before that.  General Casey displayed the love of whites today, blaming the victim so as to excuse his own complicity in allowing PC to let jihadists be in the military.
The army brass view expressed by General Casey is that Fort Hood was just another exercise in diversity.  Thus the official name should be the Fort Hood Diversity Exercise.  Or The Fort Hood Diversity Drill.    Or we can do a 9/11 diversity drill.  Or Fort Hood Diversity Drill.   Hussein was proud of Major Hasan in the Fort Hood Diversity Drill.



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  1. lubeivngmmee Says:

    I can’t think of a more appropriate time and place to begin a good piece of science literature… snow on the ground… my faithful dog at my feet, bathed in the warmth of the yule time log in the fireplace.

    I am looking forward to visiting this forum regularly.

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