Obama Holder command influence FBI Army before Fort Hood shootings

November 9, 2009

The FBI and Army had information about Hasan and Muslim extremism in the military before the Fort Hood shootings by Muslim Major Nidal Malik.  In a series of actions and statements both Holder and Obama exerted command influence on the FBI and army to ignore this information and to downplay it.  This is part of generalized genocide and narrow genocide against the white race in and outside the United States.

  1. Obama gave finger to Hillary Clinton.
  2. Obama gave finger to war hero John McCain.
  3. Obama called Sarah Palin a pig.
  4. Obama instigating the wall of hate attack against Sarah Palin starting out of Daily Kos.  There was information prior to announcement that she might be McCain’s pick so Obama’s campaign got this attack ready in advance.
  5. Obama inaugural prayer that White would do what is right.
  6. Obama’s course at University of Chicago.
  7. Obama’s refusal to disclose his birth certificate and other records.
  8. Obama not being forthcoming to talk about his dual and multiple citizenships, birth status, etc.
  9. Obama signing hate crime law after Attorney General Holder said whites not covered by it.
  10. Obama saying Officer Crowley acted stupidly.  This was intended to generate a wall of hate against Crowley like against Sarah Palin.
  11. Obama Cairo speech where he adopted Muslim theological positions by calling Christ a prophet despite Obama’s pretence to be a Christian.
  12. Obama’s false statements on his being a Muslim.
  13. Obama concealing records of his childhood and college applications to conceal his Muslim status.
  14. Obama reciting Muslim call to prayer to Kritof of New York Times and lying about his Muslim upbringing.
  15. Obama using Muslim formulation of reversion to Islam on his website when discussing his experience in Rev Wright’s Church.

Eric Holder also has a list of actions.

  1. Holder saying whites not covered by the new hate crime law.
  2. Holder stopping the investigation of the Black Panthers in vote fraud.
  3. Holder calling this a nation of cowards, meaning whites not giving way to blacks enough and continually apologizing to non-whites.
  4. Holder being part of the Slicer Coalition cutting whites out of Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, UCLA, etc.
  5. Holder as a hard liner in slicing out whites by affirmative action slicing machine.  Blacks, Hispanics and Muslims take off the bottom and Asians and Jews off the top leaving whites squeezed or sliced out.
  6. Holder in general supporting generalized genocide against whites including the erasing of the national pattern of whites.


Numerous links supporting some of the above elements are in the posts of the preceding days.  Some more may be added here or to subsequent ones.

Barack Hussein Obama II and Eric Holder exerted command influence on the FBI and Army and government to ignore warnings of danger inside the government, as well as outside.  This is part of generalized genocide of white people.  Because generalized genocide causes narrow genocide, the actual killing, its in the same moral class.  At some point, it carries over and becomes covered under current statutes.  This is the case when its done by the President and Attorney General.

Obama and Holder have engaged in a pattern of denying and belittling whites, the civil rights of whites, and the human dignity of whites.  This is part of their entire personas.  They do it all the time.  They make it clear there are consequences to career and more to any white person or other who crosses them on it.  This is command influence exerted by Obama and Holder as President and Attorney General to deny the civil rights of whites by stopping Black Panthers investigations, calling white police stupid to arrest a black, and to go slow on investigating Muslims in the military.

Obama and Holder are guilty of command influence to deny the civil rights of whites and massare them at Fort Hood.   This is part of their culpability of generalized genocide.  This culpability is so extreme and pervasive in their actions and personas that when combined with their acts of office is covered by statutes on narrow genocide.



U.S. intelligence agencies were aware months ago that Army Major Nidal Hasan was attempting to make contact with people associated with al Qaeda, two American officials briefed on classified material in the case told ABC News.

Nov. 9, 2009


They continue the same policy to avoid admitting culpability and complicity.


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