Diversity national goal not rational goal

November 10, 2009


November 09, 2009
Diversity Is Strength! It’s Also…Major Hasan And The Unravelling Of America
By Patrick J. Buchanan


Diversity takes a nation and turns it into a post traumatic stress disorder state.  The PTSD-state is what is being made in the white world.  This is part of generalized genocide of the white race.  It is erasing the “national pattern”, a key phrase in the Lemkin definition of Generalized Genocide as we term it here.

The Diversity State is not a Nation State.  These are two different and conflicting things.  Diversity states are typically the end condition of an empire and are followed by a break up into nation states.  This breakup is accompanied with pre, current, and post break up stress.  We are in that condition now.

The diversity state is anti-human.  This is because it is anti-race.  What is anti-race is anti-human.  Race is the extended family of man.  To be against man’s extended family is to be against man.  Just as to be anti-family is to be anti-man.  The state is both.




UK State to Take Unborn Baby
By A. Millar | November 7, 2009

Kerry Robertson, 17, and Mark McDougall, 25, haven’t broken any law. But they are on the run from the authorities, and from their home in Dunfermline, Scotland.

Social services say that Kerry – a college student – isn’t intelligent enough to bring up her child with Mark. They plan to allow the couple only a few hours with Ben after he is born. Then Ben will be taken from Kerry and Mark, and placed with foster parents.

Willie Rennie is the MP (LibDems) for Dunfermline and West Fife. I’m sure he would love a polite letter or email drawing his attention to the plight of this family. He can be reached at:

Fax: country code +020 7219 2810

Email: renniew@parliament.uk

The Scottish people over the sea can not ignore this treatment of our people in our homeland.


The modern state is an anti-family state.  Transferring power from the family to the state to rule over the family is itself family trauma.  The family in this case has been subjected to an attempt to split it.  Splitting the nuclear family is the last step on the state’s anti-family program.  Like splitting the nucleus, it can only be done with high energy and without much control or specificity.  That sums up liberalism’s one size fits all.   Only a gulag can fit all to one size.  Which is why the modern state becomes a gulag.

This is a mapping with a fixed point.  It converges on the gulag.   Once the modern state gets started on its evolution, humans are stopped on their evolution.  The modern state has targeted humans on an evolutionary basis.  Human evolution is against the interests of the modern state, at least at the present.  But we can expect that will change, once the state controls evolution.

Those who don’t object to this are not exhibiting the characteristics Scots are known for in Virginia and the South.  Here we are thought to be pig headed and independent.  But in Scotland they seem to be tame.  They have become sheep-Scots.  Once the Scots tended sheep and made wool.  Now they are simply sheared.  This comes from turning over your family affairs to the state.  Big mistake.

You also do that when you turn over immigration to the state which promptly brings in people of other races to replace you and take your land. They don’t respect your family so they take its land and give it to other races.  The state thinks that will make those people loyal to it, the state.  This is a mistake as we see with Major Malik Nidal Hasan.  Hasan is not loyal to the state at all.

The modern state is not something anyone can be loyal to.  The only ones fooled are the ones who think they are the native stock and that the modern state of their land is them.  Its not.  They are not.

The modern state imports people who know from the beginning that the state is not them.  They never feel loyal to it.  They know its something foreign that is just using them as a tool to manipulate others.  They never believe it is them.

We can see that with some of the remnants of 19th century immigration.  Jews don’t feel that America is them.  This is why they overwhelmingly vote for and fund politicians who work for race replacement of whites.  They helped defeat Virgil Goode who said no Muslim immigration.  They said that was against Jewish principles.   No group that came after Jews feels America is them.  They all feel its not them.  This includes Asians.  This includes Hispanics.  This includes Hispanics.

Some of the Christian ethnic groups of that wave barely felt included.  That includes Italians, Irish Catholics, and Eastern European Christians.    The Kennedy family has tried to destroy the Wasps and has hit the Irish Catholics as well.   Jim Moran is an example of that thinking.  He targets the Wasp and hits the Catholic.  He likely no longer even thinks of himself as Irish Catholic.  They are already a they to him.  He somehow thinks he is Mexican Moran.  Jim Moran is no friend to Virginia natives.



Jim Moran came to Virginia from New England determined to oppose the people because they were descendant from English stock.  Moran is not for the Irish Catholic, he is against the Wasp and wants to take his country from him.  This makes Moran the equivalent of social services in Scotland.  Moran has chosen to replace Irish Catholic and Wasps with Major Hasan.

Liberalism and the Democratic Party don’t allow loyalty to white ethnic groups.  The price to play is to stick the knife into your own white ethnic group.  Moran like Pelosi has accepted this demand of the anti-white race Democratic Party.  Irish Catholics are just one more group of bigots to the Morans and Kennedys.





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