General Casey diversity erases national pattern generalized genocide Lemkin

November 10, 2009

General George W Casey Jr commented on Fort Hood and that Diversity comes before the lives of his men in the killing of them by Muslim Major Nidal Malik Hasan.

General Casey:  Diversity comes before saving white life.   That is, whites must die for diveresity.  Diversity killed whites.

Lemkin:  Erasing the national pattern is generalized genocide.  That is, diversity is generalized genocide.  That is Diversity kills whites.

Wright Island Model:  A continual flow of diversity replaces the genes completely.  Whites are replaced completely by the continual flow of non-white genes.

Conservatives really need to remember that the military is, at root, a government program. Conservatives in particular seem to forget this. There is a big difference between supporting the troops and supporting the PC Leftist institution that our military has become.

by The Man

Casey supports the PC Leftist Institution and supports killing the troops and letting Diversity kill the troops to preserve the PC Leftism of the institution.

Lawrence Auster has many good posts on General George W. Casey.  One can start here:

For Chief of Staff of the Army General George Casey and President Barack Hussein Obama Jr. the mission of the US Army is the genocide of white people and their replacement.   That is the same mission that Muslim Major Nidal Malik Hasan had in mind. So all 3 are in agreement on the mission of the US Army and all 3 agree that Major Hasan was implementing the mission by shooting whites and Christians at Fort Hood. All 3 agree on continuing that as the mission of the US Army.   All 3 agree the shootings at Fort Hood are the real mission of the US Army and not its activity in Afghanistan or Iraq.


3 Responses to “General Casey diversity erases national pattern generalized genocide Lemkin”

  1. The Admiral Says:

    When the Chief of Staff of the Army declares that preserving “diversity” is more important than preventing the deaths of American soldiers on US soil, I really do think I’m living in an insane asylum. I can hardly stand it. I have nothing but contempt, and, dare I say it, hatred, for the mentally ill lemmings I observe around me and see on television. The situation is unsustainable. Something must give. Something must break.

  2. Old Atlantic Says:

    You speak for a lot of us.

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