Casey Holder Obama diversity equals death to America

November 11, 2009

Obama celebrates Islam in Cairo.  But in Fort Hood he doesn’t pronounce its name.  Instead Obama says no religion justifies the shooting.  But in fact, he knows Islam does.  So Obama lied after men died.  This will cause more men to die.

Obama is the living embodiment of drive by fathering by 3rd worlders who have contempt and disdain for whites.  He is his father’s son.   As many have pointed out, Obama’s detached reaction to the Fort Hood attacks last week shows his true nature.  Whatever lines he read at Fort Hood are simply a show.

If you search Obama sociopath you get many good links.  Obama’s father exhibited the actions of a sociopath.  He fathered a child who he abandoned.  He had no interest in him.

Bill Clinton’s biological father was similar.,_Jr.

Blythe’s fifth marriage took place on September 3, 1943, to Virginia Dell Cassidy. His final wife would not learn of her husband’s previous marriages until 50 years later.

Clinton and Obama both exhibit the traits of a sociopath.   But Obama seems colder.   Obama has no real attachment to white America.  We are just suckers to him.

Eric H. Holder, Jr. was born in Queens, New York[3] to parents with roots in Barbados;[4][5] Holder’s father, Eric Himpton Holder, Sr. (1905–1970)[6] was born in Saint Joseph, Barbados, arrived in the United States at the age of 11.[7]

Holder stopped any prosecution of the Black Panthers for voting intimidation.,_Jr.

George Casey, Jr. was born in Sendai during the Allied occupation of Japan.

On July 7, 1970, he was killed in a helicopter crash in South Vietnam when his UH-1H hit a mountain near Bao Luc as he was enroute to Cam Ranh to visit wounded troops.

Born in Arlington, Virginia, Hasan is a Muslim American of Palestinian descent. His parents had emigrated to the US from the occupied Palestinian territories. His family has claimed that he is a peaceful person and a “good American.”[2] Other sources have reported that Hasan vocally opposed US military involvement against Muslims, and spoke in support of suicide bombing and armed resistance to American forces.

Obama claims to have been born in Hawaii, but we don’t really know.  He claims many things about himself.   But has told his Harvard classmates not to talk about him.  Sound like a sociopath?   OJ telling his buds don’t talk to the press about me?

Wherever The Winds of Diversity blow is good enough for them.  There is no real America.  There are no real Americans.  If Obama told the Joint Chiefs to become Muslim and bomb America, its fine with them, as long as they are in charge.  Americans would show less organized resistance than Muslims in Afghanistan.

With the Army of Diversity, it would be no  problem to turn the guns against Americans, since there are no Americans.  Anyone in the country is as American as anyone else.  So ordering troops from wherever to shoot Americans is the same as shooting and bombing in Afghanistan or Iraq.  Gitmo comes to Main Street.

Obama knows this.  We have a sociopath in charge.  He hates whites.  The generals go along with it.   White America is dead with apathy and even thinks the phrase White America is bigotry.  It used to be the Left would attack White America for being bigoted.  Now to say White America exists is bigotry.  When you say its bigotry for something to exist, you say you have or are destroying it.  That is what the Casey, Holder, Obama apparatchiks are saying.

Obama was put in his spot by a media that lied and covered up for him and cheer leaded for him from the time they heard of him a few years ago to now.  Every MSMer is a Bill Ayers.

Every columnist is a me too Bernardine Dohrn.    They gush over him like teens in the 1950’s or 1960’s over some exotic African.  Just like Obama’s mother in fact.  What did that get her?  Abandoned.  What did it get us?  Obama.  Holder.  Hasan.

The one real American, Casey, just talks the talk of diversity.  Casey doesn’t have the backbone to resist diversity.  How many do?

If you aren’t willing to be hated, you can’t speak up.  But if you don’t speak up they hate you anyhow. Plus they have contempt for you.

Casey should have spoken up against the false gods Diversity and Multiculturalism.  Casey should have said Hasan in the army was the problem.  Hasan said it himself.  Casesy was afraid to repeat it.

Hasan spoke the truth.  Muslims should not be in the army.  They should not be in America.  But Casey was afraid to say what Hasan said.  Hasan did it and lived it.  That’s the difference.

Hasan powerpoints on Islam presented at Walter Reed:

This is the presentation that left Americans sick afterwards according to some reports.  They were afraid to repeat it.  Even to say he said it.  That resulted in death and wounding.  Walter Reed is supposed to fight against it not contribute to it.

With Diversity in charge, whites end up supporting the death of other whites.  Or harm to other whites like loss of education opportunity, career opportunity, and finally of a solvent government and solvent banks.    Cowardice in the face of PC doesn’t work.  Diversity is death to whites.  Keeping silent doesn’t work.   Silence in the face of Diversity is suicide.

Fight diversity itself.  That means separate countries for whites.  That means the non-whites who have come to the white lands go back including those born here.  That is what it means.  It doesn’t mean we get a little reservation in Idaho.  It means we take back this country and send non-whites out of it.

Brimelow discusses the historic Brimelow National Review 1997 article before it became Neo-communist review.

James Fulford

At least they still arrest them now.  But in South Africa, not really.   Even for white farm torture murders.  That’s the future that whites reap from the lies that white cowardice sews.  Diversity is not strenght for whites, its murder of whites.  Diversity is an attack on whites. Diversity is genocide of whites. That is why all non-whites must go from this land, born here or not except Native Americans.  The rest must go.  Don’t praise Diversity. That is praising your own genocide.

Hate Diversity.   Diversity Hates you.   Diversity will find you and kill you unless you remove diversity first.

White minority at HarvardWhite minority at Harvard

(Note White minority at Harvard is not in the original but was entered as alternative to image in the form for inserting an image.)

Whites non Hispanic are 48 percent of Harvard undergraduates.  Subtract the 30 percent Jewish and you have 18 percent non-Jewish whites.

30 percent of Harvard undergrads are Jewish leaving 18 percent as NJ whites.


Diversity is a death spiral.  We end up as a tiny minority that is hated and killed.

Microsoft tries to suppress the photos of torture of whites.

Who at Microsoft?  A Casey type?  Or a Holder or Obama type?  Some H-1b.  Think H-1b doesn’t matter.  It matters.

Patrick Cleburne on Eric Cantor who supports increases in H-1b.

George Allen supported Skil Bill and was defeated by a Jim Webb who said his Democratic opponent was the Anti-Christ of out-Sourcing.  Not much from Jim Webb lately who voted for hate crimes not to cover whites along with Mark Warner both from Virginia.

Asking them to vote against the bill

But they voted for it:






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