Crescent memorial designed for Fort Hood to be renamed Fort Hasan

November 11, 2009

(breaking) White House.  Press secretary Robert Gibbs has disclosed the latest celebration of diversity.

Gibbs: President Barack Hussein Obama II has decreed that Fort Hood will be renamed Fort Hasan to celebreate diversity and Islam.  A Crescent Memorial will be built where Major Nidal Malik Hasan extended an offering to join Islam to the 13 Fort Hoot Infidels.

Fred the unShred:   Is that Fort Hoot as in Fort don’t give a Hoot?

Gibbs: Just a slip.

Fred: Loose borders bring Muslims in hordes.

Gibbs: Our borders are designed to let Diversity in.

Fred: Did Eric Holder have any input into this?

Gibbs: He said the cowards would take this Crescent Memorial to Islam same as the 9/11 one.

Fred: What about Casey, he’s still Chief of Staff of the Army.

Gibbs:  He thought the Crescent would add diversity to Fort Hood.  Besides with 13 fewer Christians we can replace them with Muslims.

Fred: Where will you get the Muslims, Afghanistan, Gitmo?

Gibbs:   Those are excellent choices.  Muslims are everywhere.   Diversity in your lands means Muslims here.

Fred: What do you mean “your lands”.  You talk like a Muslim.

Gibbs: I am now a Muslim.

Fred: What’s your new Muslim name?

Gibbs:  My Muslim name is Hasan.  I am now Robert Hasan Gibbs.



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