Diversity Enricher Curtis Lavelle Vance convicted Anne Pressly bludgeon murder

November 11, 2009

Its generalized genocide to let Diversity enrichers like Curtis Lavelle Vance around whites like Anne Pressly.  It was a foreseeable outcome of desegregation that blacks would invade the homes of whites and bludgeon them.  Under segregation Vance could never have roamed the housing neighborhood that Pressley lived in.

The crime happened at her home.   Black crime at huge levels and their hostility to whites long predated today and predated the 1964 Civil Rights Act.  It has been known since the first contact of whites with blacks.  This means that advocates of the 1964 Civil Rights Act then and today have to take ownership of this crime including its extreme savageness and brutality which prove hate.

The exclusion of whites from the hate crimes bill in 2009 by Holder and Obama and the support of that in Congress by enacting it after Holder said whites, Christians and service members were not covered and after the Pressly murder mean that those voting for it and supporting it take ownership of the Pressly murder.   This includes all its brutality.  By favoring this extension of the same policies and mentality that led to the Pressly murder, integrated neighborhoods, they take ownership of the murder itself.




Who won the last 40 years?


White minority at HarvardWhite minority at Harvard

(Note White minority at Harvard is not in the original but was entered as alternative to image in the form for inserting an image.)

Whites non Hispanic are 48 percent of Harvard undergraduates.  Subtract the 30 percent Jewish and you have 18 percent non-Jewish whites.


30 percent of Harvard undergrads are Jewish leaving 18 percent as NJ whites.


There are currently 12 Jewish senators.





Norbert Schlei wrote the 1965 Immigration Act, 1964 Civil Rights Act and 1965 Voting Act.  These acts contributed to the murder.  Schlei let blacks free to home invade whites.

==Kevin MacDonald at Vdare.com


07/29/09 – Suicide–Or Murder? Kaufmann’s Rise and Fall of Anglo-America

05/11/09 – The Hate Crimes Prevention Bill: Why Do Jewish Organizations Support It?



“Jewish Dominance and Exploitation
of the Black Civil Rights Movement”


Black statistics on violence were known in 1900.  Recalculated in 1958.  Redone in 2005.  Always the same story. So the Civil Rights movement was a knowing infliction of blacks on whites.  So was school desegregation and the loss of white right to association in the 1964 Civil Rights Acts.  Jews said they couldn’t be safe in an America where blacks were segregated.  They said they couldn’t be safe from whites unless blacks were free to bludgeon whites to death in whites own home.



The killing and riots by blacks long predated the 1964 Civil Rights Act.  Thus the Anne Pressly bludgeon murder was foreseeable at the time.


Obama’s NAACP Speech

Jul 20th, 2009 by Hunter Wallace

[“More than half the white freedom riders were Jews. Almost two-thirds of the whites who went into the South during the Freedom Summer of 1964 were Jews.” – Benjamin Ginsberg, The Fatal Embrace.]


Patrick Cleburne series on hate crimes bill this year links here:





Senator Arlen Specter would be an interesting addition as well.  Is Senator Specter a sociopath?  One can look at his career.


Jared Taylor on transition to black rule.



Whites were the losers.  They lost Harvard and they are bludgeoned to death in their own homes by blacks.   They are now subject to ethnic cleansing immigration.  They are also subject to the continuation of the ongoing ethnic cleansing by blacks.

Why this bludgeon to death murder?  Hate.  Diversity hates whites.  The diversity people hate whites.  Blacks have been most used as a tool against whites by one group.  That group has been the big winner in terms of institutional dominance and money.


The Slicer Coalition is a coalition of blacks, Hispanics, Jews, Asians and Muslims.  Whites are sliced off the bottom for education and jobs by blacks and Hispanics and Muslims.  They are sliced off the top by Asians and Jews.  Whites are down to under 20 percent at Harvard fewer than Jews.

Jews are the obvious leader of the Slicer Coalition.  The others had little role in the events of the last 50 years that are aimed at dispossessing whites of America.  The one group persistently pursuing that goal is Jews.  Anne Pressly’s horrific murder was a foreseeable outcome of the Jewish campaign to dispossess whites.

They are aware of it now but still support the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the other acts and rulings that make the brutal murder of Anne Pressly possible.  Jews have won big by disestablishing whites.  The Forbes list shows it.   The Jewish organizations are well funded out of this wealth.  If non-elite Jews suffer or are killed, they are expected to take one for the inside Jews.  But in the end what matters is the Jewish role as leaders of dispossessing whites.

There is no question now of what blacks are doing to whites.  The data, pictures, cases, etc. are all over the Internet.  Its on the DOJ website.  But Jews continue to push the same policies.  Elite Jews fund it.  They also are the leaders of the Obama administration.  They made Obama in the media and ran and staffed his campaign.  David Axelrod got Obama elected.


Jews are 25 of the leading 50 pundits.  They dominate the MSM even more in terms of ownership and control.  They lied Obama into office.  They kept his birth certificate, obvious hate of whites, background, etc. from being the major issues they should have been and still are now.  They did it all knowingly this time.  They pushed the hate bill in 2009 that specifically excluded Whites, Christians and service members according to Attorney General Eric Holder.

The murders by blacks now are signed, sealed and delivered by Jews.  They see the data and the cases but still support the same policies.  The immigration that reduced non Jewish whites to 18 percent of Harvard undergrads is also from Jews.  This is intentional. The black who bludgeoned Anne Pressly was a tool.  That was a hate crime.  The hate is the elite Jews who hate whites and use blacks to bludgeon and kill whites in their own homes.  That is a hate of whites that Jewish organizations have taken ownership of.  That includes Harvard.

Of course, there are exceptions.  There is white complicity in all of this at major levels.  But no group has worked at this on a consistent basis handing it off from one to the next from one administration to the next, one generation to the next, one pundit or professor to the next the way that Jews have.  They have been an inner hard core of revolutionaries pushing this.  Non-Jewish whites have come and gone and drifted in and some of them grown into this like Teddy Kennedy.  But Ted Sorensen was there to lead the Kennedy family as was Norbert Schlei.   The Kennedy family is not much of a leader of anything now.  But the Jewish groups and media and pundits push the same thing.

What we are seeing with the reaction by the establishment to the Fort Hood shootings shows the same things.  Virgil Goode was defeated by Actblue which had heavy Jewish support.  They took him on after he said stop Muslim immigration. Even though Israel is fighting Muslims.  This shows hatred of Christian whites.




For most American Jews, the core of their Jewish identity isn’t solidarity with Israel; it’s rejection of Christianity.

See Emerson’s comment below.


Jews take ownership of the Anne Pressly bludgeon murder by not switching their position on policies.  This is particularly true of elite Jews. The 25 of the top 50 pundits.  The media owners.  The professors.  The lawyers.  The judges still pushing affirmative action, integration, loss of association rights for whites, and diversity in the military and government contractors.  They take ownership of the crimes they see and then don’t change their position on.

Approximately 80 percent of Jews voted for Obama.  There are 12 Jewish senators.  Obama’s top people include many Jews.  The media won’t allow discussion of the birth certificate or many other topics.  Inside Jews pushing this have to take ownership of their policies after the consequences are evident and they don’t change their positions.  That point has long since been reached.

The pie chart of Harvard undergrads shows that Jews have won from the policies that have led to the murder and other murders.  They have won over Wasps even if outside Jews may suffer from these policies as well.  Inside Jews expect outside Jews to support them anyhow.  The 80 percent voting for Obama shows that this is a valid expectation.   Jews have to take ownership of their policies and the effects of their support.  That is inherent in supporting a position however much impact one has.

Jews are not giving up their gains over Wasps.  That is the bottom line.  They profited from these policies and achieved dominance of Harvard by affirmative action, immigration, desegregation and the other policies they supported.

The ethnic cleansing of Wasps from Harvard in favor of Jews over Wasps shows intent and profit.  That shows Jews are the leader of this coalition, the Slicer Coalition.  The Fort Hood shootings are part of the same policies that gave Jews dominance over Wasps at Harvard.  Cui Bono.  Updated to Who Whom.

Do elite Jews support stopping H-1b and student visas so that whites can get back into Ph.D. programs at elite schools in science, math and engineering?  Jewish profs know undergrad whites are avoiding those programs because they fear the flow will mean a difficult career.  How many Jewish profs are speaking up?  Or giving up their foreign students?  Not many.  Some maybe but most are not.

The Anne Pressly bludgeon death was part of the same policies that gave Jews dominance over Wasps at Harvard.  Jews have not given up those policies, particularly elite Jews.     Jews adopted policies contributing to the bludgeon death of Anne Pressly to get dominance at Harvard over Wasps.  So they take ownership of the Anne Pressly bludgeon death in all its horrific detail.



We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

Jews support the policies that lead to complete genocide of whites in every land, i.e. the total world wide genocide of whites completely in their totality.  This is something they do knowingly.  Remember, Jews and Asians tell us the reason they should outnumber whites at Harvard, Stanford, UCLA and Berkeley and the science Ph.D. programs almost everywhere is that they are smarter than us and better at math.  So they know they are advocating the complete genocide of whites better and earlier than we do or did.



“Genocide has two phases: one, destruction of the national pattern of the oppressed group; the other, the imposition of the national pattern of the oppressor. This imposition, in turn, may be made upon the oppressed population which is allowed to remain or upon the territory alone, after removal of the population and the colonization by the oppressor’s own nationals.”


Narrow genocide is when you are crowded out by foreign births and descendants, bludgeoned to death, etc.   It includes being made a minority in your own land.

Generalized Genocide is everything that causes narrow genocide to happen.  We are experiencing both types of genocide in every white land by non-whites.  Jews and blacks are emphatic in demanding this genocide of whites everywhere.  They are emphatic in labeling any white reistance to it as racism and as beyond the pale.

This was just seen on the final episode of the Lou Dobbs CNN broadcast.   Two blacks and a Democratic Strategist said that segregation or separation were not allowed to be discussed by whites.  They took Obama as saying the same thing.  They were emphatic and dogmatic in this.  There was no room for compromise.  Thus for them, the extinction of whites by current policies can not be discussed by whites.  They were typically emotional and emphatic and ready to shout the lone white down on this despite Lou being mostly PC himself but championing the right of whites to speak on forbidden topics no matter how forbidden.  Hank Sheinkopf is a Democratic Strategist and on the show.


“There is no Jewish vote,” said Hank Sheinkopf, a leading Democratic political consultant who is working for Bloomberg this election.

Jews have voted approximately 75 percent Democratic since 1928 according to a Steve Sailer graphic at Vdare.com.


Comment thread on the article here:


So as they tell us we can’t talk about segregation or separation ie the right to association whites fought for and wrote into the Constitution, they lie about things easily looked up.  They remind us they are smarter than we are and better at math and that is why they outnumber us at Harvard, a university non Jewish whites founded and built to greatness without Jews.  Moreover, the competing universities in Europe were all started by Christians and built to greatness by non-Jewish whites.


The tone of the discussion by the Democratic Troika was eye opening.  They are determined to control whites.  They are determined whites not have freedom of speech or association.  This is intended not for white benefit. They know what they are doing to whites.  They don’t want to give whites a chance to get up before whites are finished.

They want to finish us completely and don’t think its safe to let whites acknowledge what is being done to them and what the solutions are.  Their tone and emphasis and closed mindedness on this together with the visible consequences add up to hate.  The impression that they hate whites was the immediate impression.

They were knowing of what they were doing, their coalition and that this was their entire goal, the elimination of the white race from power and existence. This was absolute and unconditional for them all.  Its clear that this is their concept of liberalism and politics.

There was no ground for discussion for them. They would brook no discussion.  This is why separation is the answer.  They know what they are doing and determined to finish us off completely before we could change our mind to let them get away with it.  It was like a confidence gang that also shows its hate of its victim a little too much.

It was chilling.  The fate of Anne Pressly is not to be stopped if they have anything to do with it.  Nor of the Fort Hood victims.  Nor of all whites.  Nor of any white.  They don’t identify with us.

Lou Dobbs tried to get them to budge but they would not.  They were absolute.  They have an abiding determination to eliminate whites and not let whites have any say in it or even to acknowledge that its happening to them.  We know its going on.  Its all around us.  They were implacable to finish us off with our having no say in it.   They were frightening.

They were 3 to 1 as Lou the white middle American.  They were implacable.  They had no give.  It was clear once they gain this type of majority, they will give us no say at all in anything.

Its a South Africa situation to them. Whites are going to die.  That’s it. No discussion.  No allowance to whites to acknowledge it.

The fate of Anne Pressly and the Fort Hood victims is for all whites.  No mercy.  No discussion.  No last meal for Anne Pressly or Fort Hood victims. None for whites.

This is to accelerate as they gain numbers.  That is what has happened in the last 50 years.  We are cornered and they intend to finish us.  The faster the better they made clear.  Just like in South Africa.



The Democratic Strategist on Lou Dobbs said that any discussion of separation by race or religion was out of bounds.  He was emphatic and determined on it.   As we see, its a theorem that without this separation whites will be genocided completely.  Thus for Hank Sheinkopf the genocide of whites is something whites can’t discuss or even acknowledge.

Nor does he allow them to propose the only solution that will work, separation into separate nations by race and religion.  He immediately says that is off the table of discussion.

He knows the above math.  He studies election math.  He knows that only separation by race and religion will save whites.  So he is intentionally taking it off the table for whites to acknowledge the genocide and propose the solution.  Remember, Jews tell us they are smarter than we are and better at math and that that is the reason they outnumber us at Harvard and have so many people on the Forbes list.


One Response to “Diversity Enricher Curtis Lavelle Vance convicted Anne Pressly bludgeon murder”

  1. Snowy Smith Says:

    GENOCIDE of WHITES South Africa.
    White GENOCIDE South Africa.

    Many Whites do NOT know who the ENEMY is.
    To all those Stupid White Liberals and White Traitors your homework assignment for the next week is as follows.
    We need genuine White Freedom Fighters who are prepared to fight to the bitter end.

    To all the Genuine White Freedom Fighters,
    “Never let a Crisis go to waste”
    This exposure and purge of White Traitors from our ranks will in the long run be highly beneficial to our cause.
    Look on the positive side this crisis has untied the Whites more than anything before.
    Many Whites have contacted me in response to this betrayal and Police Harassment.

    We owe it to all the White GENOCIDE victims who have been brutally murdered by BLACK ANC THUGS to continue to expose the ANC BLACKS hidden agenda to murder all the Whites and steal all their assets.
    BLACK CRIMINALS are completely out of control in South Africa.
    South Africa is a Criminals Paradise.
    The Whites in USA are uniting big time. Fantastic.
    I suggest saving every one of the excellent Articles by WSAS to external hard drive and DVD for distribution.

    When the people fear their government, there is TYRANNY; when the government fears the people, there is LIBERTY.

    The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

    My point exactly.

    South Africa is turning into an ANC FASCIST BLACK Police State.
    Are there BLACK ANC SPIES on your Computer?

    And too all you Fascist Police I am waiting for you to Arrest me so I can SUE you big-time.

    My High Court SUMMONS is ready all I have to do is fill in the dates.

    To all you Black ANC SPIES take that one back to your leader.

    All the Best from
    Snowy Smith
    Fair Civil Law
    faircivillaw AT yahoo.com

    White GENOCIDE South Africa

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