Diversity hates you

November 11, 2009

You may not hate Diversity, but Diversity hates you.  Diversity has a place for you white man, and its not a good one.  If you praise diversity, you praise your own demise.

Diversity will take your home, your children, your woman, and leave you with fraudulent promises for support in your old age.  Diversity is a lie.  Diversity is hatred of whites.

General George Diversity Casey is the current face of diversity. But so are Holder and Obama.  Casey didn’t want to be caught acting stupidly.  So he praised diversity above white life.  Casey kept his job for now.

But this is no long term solution for whites.  Casey’s father was a general.  But will Casey’s son or grandson be one in the Obama army?  Don’t bet on it.

What we have seen is the Nation of Casey Cowards celebrating Diversity Death of America.  But this won’t be a Nation of Casey Cowards long.  It will be Obamas and Holders who really celebrate replacing whites.

Obama’s inauguration prayer of hate of whites was a message from Hussein to Hasan from sociopath to sociopath.  It was a message to kill whites wherever you find them.

Stormfront, the website the MSM hate discussed the Mumbai truth.


We are not supposed to even link to Amren


Stormfront and Amren don’t count as diversity.  They are not part of the New Diversity World Order.  Neither will be Casey Cowards.  They go too.

Hasan and his ilk are everywhere now.  They are inside government.  They do their work more effectively with Diversity Laws than with bullets.


“Adil Khan, head of diversity and community cohesion at Humberside Police”

“”The fact is now that we’ve been able to demonstrate that you’ve got nowhere to hide; people have been hiding on [sic] the fact that this server was in the US.”

(Note his address to “you”.  Whom is he talking to?  British people?  White people, British and American?  More on this later.)

Adil Khan is talking about the two white bloggers now in prison in the UK.

“Simon Sheppard, 51, of Selby in North Yorkshire, received four years and 10 months, and Stephen Whittle, 42, of Preston, two years and four months.”  BBC.


Khan is set over us to put us in prison.  Its more effective than Hasan shooting us.  Hasan objected to going to Afghanistan to be a doctor in the same theatre as whites shooting Muslims.  His powerpoint slides record the views of Islam on this as wrong.


Diversity is part of generalized genocide, erasing the national pattern of the whites.


“Adil Khan, head of diversity and community cohesion at Humberside Police”

should be

“Adil Khan, head of generalized genocide by the method of diversity and community decohesion at Humberside Police”

The hate crime bill couldn’t cover service members because then it would have coverd conservative straight white Christians.


Hatred of white Christians comes from Casey Christians for Islam, Diversity and the demise of the White West, aka liberal Christians, organized Jewish groups, Harvard, liberals, Muslims, and the rest of the Slicer Coalition.  The Diversity Coalition is united by hatred of whites.  Whites who stand up for whites are called a fringe.  They are said to be not worth listening to.  But these people exist.



2 Responses to “Diversity hates you”

  1. The Admiral Says:

    “Nowhere to hide” — this is the ethos of totalitarianism. The West is slowly becoming a totalitarian state, where the Multi-Cult is the state religion, at whose altar all citizens must worship.

    The paradox of the “diversity” agenda is that as institutions such as the military and government become more non-white, they will cease to function as efficiently and effectively as they did under white control. Diversity breeds incompetence, instability, and failure.

    The white diversity lemmings, such as General Casey, have no place in a diverse America. Clueless whites such as Casey are literally setting the groundwork for their own dispossession and that of their children. Diversity is a mental illness.

  2. oldatlantic Says:

    Spot on. Wish we had you at the Naval Academy instead of the current one who puts diversity as mission one.

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