Diversity Stress Disorder Syndrome DSDS

November 11, 2009

13 people in Fort Hood came down with a severe case of Diversity Stress Disorder Syndrome.  Diversity Disorder stressed their life to the death point.  Diversity creates disorder.  Divesity is disorder. Disorder is inconsistent with large human populations.

The shooter, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, whose name itself signals who he is, had Acute Islamic Disorder Syndrome, AIDS.   Those with AIDS exhibit their symptoms by killing infidels.

How do you stop AIDS?  You recognize the precursor stage of being a Muslim.  The precursor to AIDS is Islam.  The more a person does Islam the closer they are to going Islamic, i.e. exhibiting AIDS in the public square.

You don’t stop AIDS by Red Crescent Memorials.  You stop Muslim immigration and send them home.  You decertify Islam as a religion and recertify it as a mental disorder of ethnic cleansing.


The thread references John T. Reed on what is sometimes called the Great Game of career in the army:


Suck up to blow stuff up is the basic rule of all organizations.  This is what Wall Street did.  It had momma fed to rescue its bonus plan.  The rest of us are not so lucky.  Momma fed is handing out what was going to be our medicare in retirement.  Now the Pelosi Medical Homes (PMH) are going to take that away from us.  Pelois’s PMS causes PMH.

George Casey is exhibiting PMS, Pre-Muslim Syndrome.  This is extremely dangerous anywhere in the chain of command.  Take the career game in the army and Casey’s command influence and you get jihad.

PC and Diversity is suck up to blow us up. We just saw it happen at Fort Hood.  Suck up Syndrome SUS is a form of suicide syndrome when it is too concentrated.  It then becomes poison in the veins of the organization.  That has happened to every US institution.  That is why the banks failed while having the ability to have stopped it from using their know-how and models instead of using them as a way to fool themselves.

PC and Diversity are bogus models used to hide stress and disorder.  Disorder is relabeled diversity.  A liability is relabeled an asset.  You can be bankrupt on a mark to market basis by disorder and then relabel it as a surplus by restating the disorder liability as the diversity asset.

This is America’s school situation.  Its the workforce that brought down Detroit Motors.  Its Silicon Valley.  Its the H-1b disaster in Wall Street IT and risk management.   On a marked to market basis, America’s governments at all level are bankrupt.  They don’t have the money to lend to banks and home buyers.  They are bankrupt themselves already.  Their pensions are dead too.  Remind their employees they won’t get their pensions or medical care in retirement.   Add that in as a PS when you free fax Congress from your computer at NumbersUSA.

At Fort Hood, 13 PC and diversity nonsense spouters were killed by Mr. Diversity from Palestine via Virginia.  Diversity kills the PCers as much as the rational.  Diversity bankrupts government for the PCers as well as the realists.  Diversity is giving away your health care to non-whites in Pelosi Medical Homes.  Keeping silent doesn’t save you.  It didn’t save the 13 at Fort Hood.  They died with their PC on.



By the way for the record George Diversity Casey got into the Google search stream from OA first, whoever might have said it or written it earlier.

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  1. Diversity hates you « Old Atlantic Lighthouse

    Nov 11, 2009 General George Diversity Casey is the current face of diversity. But so are Holder and Obama. Casey didn’t want to be caught acting stupidly
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  2. Old Atlantic Lighthouse

    General George Diversity Casey is the current face of diversity. But so are Holder and Obama. Casey didn’t want to be caught acting stupidly.
    oldatlanticlighthouse.wordpress.com/ – Similar

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