Schumer makes 8600 vets homeless by legal immigration

November 11, 2009

Senator Charles Schumer admitted today that he has caused 8600 vets to be homeless in upstate New York by legal immigration he is continuing during the current depression in unemployment.  Schumer said H-1b and legal immigration is good for bankers on Wall Street.  Schumer said vets are chumps and stupid anyhow and will never notice the jobs they could have got go to legal immigrants instead and that Wall Street puts money into Schumer’s coffers.

Schumer has taught Gillibrand to betray the vets by being for legal immigration and amnesty to get money.

Schumer turns Gillibrand to dark side of supporting legal immigration.

In a recent meeting.

Gillibrand: But I feel awful betraying homeless vets by supporting legal immigration.

Schumer:  Think of them as rocks.  Then its easy.

Gillibrand: Smart rocks?

Schumer: No that’s a Pentagon program.  We support that if we are paid enough by defense contractors.  No I mean think of vets and upstaters as dumb rocks.  You can visualize them.  Their phone calls against immigration are bigoted and stupid.  Listen to those or read their letters.  They are laughable.  I read their bigoted mail every time I vote for legal immigration or amnesty.  Every time I take money for supporting it.  It gives me an incredible thrill.  They are so bigoted they deserve to lose their jobs, homes and country.

Gillibrand: But doesn’t that sort of prove they are right?

Schumer: That’s why we have to replace them.  A few are onto us.

Gillibrand: The bigots.

Schumer: Yeah.

Gillibrand: But then, how can they be the stupid ones, the bigots I mean?

Schumer: Don’t be difficult with me.  Just take the money and vote for immigration, legal and amnesty.  Trust me, the rocks will vote for you even as you crush them.  See, they aren’t even good as rocks. They are easily crushed.

Charles E Schumer

Career Recent
Sen. Schumer has earned an overall career immigration voting grade of D-
View History
Sen. Schumer has earned a recent immigration voting grade of F
2006 – 2009
Grades Updated: November 09, 2009

Schumer’s immigration policies.

Gillibrand is now D+

Kirsten Gillibrand

Session Year Grade
111 ’09-’10 F-
110 ’07-’08 B
Grades Updated: November 09, 2009

Schumer’s influence same as Joe Guzzardi said at  Schumer teaches Gillibrand to hate vets as rocks.  To hate whites as bigots who deserve their fate. Chuch Schumer teaching hate one senator at a time.

Gillibrand: I get it. We support smart rocks because that’s Dod and its not people.  We are against dumb rocks because those are the people who vote for us even though we are against them by our being for any amount of legal immigration above zero.

Schumer: You got it.

Gillibrand: It doesn’t matter what the legal immigration is called, H-1b, family reunification, asylum, refugee, Agjobs, guest workers, student visas, training, or whatever.  It takes from them and–

Schumer:  –gives to us.  You got it.

Gillibrand: So they deserve to lose their country.

Schumer: That’s what I say to myself when I read their bigoted hate mail to me.  I think Chuck Schumer isn’t just saying screw you, I’m actually doing it.


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