Kirsten Gillibrand is Bambi for Lou Dobbs Independent Senate 2010

November 12, 2009

Lou Dobbs can run as Independent for US Senate against Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.  Gillibrand is a flip flopper opportunist on amnesty and the bankruptcy of New York state by legal and illegal immigration.  New York state will go bankrupt like California from legal and illegal immigration.  New York state pensions for government employees will have to be defaulted on just like California is going to.  New York will have to furlough teachers.  New York will have to have fewer school days.  That hurts children of immigrants and blacks and working class whites more than that of upscale whites and Asians on the Upper East Side.

Lou Dobbs has worked in New York and has strong New York roots.  He pays New York state income tax.  He has been involved in the welfare of the people of New York.  Lou is a New Yorker.

Kirsten Gillibrand changed her stripes from pro-New York to pro Mexico.  Like Schumer, Gillibrand has betrayed New York’s homeless vets and working class whites, blacks, and Hispanics.

Even illegals in New York want their kids to be in school.  Under Kirsten  Gillibrand Chuck Schumer policies, the children of illegals will be out of school while the schools have fewer days because of California Hawaii type budget cuts.

As Independent Senator from New York, Lou Dobbs can run for president in 2012 as an Independent.    Mr. Independent running for President Independent.  Lou can help Independent candidates at every level around the country.  Lou Dobbs can transform American politics as the Independent Senator from New York.

Session Year Grade
111 ’09-’10 F-
110 ’07-’08 B
Grades Updated: November 09, 2009


Men’s median wages the same as in 1973 see p60-236.pdf graph page 18.  Women’s the same as men’s in 1963.  This is what Gillibrand Schumer stand for by their support of legal immigration during a jobs depression and amnesty during a jobs depression.

Lou Dobbs Mr. Independent v. the Gillibrand Schumer machine politics of big immigration and amnesty.  Gillibrand Schumer work for Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Microsoft, China, India, and Mexico.

As an Independent Senator, Lou Dobbs has more credibility and stature running for president in 2012 than prior independent candidates who were not in office.  John Anderson in 1980 did well as an independent because he was in elected office.

John Anderson got 7 percent of the final vote.  This was the benefit of being an elected politician. Combine that with Perot’s vote as a populist and Lou Dobbs can win.  Plus Lou talks reality about issues like jobs and government finance while the others bankrupt America by legal immigration and amnesty.

Perot got 19 percent in 1992 which defeated George Bush Sr.

George W. Bush had a vendetta against Perot Buchanan voters from this and used legal immigration and student visas as revenge against them even after 9/11.

Bush Speaks of Perot and Buchanan Acting in ‘Vendetta’

Gov. George W. Bush sternly denounced Ross Perot and Patrick J. Buchanan today, suggesting that ”personal vendettas” may be driving their apparent alliance to have Mr. Buchanan seek the Reform Party nomination. Mr. Bush asserted that both men helped undermine his father’s unsuccessful campaign for re-election to the White House in 1992.

I’ve always thought the 1992 campaign was hard for my dad to get traction in the race because of, first, Patrick J. Buchanan, and then Ross Perot inflicted a series of cuts,” Mr. Bush said in a response to questions at a news conference in a two-day campaign swing in this state. ”If the adage is true — you die a death of a thousand cuts in politics — Ross Perot was a part of the thousand cuts.

Mr. Bush’s display of a festering resentment toward Mr. Perot and Mr. Buchanan was unusual in a campaign in which Mr. Bush has tried to strike an accommodating tone to win over a broad spectrum of voters.


This is Lou Dobb’s chance to reverse that vendetta by running to save Middle America. A moratorium on legal immigration.  Stop student visas.  No H-1b or guest workers.  No amnesty.  This is the only path to solvency for California and New York.   Its likely the only way to keep the US from breaking up or ending up following the authoritarian route that Britain is on and the US is on under diversity PC.

The last Lou Dobbs show was Democrats saying that Middle America doesn’t have freedom of speech under the Bill of Rights but has to keep silent about its fate.  That is wrong as Lou Dobbs said.  Lou Dobbs is the man to save America.  He owes it to the country.  Defeat Gillibrand in 2010 as an Independent.  Then run as an Independent in 2012.   Lou Dobbs is change Middle America can believe in.

Democrat operatives on the last Lou Dobbs show made it clear they are not for Middle America.  For them, Middle America has no freedom and no right to a job with dignity, benefits and job security.  They don’t think Middle America deserves a job where they have negotiating strength because they can walk and get another good job.

That is the great betrayal that Schumer has done to Middle America.  Now he has Gillibrand on the same course.  This makes Gillibrand vulnerable in the extreme. She has already turned her back on her own Congressional constituency under Schumer’s tutelage to raise money.

Senator Independent from New York. Saving New York from the fate of California.  The only way it can happen.


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